Nursing License Suspension length MI BoN

  1. Does anybody know how long a suspension stays on my record in Michigan?... My Nursing License was suspended for 2 weeks because I dropped out of a drug rehab program because I didnt have any health insurance and couldnt afford to pay for all the Doctors visits and Rehab meetings that I was ordered to attend for two years... (If I would have started the meetings and Doctors visits before I obtained health insurance, the insurance companies would not have paid for any of it because the "addiction" would have counted as a pre-existing health condition). I did restart the rehab program two weeks later when I obtained health insurance... but now that I am near the end of the program, I want to know if this suspension is pernament or if it drops off of my record after a certain amount of years?
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  3. by   nrsang97
    I think only the board of nursing can answer that for you. I am from Mi too and have no idea.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to nurses in recovery forum to elicit further response. Check some of the threads in this forum as someone else may have experienced a similar situation. Have you appeared before the BoN? Honestly, only the BoN can accurately answer your query but it is possible that your contact in the nurse recovery program may have knowledge of the process. It seems that in most states a record of disciplinary action stays on your record permanently in some form.
  5. by   sallyrnrrt
    oh possibly for life, check out
    does not seem too fair but....

    your states BON can give you the best answer
  6. by   silverbat
    The BON can answer that the best as others have said...

    on a personal note: I was told that any discipline will remain on your record for that state for life. I know that, even tho I have a license in another state now(compact) and have let the previous license go into inactive status, when you go to the state Board and check me out, the discipline is still listed. and that has been a couple of years. I did get the transfer to a compact state with no problem because I had completed my probation term (actually finished early). Best wishes!
  7. by   MichelleRN34
    I'm in NC and my discipline action stays on my record for life.