Incidental Exposure

  1. I'm starting a monitoring program this week and am so freaked out by all the things I've read online about incidental exposure and these monitoring programs assuming you're guilty until (maybe) proving your innocence (if even possible).

    I have no problem following "the rules" of this whole thing, but it seems like they're always finding new things that cause false positives and the internet has such differing information on this topic. Is there any good place with a full comprehensive list of what to avoid? I would so much rather avoid things than try to prove my innocence after a "positive" result.

    Any advice would be extremely helpful.

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  3. by   Big Blondie
    Talbots's recover guide
  4. by   Babyj88
    With my monitoring program we use affinity. On affinity website they have a link to all the things you can take and what you can't take. I know they have different companies like recovery track and I think firstlabs but I would think they should have on their website a list to avoid things. That would be your best bet to get the answer you looking for.
  5. by   anurse415
    My program uses affinity too. Good to know. Does their list include herbs/herbal supplements and beauty products? How strict/careful do you have to be?
  6. by   Babyj88
    I'm not sure if they have herbal supplements on it. I only glance at it when I first started. It's a possibility that they had it cause I think it had like mouthwash on it. If you use the app click on help desk and select guides and documents. They have a list of different topics including a medication guide. I just don't drink or do drugs and all my test do fine. I know some people be like you can't use soy sauce, vanilla extract, perfume or bug repellent spray lol I used all these and never had a problem.
  7. by   Kel65
    Avoid supplements. Remember that you cannot use cough syrup, Benadryl, Sudafed
  8. by   LindsayRNL
    Hi! My monitoring program outlined what products to avoid. Relax and do what you're supposed to do.

    It's scary to see how many things could potentially could throw a false positive but I haven't changed my routine with hand sanitizer, perfumes and other every day products. I'm mindful of sanitizing my hands away from my face and won't use listerine on a daily basis.

    If you're worried about an incidental from the previous day, just submit the test with your 2nd pee and be mindful not to guzzle down water/avoid coffee before the test. You have it under control! Breathe!
  9. by   Persephone Paige
    There's a nurse on here named Hppygrateful, or something along those lines. She's done all kinds of research on this topic. Hopefully she'll chime in at some point. I live in Florida and they have had similar complaints/problems with nurses claiming false positives for etoh( I was one of them ). They have begun random 'special' testing: pEth, hair, nails. Personally, I'm happy about it. It's more expensive. But, it's not near as expensive as a complete evaluation because you've had a positive. I was just selected for a pEth two days ago. History is that I popped positive (within the incidental exposure range) back in April. I pulled a pEth on myself (results negative) as soon as I was notified. I was referred for an eval, pEth, hair, urine all negative. You don't get sent back to treatment immediately for a positive, but it's going to cost you to prove your innocence.

    You'll drive yourself crazy worrying about it, so try not to. No one in my group has ever popped positive, but me. So, I don't think it happens often. It's just so traumatic when it does, that it tends to be awfulized. Try not to used alcohol based products ( soaps, hair products ), incidental exposure can happen when you inhale the fumes.