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I am from Cleveland Ohio and I am 21 years old. I am a BSN student at Kent State University. I am in my Senior year.I am going for my masters so I can practice as a NP. I am still unsure of the specialty I would like to go into. I guess I will see when I get some experience.

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  1. MadisonG

    Take Breaks !

    I take frequent study breaks. q2 hours I will take about 10-15 minutes. Get up, stretch, walk around, grab a bite to eat. Sitting in one spot and studying for hours will fry your brain !
  2. MadisonG

    Why are CNAs not held to professional standards?

    hey, get out of LTC. It is backbreaking work, understaffed, and unprofessional. I used to work as an aide in LTC and hated it. I would never go back. Work at a hospital, much better and more help. Lighter work in my opinion. It will also inspire you to go back to school. Most CNA/STNA in hospitals are in nursing school such as myself. There is so much advice to go around. Nurses offer advice on NCLEX and you are guaranteed a job after graduation. You might even meet a nice resident :-) , SORRY, speaking for myself haha.
  3. MadisonG

    No opinions please just facts

    I am so sick and tired of America and their stupid politics and war on drugs. I am considering moving to Canada or going into home health or case management so that I will not have to worry about this on a random basis. Drug testing is a violation of privacy ! If I want to go to Jamaica with my husband and smoke then that is MY business. I should not have to have my career on the line because a crackhead RN is diverting drugs and the entire unit has to be tested. Cocaine and other dugs have half lives that go away in about 2-3 days, if that. Yet someone who occasionally smokes has to wait 30 days. It is not fair. There needs to be a testing system that can tell if drugs are in the system at the time of a workplace accident. I have never been to work impaired and I don't plan to as a nurse. What I do on my off days is not my employers business !!!! Also people know your rights, you can not be watched unless it is court ordered or you are on probation. You also have a right to know what reason the "suspicion" to test falls under. It is a violation of your 4th amendment constitutional right ! The government can never get rid of cannabis. I agree, tax it, sell it, and move on ! If drug diverting is such an issue then how about employers test for THOSE substances. The last time I checked marijuana was not in the pyxis.
  4. That is some straight BS!!!! That is discrimination. I am sorry this happened to you. It does not make any sense to me. I hope you find a new job.
  5. MadisonG

    This is it.

    I have 9 weeks left. I seriously am dragging my feet at this point. I do the minimum on my assignments and I procrastinate. My last class is critical care and I am halfway done with Practicum (L&D). I cannot wait until this is over. I am going through a break up and I am tired of being broke.I know NCLEX is the next step but as long as I am finished with school I will be HAPPY.I am so beat up and sick of studying. I am fortunate to already have a job as a tech at a hospital(although I want to move to NC from Ohio;my hospital is extremely physician driven), but I can't take this anymore. Please some words of encouragement. Please !
  6. If you can't take it, then quit. This is very unfair and nursing jobs are too plentiful to deal with that crap(despite what people say on here about finding a job. If you have 7 interviews that sounds plentiful to me) . Honestly I would omit it, if that place is that bad then you don't even want them on your resume. Your new employer will most likely ask why did you leave, and you don't want to go into a entire story about that. They might ask about any gaps in employment, but 4 months isn't that long. You will think of something. Omit it, and take it as a lesson learned. I am sorry you had to deal with that. LONG TERM CARE SUCKS. Thats why I am never going back.
  7. MadisonG

    Passed the NCLEX & I was a B student

    Congrats ! So happy for you. I am so sorry about your dad and brother, stay strong! I am going to take your advice for studying. I graduate in december. Congrats again !!!
  8. MadisonG

    PASSED NCLEX-RN in 265 Questions

    Awww how wonderful, you are so sweet and seem like you have a great heart. Yes i agree that prayerful is most powerful. That is what helped me through nursing school in the first place. I am happy you did not give up and stayed positive. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats.You deserve it. Mrs RN ;-) Please pray for me, I graduate this December and hope to take NCLEX by Feb or March !
  9. MadisonG

    BSN-The last semester !

