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  1. Hello all,

    I finally got my agreement and the big packet of paper. I will have two years of monitoring for drugs, nowhere does it say anything about alcohol other than if they deem me to need a chemical dependency evaluation I may THEN be required to abstain from alcohol. Has anyone heard of this? I assumed it would be a soy sauce/wine/drink free lonnnggg couple of years. I am very grateful but don't trust the process. How do they eliminate that from the tests? The different options?? I wonder if my tests will be cheaper?

    As for testing? I am planning on going in the am if at all possible on those days. Do you hold your bladder and not urinate at all until you get the test from the whole night? Do you pee in the middle of the night? I am worried about planning for those contingencies!

    First lab is now first source. What are your experiences with it? Do you use the app?

    Thank you in advance
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  3. by   Lisacar130
    No, I have never heard of this. Why are they monitoring you for drugs in the first place if you don't even need a chemical dependency evaluation? It makes no sense... I would call whoever your case manager is just to make sure about the alcohol.
    No, I would not hold your urine all night. You could get a UTI that way. Just don't drink gallons of water beforehand or it could show up as diluted.
  4. by   berdeenbird
    I was asked to do a drug test for work and admitted to having thc in my system. I was fired three years ago and just now got my agreement. I will have drug testing for two years for that reason, the consent has the testing, continuing ed, background check, reports to the employers, etc..

    I am surprised as well. I lawyered up asap, kept my mouth closed and didn't talk to a soul. I went to a ten week class with all clean screens immediately as well. I'm not sure if that helped? No evaluation requested and they basically say that I am not restricted from alcohol use. My lawyer was surprised as well. I am not a drinker, it gives me horrible migraines, but am very relieved to no have to avoid so many things. After three years of reading horror stories I guess I just don't trust it!
  5. by   TexasNurse2014
    What state are you in?
  6. by   berdeenbird
    Surprisingly the dreaded Ohio..
  7. by   Lisacar130
    Huh. I've never heard of not needing a chemical dependency evaluation or not having to obstain from alcohol. Maybe because it was "only" THC. I know in IL you'd have to do the whole program, even just for THC. Maybe your lawyer is really good lol.
  8. by   Izzy RN
    I'm not tested for alcohol either and have no limits/ restrictions on using it. My "crime" was thc and not while working. As far as urines, definitely don't hold it, just drink normal amounts of water and you should be fine. First Lab app on the phone is good. Just be sure you check in between your allowed times or it counts as a missed check in. Good luck!
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  9. by   aflahe00
    I've heard of this, someone I know had a similar situation happen. Seems reasonable that you would get the same kind of agreement as her.
  10. by   berdeenbird
    Thank you, its good to know its actually real and an option. They took THREE years to get to me. I am honestly at this point, am not looking forward to working as nurse at all but want to clear my license as best I can so I can have any future in healthcare. I will always have this mark visible on my license.
  11. by   aflahe00
    What mark? You didn't mention anything about that are you on probation or something. Disciplinary actions in your license? So you weren't already working as an RN prior to this? NP?
  12. by   berdeenbird
    Sorry, I wasn't clear.
    I will have public discipline on my license. If I comply with the two year agreement i will not have any restrictions so it will be unencumbered but the public record of my discipline will be there forever. Ohio apparently has gotten rid of their alternative program completely and now all nurses will have public discipline.

    I had worked as an RN for six years previously. My incident was a solid three years ago. This is considered probation.
  13. by   catsmeow1972
    With the only residual being the mark on the license, this actually seems reasonable in comparison to the gauntlet that a lot of us have been shoved through.
    So many of these "alternative to discipline" programs seem to exist for no other reason than to line the pockets of some contracted outfit that of course has contracts/contacts/approval agreements with all sorts of evaluators/treatment places/P testing companies etc. and then we STILL have the license mark to boot. Maybe Ohio finally figured out that these programs do little to nothing to monitor truly ill nurses and serve mostly to punish those that quite likely don't need it, and in the process drive good nurses out of the profession. One can only hope that someone, somewhere came to their senses.
  14. by   berdeenbird
    I wonder, although from my understanding Ohio ran their own program. They are overwhelmed like all of the other boards and just dropped it. No chance anymore of anonymity which is very sad to me.

    I will still have the quarterly reports, approval to work, 6 month narc restriction, daily call in, etc but not chem eval, no meetings, alcohol is ok, and its two years. I am tentatively relieved.

    Until I job hunt that is!

    The three years of not working as a nurse and the heart sick feelings I have had constantly make this hell still. I hated myself for a very long time and had no pride in what I had accomplished. Those days were dark and lonely.