I am DONE! Finally

  1. Well I am so pleased and over the moon to share I am finally done with my states monitoring program (KNAP in Kansas). It was a very long, emotional, nerve wracking roller coaster of 3 years. I made it through with no hitches at all. I was so discouraged when I first entered the program and thought oh no my life is over but after some time being in the program and getting my routine figured out and trying my best to stay positive which I admit was hard. I even thought at one point maybe nursing isn't for me, maybe I'd be better off not living anymore and things like that but I soon realized this can be done and about midway I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Feels weird not having to check in daily and go pee in a cup in front of people but I can say I am glad I am done and I just want to share with people who is in a monitoring program and feeling hopeless and defeated to just keep on keeping on the best you possibly can and it will be done one day. Easier said than done but I can say from experience I know how you are feeling and I am proof that it can be done even if you are pessimistic like me and think the worst IT CAN BE DONE AND YOU WILL OVERCOME THIS HORRIBLE MONITORING PROGRAM! Fly under the radar, don't miss any deadlines, check in daily, don't be a problem maker. I can count on one hand how many times I called case manager for issues. I set alarms for checking in and for paperwork deadlines and I checked and double checked some days that I did check in. So anyway sorry for my long post, Hope I helped someone today feel better about this crappy situation called extortion...LOL
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  3. by   Anon143
    Congrats on finishing!!! This post is very inspiring! I am due to finish soon too & I just hope all goes well. I have a question, how do you know when you are done? Is it 3 months from the day they gave you your license on probation? Also, did you have to wait for paperwork from your case manager before you were released?
  4. by   Kel65
    Conrats. 7 months for me as of December 19. I can hardly believe it it.
  5. by   Ash2213
  6. by   Short LPN
    In my situation I was done 3 yrs after self referring, long back story on all that. But yeah 3 yrs after I entered the program I was done. I didn't have to wait for paper work, although they do send a letter of completion after the fact. You just keep logging into affinity (spectrum now) and when it won't let you log in anymore you know you are officially DONE! For a few days after it wouldn't let me I still kept trying to log in just to make double sure. Glad I could be inspiring. I know when I entered this program I was a emotional mess and finding this site and reading others stories helped me get through it so I am grateful for this site helping me to see I wasn't alone in the mess I had gotten myself into.
  7. by   Short LPN
    Thanks Kel65. Keep on track and the 7 months will fly by. Don't let them win you can do it!
  8. by   rn1965
    Congratulations! Well done, friend!
  9. by   Kel65
    Thanks. I thought the Last year would go slower, but I don't even know where these past five months went. The day I can't check in I'm going to a Chinese buffet. None in three years, Soy sauce paranoia.
  10. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    YAY!!!! Somewhere a bell rings (like in "Wonderful Like") another angel has been granted their wings and have flown out of monitoring hades. CONGRATS!!!!