    Why is the last semester such a drag ? I am very much looking forward to wrapping this up. Critical care is my last class. BRING IT ON !.. Anyway, what do you guys think about relocating after graduation? I will be 22 this month and I am single with no children. Is that a great idea to move alone? I work as an STNA at The Cleveland Clinic (have been there 6 months but have been an STNA since 2011), and I think I want to stay there for a year since I already have my foot in the door. I am worried because I read many threads on here where nurses move away right after graduation and can't find a job d/t no experience. Thanks !
  10. MadisonG

    Is Peds/Maternity Class hard?

    Okay so Peds yes, maternity (OB) No. At least for my school anyway, our class instructor made her exams very straight forward in OB. Anyway for Peds I bought one of those color coated flashcard books from walgreens and I filled it out front to back with important notes. Such as different types of vaccines (MMR, Varicella, Tdap) and age at administration (at least 12 months old for MMR) etc; Took it almost everywhere I went. That was very helpful. I had a hard time in Peds because children were never "my thing" I guess you could say. I was not very interested in it. I ended up barely passing with a 75%. On the other hand I loved OB and passed with a 89%. I'm hoping I can do my practicum in L&D or PP this fall. Best of luck !! You will be fine.
  11. I am not sure. I am in the same boat. He says he is planning to pop the question soon and he wants a baby very badly ! I am 21 and he is 23, well I really want to wait until I am married but I would not mind if we were engaged. I am going into my last semester this September and I graduate in December with my BSN. Basically, we are not trying for a baby, but we are not avoiding either, so there is always a chance. If so, I will only be 3-4 months walking across the stage ! Only issue is that I want to start working as an RN asap, so I am not sure how willing employers will be to hire somebody 7 months pregnant. It's in God's will. I wish you all the best.
  12. MadisonG

    4 Weeks Of Freedom

    I am starting the last semester of my BSN August 31st, I can not wait to be free ! lol I am nervous about where I will be doing my practicum and just getting through critical care. I am about ready to start saving for my boards and I've been bugging the hell out of my boyfriend for a Kaplan review book. Because of doing summer clinicals I haven't been working.Im ready to finsh already ! Good luck to all. :-D
  13. MadisonG

    The Dreaded Group Projects

    Yea group projects suck ! Most of the time everyone does their part because everybody wants to pass, there may be 1-2 people who slack off but that is inevitable. I get pretty into it though and it turns out okay. In the beginning im like ugh, but the arts and crafts part makes me feel like a kid again, and I like being creative. Easy points ! Everything will be fine. As long as your group follows the rubric and gets it done.
  14. MadisonG


    Yes!! Same here. I went over the summer though so that I could graduate in the Fall. I have been through so much and finally see the light.Squeezing 15 weeks into 5 weeks was tough but I made it! I am so excited and so lucky to have had a very understanding boyfriend all the way through. In the fall will be critical care and then practicum. Im so happy, it does not feel real !
  15. MadisonG

    Gay student attending Christian Nursing school?

    Go for it !! It is nobody's business. Don't ever let something like this stop you. I believe in you. You will have tougher things to worry about as you get through the program. Go for it ! Your sexual orientation is not a road block, it is who you are.
  16. MadisonG

    Taking 20 credit hours?

    That is a lot to take on. I think you should focus on one of the sciences at a time. Since these are the classes nursing programs generally look at. I took 18 credit hours as a freshman pre- nursing major back in 2011, and only had a 3.0 so maybe I am speaking for myself. It took a 3.5 for me to get in my BSN program. It would have been higher if I focused on certain classes and took fewer at a time. I think you should drop either Chem or Microbio and take the other one the following semester, so you can get A's in both. You want to do well in all classes so don't overwhelm yourself. It is not a race, and also there is nothing wrong with being 100% dedicated to school. I worked throughout my entire program different STNA/side jobs and it was rough, it surely affected my grades. Just stay focused, it will pay off. Good luck !