1. hello all you fabulous nurses in recovery!
    i am just beginning my journey to getting my rn license back to normal. i've reported to the board, been referred to IPN. IPN referred my to a list of physicians for my IPN facilitated evaluation which is sceduled for dec 5th. can anyone tell me what this eval consists of? and maybe what to expect as i start this journey? i know the financial part is going to be a struggle for me. i've been working a min wage job. haven't worked as a nurse since 2008.
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  3. by   SouthernPoint
    Welcome to the insane world of Florida IPN. I have been dealing with them for a couple of years now, so I'll try to answer what I can and hopefully it will help you.

    Evaluation. I have had my handful of these. What to expect. Each Doctor that gives them is a bit different. But I am starting to believe that they are all slowly getting on the same wave and giving the same tests and thing. When I had my last evaulation I had to take the MMPI along with a written test for Alcoholism (Like if I Drink, How I Drink, When I Drink, What Might Cause Me to Drink). I don't drink, but my Doctor wanted to cover all bases. I also did a hair drug screen test. Then I talked with the Doctor for a bit. My totally visit was like 3 hours or so. Personally I would say be prepared to do anything and everything to help yourself with this journey.

    Once IPN get all the information from the Doctor. IPN will sit down and discuss your case and see what the Doctor has recommended and go from there. I would just be prepared for a 5 year contract with a year narc lockout. This way if that happens, it's not going to come as a surprise.

    Once IPN figures out what type of contract you'll be receiving. They will contact you and send you the contract in the mail for you to sign and return.

    Part of your contract will be random UDS. IPN now use's a company that is online for your Monday - Friday check in's. Then you check in you will either not have to test or will have to test. If you are picked to test, there are prompts that will walk you through on how to pay for the test and everything. Test run around $42.00 (at least for me). There is a phone number you can call if you happen to not be able to get to a computer, but I find the computer way much easier to deal with. Not only are your UDS done on this secure web-site, you do many of your quarterly report's on there also.

    ******Very Important.. What Ever You Do.. Make Sure You Have the Money for the UDS's.. IPN is Not Giving When It Comes to Not Being Able to Pay for Them. I Have Seen Nurse's Kicked Out of the Program, Due to Not Being Able to Pay for Them. So Start Saving Some Money Now and Always Keep Enough Money for At Least 3 Tests on the Side..

    If the BON has been involved with your license then you should have a Compliance Officer. If you haven't you really need to get with them and let them know you are making the step's to move forward. It can take easily 3 months to get on the BON hearing list and if your ducks are not all lined up, they will kick it back and then you have to wait even longer.

    I hope this information helps. I know I am leaving somethings out, but just remember to write down everything and keep a file for everything.

    I am Glad to see that you are taking the steps to get your life back on track and moving forward. You can PM me if you happen to have any other questions.

  4. by   Junebug59
    thank you sooooo much for the info sp!!!! i really appreciate you taking the time to help me. i have my appt set for dec 5th. is it a given that they do the hair test? i was hoping the appt would be the base price of 550. oh well, i gotta jump thru them hoops to get where i'm going!!! i'll keep ya'll posted on my journey!!!! thanks again!!!
  5. by   moorefun11
    For me I got my list and called arouund to the three they gave me. The one that was the 500.00 also got me in the next week. All of the others were more. I asked when I called. The DR I picked had a print out of all meds prescribed in the past year and asked me the same questions about ten different ways. I only did a UDS and the eval took 5 hours. All costs of lab work were covered in the 500.00. She helped wean me from xanax after 11 years. No detox and recomended IOP. From what I understand I got lucky. Good luck and I wish you well on this.
  6. by   SouthernPoint
    Quote from virgojd
    thank you sooooo much for the info sp!!!! i really appreciate you taking the time to help me. i have my appt set for dec 5th. is it a given that they do the hair test? i was hoping the appt would be the base price of 550. oh well, i gotta jump thru them hoops to get where i'm going!!! i'll keep ya'll posted on my journey!!!! thanks again!!!
    Not a Problem.. That is what we are here for. To help have each others back. The hair test wasn't a given with 2 of my evaluations. But it was included in 3 of my other evaluations. Like I said before I have had my fair share of evaluations and each doctor does them different. I did request the hair screens on one of the evaluations. Each time the test was included in the total price. You can always call the Doctor back and ask about it. In all honestly it doesn't hurt and if you have one done, it will show that you have been clean for the past 3 months. Which will look good on your part.

    Just make sure that your current scheduled evaluation does included a MMPI. I do know that IPN is now requiring them.

    I wish you the best of luck. Please PM me if you need to talk or vent. I have jumped through many Hoops that IPN and BON have tossed my direction and I have learned to be a good jumper. I will be looking forward to your updates.

  7. by   Junebug59
    thanks again sp!! i don't look forward to the financial burden of ipn, but do look forward to getting involved in the healing process!!! have an awesome day and will keep in touch!
  8. by   mckirob
    I went for my evaluation last week. They didn't ask for any drug test. The cost $550 and the appt lasted about an hour. The doctor did get my weight (which I'm sure that was helpful in his decision). I am to do IOP. Does anyone know how much this will cost?
  9. by   MichelleRN34
    In NC i had to see an Addictionogist for 400$. He did not do a drug test but I was already taking random drug screens approx. 2 times a month. They cost 76$ a piece...
  10. by   SouthernPoint
    IOP Pricing is different all over. The price for IOP in the south area runs around $900.00. The best thing to do is call the places in your area that do IOP and see about talking with someone. Some places also have a sliding scale, depending on your income. Hope this helps. PM if you need some more info.

  11. by   Junebug59
    thank you morefun11, mckirobMichelleRN34and SouthernPoint for your comments and wisdom! this is going to be a long road, but really looking forward to getting my life back!
  12. by   Junebug59
    oh yea, i was going to ask..... someone told me they administer the MMPI test. did any of you have to take it? i heard it's real doozy...
  13. by   SouthernPoint
    I have taken the MMPI test, Twice. The 1st Time the Doctor just handed it to me and I went into his breakroom and did it. This last time the Doctor I seen had a special area for testing and it was done via computer. I had my own little booth and there was a person outside of the booth at the desk just sitting there in case someone had any questions. I don't think they monitor it like they would for State Boards, if that's what you are thinking. But just keep in mind, each Doctor is different. I honestly found the test quite entertaining.

  14. by   zukita2010
    Hi everyone!

    Where can I get information on reinstating my license after surrendering it?

    Thanks in advance.