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  1. anurse415

    Dui 4 years ago 2 years before nursing school in NJ

    honestly I only got any information and sped the process up because I found a lawyer online who had experience with helping people get their nursing licenses. so he had contacts. there are also nurse lawyers who can help. did he have an interlock installed in his car? if so, or even if not at this point, the board is super strict these days. they want to make sure the nurses they grant licenses to have no substance abuse issues. they will most likely send a letter requiring him to get evaluated through RAMP.
  2. anurse415

    Dui 4 years ago 2 years before nursing school in NJ

    It took me 4 months to get my license. Hired a lawyer to get the process moving faster.
  3. anurse415

    DWI in New Jersey, Application Under Legal Review

    Were you convicted of a DWI? Did you need to install an interlock device in the car? Unfortunately, the NJ BON has been extra strict lately. They very well might order you to be evaluated by RAMP. Doesn't necessarily mean you won't get your license, but it might take some time. If that's the case, I strongly advise consulting a nurse lawyer with RAMP experience. Trust me when I tell you that you need to be beyond prepared for what RAMP entails in order to make it out quickly and not get trapped. Message me if you have any questions. I've been there, done that.
  4. Just wanted to post my story since I have also lurked around this board and the Recovery board for many years now and never really got the answers I looked for. I live in NJ, but I was arrested in 2013 for a DUI in the state of NY where it is a misdemeanor and they automatically require an interlock device installed in your personal vehicle. I'm a super small human and after a night out with friends, I blew just over the limit. (.09) Fast forward to 2016, I begin nursing school. I had already contacted the NJ BON and they claimed it would be a case by case basis, but they assured me I'd be able to obtain a nursing license. I also contacted the head of NJ's nurse monitoring program at the time, and she was very optimistic I'd encounter no issues. Okay, now it's 2018. I graduate nursing school in May. I receive my ATT to take the NCLEX in early June and PASS it at the end of June. In the meantime, the board had requested "more" information about my charge. After hiring a lawyer to move the process forward, I finally found out in early July that the NJBON had voted I get evaluated through RAMP before they would issue a license due to the interlock device. They claimed I'd receive a letter "asap." Weeks of radio silence go by. Luckily, my lawyer was able to push the process along and I finally began RAMP in late August. I sped through it in record time, probably because I have no substance abuse or mental health issues whatsoever, and was discharged in the middle of October. Trust me when I tell you after hearing the stories in those groups, I am one of the super rare lucky ones. After using my lawyer once again to harass the board, my license was finally posted as active just before Halloween. When all is said and done, after my DUI itself cost me over $10,000, getting my license this summer cost me $2500 in lawyer fees and $1500 in RAMP costs for the brief time I was in there. If you're dealing with the NJ BON specifically and RAMP, I'd advise consulting a Nurse Lawyer with RAMP experience, otherwise you risk getting stuck in a monitoring program for five years with serious restrictions on your license. Be honest with the BON always and submit as many documents as you can obtain. Good luck to all those out there dealing with these super strict boards. One mistake can be held over your head for your entire life.
  5. anurse415


    What state are you applying for a license in?
  6. anurse415


    In NJ, the application asks about criminal history in a few separate questions. Essentially, they inquire about arrests and convictions of crimes separately. I know of a handful of people who got caught up in the language and assumed because their record was expunged, they did not have to disclose neither arrest or conviction. Needless to say, convictions can be sealed, but arrests will still pop up on background checks, sparking an investigation into the full record. These BONs definitely do hold nurses to a higher standard than any other profession. In NJ, lying about criminal history requires a fine and often a probationary period. The board order is public and anyone searching your name/license will be able to see your disciplinary action. In addition, if the crime is related to drugs/alcohol, they automatically require you to be "evaluated" by their very strict, very costly and very unfair (private) monitoring program. This can take months to YEARS. Schools should fully inform people about ALL of this before they graduate and begin filling out BON applications. My best advice is: consult a NURSE LAWYER with specific experience related to your state's BON and prepare to fully disclose all documents related to your conviction. Good luck.
  7. anurse415

    Incidental Exposure

    My program uses affinity too. Good to know. Does their list include herbs/herbal supplements and beauty products? How strict/careful do you have to be?
  8. anurse415

    Dui 4 years ago 2 years before nursing school in NJ

    I was told I need a RAMP evaluation due to the court requiring an interlock in my car for 6 months. My DUI was in NY and there they require an interlock no matter what level of offense (unlike NJ). They draw a line in the sand over arbitrary details and seem to not treat everyone the same way. Sucks they don't truly take these things on a case by case basis.
  9. anurse415

    Incidental Exposure

    I'm starting a monitoring program this week and am so freaked out by all the things I've read online about incidental exposure and these monitoring programs assuming you're guilty until (maybe) proving your innocence (if even possible). I have no problem following "the rules" of this whole thing, but it seems like they're always finding new things that cause false positives and the internet has such differing information on this topic. Is there any good place with a full comprehensive list of what to avoid? I would so much rather avoid things than try to prove my innocence after a "positive" result. Any advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
  10. anurse415

    Seeking RN License in NJ & RAMP

    I've seen a handful of the same questions on this site about the NJ Board of Nursing requiring applicants to undergo an evaluation with RAMP before they issue a license due to something in a background check. Is there anyone out there who completed this specific process? How long were you in RAMP? Did you get your nursing license? Thanks everyone!
  11. anurse415


    any updates on this situation? I'm about to enroll in RAMP for the same situation. Don't have my license yet.
  12. anurse415

    Required to participate in RAMP for prior Marijuana charge

    I'm very curious what the outcome of your situation was. I'm facing a RAMP "evaluation" for a very similar circumstance and would really appreciate hearing more about your experience. I too have passed the NCLEX and have a job lined up and waiting anxiously for me to receive my license number.
  13. anurse415

    NJ nursing grad with DUI awaiting licence

    Similar situation, wondering if anyone heard from the board or received a license in this circumstance. Anything would be very helpful. Thanks.
  14. anurse415

    New nurse with prior arrest, waiting on licensure from NJ BON

    I'm currently dealing with a similar situation. Have you resolved this issue? Are you licensed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.