Choosing a facility for eval?

  1. After all the great info I've gathered on here over the last few months, it seems the only facilities I'm authorized to go to from the BON have every quality that is suggested not to have. All have healthcare programs, all connected to an inpatient facility and all have beamed with happiness when they get my insurance information. I'm trying desperately not to get inpatient treatment due to my awful instance being isolated (though it did happen) and truly feeling I don't need the extent of this kind of "treatment"- but it's looking like the odds are against me. Do you think anything else weighs on a choice? All reviews are "overly priced".
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  3. by   Jas10
    I found a guy who was independent and only offered level 1 outpatient and he even told me I didn't need inpatient and outpatient was questionable but he needed to go over everything. Sounds great, eh? Well it's been 3 weeks and haven't heard from him at all (I've tried to call him 3 times already and only been able to leave a VM) and his evaluation was due last week. My case manager emailed me to see if I have heard anything so now waiting to see what direction I can get from her as I really don't want to pay for another evaluation but this is my life this guy is playing with by waiting to turn in my evaluation and dodging my calls. I'm about to go to his office and see if he's there, ugh. Things are never easy even when you submit to this hell!!
  4. by   StanleyJ
    How awful!! As if this stuff isn't stressful enough. Good luck!
  5. by   J.Adderton
    Aren't you in the state of Alabama? If you diverted then I would expect at least 6 weeks inpatient and then intensive outpatient for 2 weeks. My insurance paid 19 days, but I also needed medical oversight for detox. Most individuals with insurance had 2 weeks covered. I know this is probably not what you want to read. However, you will have an evaluation that includes hair and/or nail testing and if it was a one time incident then negative hair test may benefit you.
  6. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I wish I could add something helpful here. I didn't get to pick where my "evaluation" occurred. I was sent to the same place for an evaluation that ran the rehab center I was eventually sent to. They evaluated me an basically said I needed all the rehab my insurance carrier would pay for. I was in "treatment" for 4 months. I have no clue what the heck I would do if my insurance company would only pay for 19 days. I probably would have had to surrender my license because there is no way I could have paid for that garbage. I wish you luck and hope this turns out as well as it can.
  7. by   hppygr8ful
    Your state should have a list of Doctors who are approved. If those scare you for the obvious reasons then Google Addictionologists in your area of the state. Alabama Addiction Psychiatrists - Addiction Psychiatrist Alabama - Addiction Psychiatric Nurses Alabama. Any of them who is a Certified Medical Examiner or Medical Review Officer should be acceptable but check with your BON before you get evaluated. If you have medical insurance call your insurance carrier and see who they have on their list. They will be cheaper than an independent. If you cannot afford an independent and your BON won't accept a qualified cheaper alternative file for a hearing before the BON. It's a hassle and your whole program will be on hold until your hearing, but I know of two people here in CA that successfully argued that since they could not work as a nurse and were working minimum wage jobs to make ends meet they could not afford a $600.00 to $1,000.00 assessment.

    You may need to retain a license defense attorney. Try The American Association of Nurse Attorney's website. It may cost you some money but would probably be less than whatever an in-patient treatment center would cost.

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  8. by   catsmeow1972
    I unfortunately did not have the advantage of knowing about sites like this or having access to any other source of advice other than the program who at the time I thought was there to assist me. Ha! Cough cough, hack hack! I went where I was told, was evaluated by who I was told to because I didn't know any better. I had done nothing wrong so I did not see the need for an attorney.
    I was sucked in by people with all the ethics of rocks and that's insulting rocks. For my trust and my family who only wanted the best for thier little girl, we were scammed mightily. They sniffed out the existence of money therefore I was "recommended" for the full on deluxe package, to begin immediately, for my own safety (interesting, since I'd been sitting on my duff at home doing nothing for 5 months) like I shouldn't even leave to pack some underwear.
    End result....12 weeks of inpatient, 10 weeks of IOP.....and a case of PTSD.
    You don't know what you don't know....but boy howdy, do I know now.....
  9. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    That sounds hauntingly familiar Cats except there was no money to be found just insurance and they rode that horse till it died. I got out of treatment as soon as the money ran dry which was about 4 months
  10. by   Jas10
    I finally stopped at the guy's office that did my evaluation and he was there but seemed too busy and I had another appointment so when I got to my dad's house I called him from his land line (thank goodness someone still has a local land line haha) and the dude answered. When I said who it was I could hear the "oh crap" in his voice and asked him why he hasn't returned my phone calls as well as the evaluation. He gave me the run around of excuses but said he would have it done on Thursday and call me to go over it before sending it in. I just told him I'll be at his office at lunch hour and we can do it then. I realize he he could not care that this is my life he's dealing with and I can't unleash my feelings on the whole debacle bc he does hold my monitoring future in his stupid hands but aghhhhh!!! Lol I just scream into a pillow instead.
  11. by   RNADD
    Where did you end up getting your eval done?
  12. by   Persephone Paige
    I don't know how other BONs operate, but I was asked to do a IPN eval by the FBON. Then, IPN (Florida's Intervention Project for Nurses) contacted me with three choices of places I could go. I went and they suggested treatments based on where I was individually. I've seen some first timers be allowed to do outpatient, I've seen some first timers do inpatient. I have rarely seen them factor in an individuals ability to pay. In their eyes you can not go and never be able to work again (which still makes the public safer, in their eyes), or you can go (which protects the public). This may sound harsh, but they don't care. As long as you are out of circulation, whether you surrender your license due to lack of finances or go to treatment.
    Some factors on what will be suggested for you can include: 1. what you did (did you ask for help first, get reported, get arrested, divert, are you dependent vs-addicted and so on...) 2. how much you are using 3. are you a chronic relapser 4. do you have other mental health issues.
    It will be just as individualized if you go inpatient. I've seen nurses be out in six weeks, two months, five months, etc
    I wish there was a way to predict, but there just isn't. I wish you well, though.
  13. by   Persephone Paige
    I wanted to add that in my state, you don't have to go to the treatment associated with the evaluator. I went to the detox associated with the evaluator (my insurance covered the detox period), I used that time to search for another IPN approved treatment center that would work with me financially. So maybe that's an option? They should have discharge planners that help you get in touch with facilities, state wide. Or, even out of state.