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  1. Hello,
    I am planning on a vacation out of the country, and I will be gone for a month. I know they can't test me while I am there, but I am wondering what they will test when I get back. Has anyone ever been on a vacation where they couldn't test you before? If so did you have to do a hair test when you got back for drugs plus EtG. I have been in recovery almost a year and have incurred a lot of costs from it. I know hair tests are expensive, and I am wondering if going on vacation is the right answer, or if I should just stay at home.

    Also wondering if anyone has ever had an EtG test by hair through their Board. I am not planning on drinking, but wondering how careful I need to be on eating food with wine sauces, ect...
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  3. by   SouthernPoint
    Honestly, this is something you really should be asking your Caseworker. It really sounds like you are trying to figure out a way to tweak a test result in your favor. I am not saying that you are, but it just really comes across that way. If you are 100% sure about your recovery status and staying that way, then you know what you should and should not do. I am not into ETOH, but I have many friends who are or have been. Many of those who have do not want to be in the same room with known ETOH, because they know it only takes 1 sip or 1 sniff to end up back on the slippin' slide of E & J.

    You shouldn't take the vacation if you KNOW you have plans on exposing yourself to whatever landed you in a Recovery Program in the 1st place.
  4. by   all_over_again
    If you can afford to vacation abroad, you can probably afford the hair test. Have fun and be healthy! AOA
  5. by   she71
    Why are you wondering about "WINE SAUCES"? What do you mean how "careful" you should be? Definately worry if you don't plan on being just as "careful" at home as you are on vacation. Good luck and stay healthy. Also consider talkiing with your case worker, just dont mention the "wondering how careful should I be?" part.
  6. by   packfan007
    EtG degrades fairly rapidly in the hair. I do know nurses that have went on cruises and were excused from testing while away. They had to submit proof of their itinerary...They were also excused from the required AA/NA meetings for that week.
  7. by   averageJo
    did you know some cruises & resorts host AA meetings? You migh have to inquire a little. I'd definitely think about starting one if it were me.....I missed the boat not starting one at my company. You'd be shocked how many would maybe participate.
  8. by   Devildog
    You should ask for the time off from testing and give them a airline ticket or proof you went. A month is a long time and they may ask for testing, if you are inside the US, if possible.
  9. by   subee
    In my state you would probably start the drug testing period all over again. That would require starting all over again.
    Drug testing is the omly objective your program has that you are safe enough for patient care.
  10. by   shi1130
    If you are on vacation you are exempt from testing. when u return ur testing should continue as before.
  11. by   Oogie
    Definitely talk with your case manager. I had wanted to take a week trip to Mexico. My CM refused to give me permission to leave the country, and not be available for testing. She added if you leave anyway I would be bumped from the program, and reported to BON for failure to comply.... Be Careful....Peace
  12. by   Devildog
    As prior comments have said be careful. If they give you a hassle suggest a hair test when returning. It is expensive but will tell them what has happened over the past month. A story from my program what that someone went to Amsterdam came back positive for pot and did not think that the rules applied out of the country. True story. Programs have no tolerance for mistakes. State Health department/Boards are placing pressure on all programs to be stricter with all professionals. This happened in Florida where they test hair quarterly. Good luck
  13. by   mom2dnc
    FYI, I went on a cruise with a BF (at the time) who was 10 years sober. He tried to go to a meeting on the ship, He was the only one there! So you can't completely count on that. Although I could tell that he needed one, he was used to going to about 4/week.