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  1. SeattleRS24

    Lisa Miller Seminars?

    Hi guys! I am interested in attending one of the Lisa Miller Advanced EFM Seminars this fall. I can't find any information on pre-requisites for attending the seminar, and I was curious if any of you knew about that. Is there a required number of exp...
  2. SeattleRS24

    ER nurse to L&D

    You're going to love it! Congratulations on this exciting switch. I think you will find that your experience is extremely useful and relevant. One book that I really enjoyed when I was orienting was Intrapartum Management Modules. You can buy it on A...
  3. SeattleRS24

    Videos to assist the OB nurse with vaginal examination

    These are great! Thank you! Totally sharing this with the new residents on my floor.
  4. SeattleRS24

    One week 'til off residency!

    Thank you very much for the kind words!!
  5. SeattleRS24

    One week 'til off residency!

    Thanks, everyone! So far, so good. :)
  6. SeattleRS24

    One week 'til off residency!

    Hi there! I am a new RN graduate, just one week away from completing my 18-week OB Residency! Starting next week I will be taking my own patient assignments. Despite all of the training, I obviously still have a lot of fear/anxiety about the fact tha...
  7. SeattleRS24

    Advice for New Grad L&D Interview

    Hello! I recently received my first graduate nursing position as an L&D nurse. My interview asked a lot of prioritization questions (which patient will you see first), so it would be helpful to review your OB assessment and potential emergency sc...
  8. SeattleRS24

    Preparing for PLU Nursing School?

    Are you able to just take j term off, or do you lose your financial aid for doing that?? If you have to take something I recommend doing a fun PE like yoga or power aerobics!
  9. SeattleRS24

    OB Nurses, Help!

    iPink RN - thank you very much! My coworkers really are very nice and supportive for the most part. I hope that they help me through it like your unit did for you.
  10. SeattleRS24

    OB Nurses, Help!

    Thank you very much pierand for your kind words and encouragement! I definitely agree with you that I need to be more assertive. I appreciate your response!
  11. SeattleRS24

    OB Nurses, Help!

    Taz5869, thank you SO much for all of your kind words and helpful information! I will definitely put your tips to use. By learning/practicing with your tools, I can at least have a bit more "structure" within my shifts. It's nice to hear from all of ...
  12. SeattleRS24

    L&D Nurse Residency - Advice Please!!

    Thank you for your kind words! It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my feelings. I just wish that I felt more capable of being independent at work...OB is a crazy world with lots of exceptions to the "rules" and routines of other specialties. Mad ...
  13. SeattleRS24

    OB Nurses, Help!

    Brand new RN here in month 2 of my orientation on a high-risk maternity floor. I knew that this field was very specialized, and that it would take me a long time to feel even remotely comfortable, but I had no idea that the learning curve would be TH...
  14. SeattleRS24

    L&D Stress

    PepeSilvia, I'm so sorry that you're feeling so overwhelmed. I am in the same boat right now and it is NOT a fun place to be in. I am a new graduate nurse starting out on a high-risk maternity floor and I had no idea that L&D could be so incredib...
  15. SeattleRS24

    Student Seeking Advice - Is NICU for me?

    BabyRN and Kaela_V, thank you so so so much for your responses. They give me lot of hope and make me very excited to continuing honing my skills. I know that the skills will come with practice and exposure and time. The stories you shared make me fee...