1. well things r moving forward.....
    I have returned to work. Thank God they have been cool, held my job. while I was in rehab and going through IOP.
    When when completed HPRP gave me a "safe to pratice" release.
    Now I am in ERP which is early recovery group. while "out there" I "achieved " a third DUI which is a felony here in Michigan. I have to report that to the state and will recieve a suspension of my licence.
    This could last for 6 months or until their investigation is complete.
    During which I will not be able to practice.
    I will loose my drivers licence for 3-5 years. Thank God my hubby is willing and able to drive me around.
    But most of all I lost myself
    My identity is so intwined with being a nurse I feel invisible. Obviously this is an issuse I will need to deal with in counseling.
    Have a freaked you out?
    If I have I meant to
    I had no idea how drinking could invade my life and mess it up so completely
    BUT...... I am doing what I need to do
    1. dont pick up the first one
    2. go to meetings (find a cacadeus meeting also)
    3. pray to the higher power of your choice
    4. get a sponsnor (who is a medical professional)
    5. work the steps
    6. read recovery literature (AA Big Book for example)
    7. stay thinking "one day at a time"
    seven things ~ seven days a week
    it is only way I have been able to make it
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  3. by   elkpark
    One day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time -- whatever it takes, right now, to keep you moving forward in your recovery.

    Hugs & best wishes!
  4. by   barefootlady
    Diamond I send prayers, support and good wishes for your continued recovery.
    Thanks for your story.
  5. by   michigooseBSN
    Welcome to recovery. I remember that before I got sober (16 years ago in 20 days) when asked who I was I always responded "I am a nurse" first. Now I know that I am a "lovable fallible child of God" and nursing is what I do, not who I am. What a concept! Your program sounds great. One suggestion I would make is not to limit your choice of sponsor to another health care professional. I chose my first temporary sponsor because she was a nurse. When I was looking for a permanent sponsor, I looked for someone whose sobriety was what I wanted and I chose my current sponsor who is an artist and a radio announcer. She's been my sponsor for almost 16 years now. Choosing a sponsor because she is a nurse perpetuates the idea that we are somehow different than other recovering women and we are not. Good luck to you on this fascinating and rewarding journey of recovery.
  6. by   Tweety
    Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for continued recovery one day at a time.

    What is a cacadeus meeting?
  7. by   elkpark
    (Tweets, Caduceus meetings are "specialty" AA/NA meetings just for healthcare professionals. Most cities of any size have them. Sometimes they even split off into nurse-only, physician-only, etc. The idea is that healthcare professionals have issues in recovery that "regular" people don't, and confidentiality is an even greater concern for healthcare professionals than it is for the general public ...)
  8. by   Tweety
    Thanks. 11 years of recovery in Tampa Bay (2 million plus people) I've never heard of that. I certainly would attend. But I understand the need. I attend gay & lesbian meetings exactly for the same reason.

    Our IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses) has meetings, but those are for participants in that program and they have to pay to go.
  9. by   Diamond Nurse
    I have 2 sponsors. The first one I picked was based on her serenity, a very spiritual woman with 27 years sober. I asked my second sponsor because she is a big-book-thumper and I could tell by the was she talked she would be strict and a great teacher when it came to working the steps and living sober. I heard her speak at 2 meetings and then heard her open talk. with the permission and blessings of my first sponsor I asked (K) to be my second sponsor.
    It was only later I learned she was in the medical profession, which worked out well (a God thing?) because HPRP requires my sponsor to be in the profession.
    so No I didn't just pick her because she was a nurse.
    but that is good advise for all of us, thanks.
  10. by   Diamond Nurse
    I wonder if your originalyy from Michigan? I checked your profile and see you list Mass. but your nic made me ask!
  11. by   michigooseBSN
    You got me. I'm originally from Illinois but went to the Univ. of Michigan for both undergrad and grad school. The nic came from being a female Michigander, in other words, a Michigoose. We've lived in Mass. for 36 years so I feel like a New Englander. I got sick here and I got sober here. Sober is better. But I'll always cry "Go Blue" In fact my car has a bumper sticker that says
    Are you from Michigan too?