I'M Baaaaaaaaacccckkkk! HI license re do

  1. Hi brave lovely nurses:

    You already know my story....cuz it is so much like yours!

    OK so 4 weeks later I am now in Hawaii. So don't feel too sorry for me. Finished probation in OR, hold unencumbered license there and applied for endorsement to HI. Easy right? Wrong.....license denied.

    So here in paradise in get a call last Fri. Notifying me I was on the HI BON's Sept. 1 meeting agenda for a reconsideration of my application and I can submit new and additional information. ***** I did not request this.

    So from rural paradise here I pull together submit up porting documentation to let the Board know who I am (personal statement, resume, letters of recommendation, work evals, etc.). I make a reservation to fly to Honolulu and show up this morning.

    Short story is that they gave me 2 years stipulated practice with very light stips. I CAN work homecare.

    This was hard and expensive. My advice: show up, keep going. If you hit a brick wall try again later.

    Moving forward little by little, ((((((hugs))))) Paid
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  3. by   Big Blondie
  4. by   SororAKS
    Way to do it Sis!!!!!
  5. by   Twoyearnurse
  6. by   Omaapecm
    I am so glad that all worked out for you. You deserve it! good luck moving forward
  7. by   caliotter3
  8. by   InHisArms
    So glad that worked out for you! Keep it moving!
  9. by   paidmydues
    Thank you all for your good wishes. Blessings to you too. Let's see what my contract looks like!? I will let you know... (((((HUGS))))) Paid
  10. by   Rosa09
    I admire your great attitude. Thanks for the update and please keep us post it.
  11. by   CryssyD
    Congratulations! Wow--Hawaii--I am so jealous! What a wonderful place for a new start--best of luck to you!