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  1. While working in a long term facility, if you work as an LVN with active RN license, are you legally responsible for not only your patients, but ALL of the patients in the building & held to the RN standard? For Example, as an LVN, you are assigned to pass medications to a selective amount of patients. These are the patients that you pass meds & chart of and are in charge of care for. BUT, if something happens to other patients on another cart or another side, even if you aren’t their LVN, can you be responsible for them & have it fall on you as an RN because you hold an RN license?
  2. Anon143

    Failed class, still continued, not fair

    You are right. I just got frustrating but I will just leave it alone. Thank you
  3. Anon143

    Failed class, still continued, not fair

    You are right. Thank you for your response.
  4. Hi, has anyone or does anyone know someone who failed a prerequisite in a private nursing school program that has the prereqs built into the program? (For example, term 1 and 2 are prerequisite and term 3 is the nursing portion) If you fail a prerequisite, are you able to continue into the next semester with the same class or do you have to redo that semester In a different class/cohort? I have a classmate who failed a non nursing class but he was still able to continue with us into the next semester & Redo the prereq at the same time. What is confusing is that it states in our current class, that the class that he failed needed to be completed BEFORE being able to start it. It is nursing fundamentals. The school talked to him and let him proceed with our cohort anyways knowing that he failed that class Is this normal or common??
  5. Anon143

    Declaratory Order CA

    Hi, I’m an LVN in the RN program & I have a DUI conviction from 6 years ago. I told my RN dean, DON & administration about this prior to being accepted into the nursing program. They told me that if they feel I might have problems with completing clinicals or with the state boards, that they wouldn’t accept me into the program & waste my time. Although that was reassuring, I’m still nervous about the clinical portion & I was wondering if there is something I can do to ensure that I wouldn’t have problems with my clinical site? I saw somewhere, someone discussing Declaratory Order. Which is a letter you send to then BON & then approving you to sit for them for the boards. Can I do this in a California? Would this help me ensure my clinical site??? Any one who has anyone on this?? Thank you!
  6. Anon143

    IS THIS HIPAA ??? Being harassed for reporting ...

    The workplace is being sued as we speak by ehse the CNA ended up attacking the nurse. Thanx for the comment but yes, a lawsuit was the right thing to do when her info was disclosed. The company is talking about settling out of court too.
  7. The Cna is still there. Another CNA spoke with the patient about this incident because it spread all over the facility because the DSD told everybody about it. The pt didn’t want to sign anything in regards allowing his ID to be released. So management is just keeping it hush because survey is due to come in a few weeks. The CNA keeps threatening me and I’m about to report to HR for her threats of wanting to beat me up & shoot me because the DSD told her
  8. The nurse found a CNA on Facebook who took a pic with a resident in the background. The nurse texted the photo (that was also a Facebook profile photo at that time) to the DSD & DON to report it. The DSD hasn’t fired or did anything to the CNA because the CNA is her friend. If she does, can the nurse that reported the HIPAA violation get in trouble too for texting the photo to management ?
  9. A co worker found a photo of a CNA who had a partial side face photo of a resident in the background ( you can see the residents side of the face but he has a lot of hair) the nurse was able to identify the patient, still & then he copied the photo from the CNAS Facebook (it was the CNAS main profile photo) & then sent the photo to the DSD & DON to report. The DSD instead told the CNA who reported it & the CNA threatened the male nurse telling him to watch his back. The company didn’t bring it up & just ignored and covered it up & they say that it wasn’t HIPAA (the company always covers things up & the nurse was told that it was HIPAA from a nurse attorney & co workers) and now the CNA keeps threatening him & the DSD laughs at the male nurse for it because she’s cool good friends with the CNA. The CNA is stilL employeed there with no disciplinary actions taken on the CNA. My question is, what can he do? Can he sue? Or contact HR & have this taken care of? Is a company suppose to fire & report HIPAA violations?? Also, did the nurse commit HIPAA himself by sending that photo to management for verification by reporting it ?? He’s thinking of going to a lawyer and now he’s scares to return to work because of the CNA threat about retaliating and beating him up. He says he got the interaction with the CNA who threatened him on tape too but he’s not sure if he can even use the tape. Also, if the company fails to report it.. does he have to report or himself to STATE?? He heard as a mandated reporter, just because you told the DON or DSD doesn’t mean it’s over. If he fails to report it and it comes back. He can be in trouble as well for not reporting????
  10. I’ve just got accepted in an RN program & in every syllabus, they mention that if you score below 75% in all tests, quizzes, final or misters that you’ll have to attend mandatory tutoring & that any homework, projects, class work, etc that you have competed will not add on to the test or quizzes until AFTER you have completed them with a 75%. In other words, you can score high & do well in all class work assignments & homework but if you score less than 75% in all tests taken, you fail the class. Is this like this is ALL RN schools or is mine being shady???
  11. Anon143

    NSO student

    For those of you who already have NSO for your nursing license.. did you still need to get an additional one for school too? Or were you able to use the one you had originally?
  12. I got accepted into the May 6 cohort 28. Have you paid for the admissions fee & did the drug & physcal yet?
  13. Does anyone attend, is attending or will be signing up for CNI college in Orange County? When did they notify you that you were accepted or denied into the program before it started? (A week before, 2 weeks before? ECT) How was the program? Is it intense? Is it hard to get accepted into it because a lot of applicants are applying?
  14. I just wanted to say that I’m FINALLY done with probation with the state boards after 3 years on 1/3/2019! I just received my letter in the mail today! It’s so weird not having to log in everyday. I find myself still logging on LOL also, I can finally use hand sanitizer & eat “everything bagel” poppy seeds, and take OTC medication while I’m sick without over thinking (omg, what if something shows up!?!) IM FREE!!!
  15. Anon143

    Sitting out another station

    Im an LVN. I've thought of taking this to the DON OR CORPORATE
  16. Anon143

    Sitting out another station

    I'm An Lvn BTW. I expected that form my DON not a DSD