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  1. Jas10

    What am I look at? Costs? Timeline of program?

    In my situation I was to monitor in CO for two years but during the lengthy time it took the BON to decide all of that I had moved back to WA state and there was no way I was going to move back to CO. CO does not do remote monitoring (nor is WA part of the compact states) but was given the opportunity to apply for WA licensure in which I did and temporarily surrender my license in CO. WA had no issues with this and entered their monitoring program with the same parameters as CO set. I went to great lengths to make sure I was able to keep my WA license when I did surrender in CO by speaking to their legal department and finding a lawyer just in case I needed one but it all went very smoothly. I know I will have the red X on my license but I am now working as an RN and happy to be back in my home state with family and friends. So, yes it can be done but I would speak to both BON’s, seek legal advice or have them on back up just in case, be humble and honest with everyone, and document everything! Every state is different so you just need to get all the info you can before making any rash decisions. Hope that helps
  2. Jas10

    pregnant in monitoring?

    One of the girls in my peer group just had a baby and they gave her 3 weeks of “interruption” and then she started right back up. I don’t know if it counted against the length of the contract, though.
  3. Jas10

    In monitoring- tranfer to another state

    did you call TN BON? I had called the legal department for WA BON and spoke to them to make sure licensure would be possible if I pursued it and was told it was which helped me make the decision to go ahead and apply. I am now an active RN here and starting back to work as an RN on Monday for dialysis clinic. I spoke to the departments paralegal and she was really very nice and reassured me it is a common question she would get so I encourage you to start there if it helps.
  4. Jas10

    In monitoring- tranfer to another state

    I think the first step is to find out if your current state will allow you to monitor in another state. Your case manager should be able to tell you that or the director of your program. If they do then contact the TN monitoring program to see if they will allow you to monitor there based on if your current state allows it. If they can reciprocate monitoring then you shouldn’t have a big issue moving to another state. I can’t say if you will have to start over or any of that, that is up to the BON and every case is different. I was supposed to monitor in CO but due to personal reasons I moved back to WA and applied to monitor here. CO doesn’t reciprocate monitoring so I entered the monitoring program here in WA (did another evaluation and all of that but was given the same exact contract as CO offered) and was granted an active license. I have to do a temporary surrender license in CO bc they don’t do remote/reciprocate monitoring but the small price to pay to be safe and with my family here in WA. It hasn’t been easy and took 4 months but I entered the monitoring program in WA before I even applied for licensure to show my sincerity and seriousness about keeping my license and it sped up the process to obtain an active license. I hope that helps you a little bit.
  5. Jas10

    VA job and Monitoring?

    Hey peeps, Happy Holidays! Just a curious question , has anyone worked for the VA while in a monitoring? I had a job interview for a clinical RN position today and the clinic is contracted to the VA so I will have to do both the company background as well as the VA's super duper long background check and I obviously have to divulge my "junk drawer" lol if offered (which sounds like I will be) so just wanted to know if it is a possibility at all? I have a call into my case manager already at this point but haven't heard from her yet. I also have an interview with Fresenius on Monday and they already know about my monitoring so that makes life a bit easier. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Jas10

    IPN contract received...now to find a job!

    Hey Austin, no treatment (I wasn't found to have a substance abuse disorder) and didn't have to do a neurocognitive test at all. I started my contract nearly 3 weeks ago and just got my license approved so ready to start looking for a job at this point. Are you having to do more testing and evaluations?
  7. Jas10

    WA State Monitoring

    Thank you WAnurse80! I really appreciate all of your info. I just got the approval for my WA license so as soon as it is active on the website I'll start to job hunt. I've been working as a physician liaison and educator for a private practice which has been a good paying alternative e to nursing and has kept me somewhat in the arena so hope it can translate well on my resume as I've been out of bedside for over a year. My case manager has been Very supportive and easy to work with so will ask her if she has any recommendations as well. I will for sure be prepared as I don't want to waste anyone's time and continue to fly under the radar while in this program. Again, I really appreciate your info and help!!
  8. Jas10

    Holiday testing

    I'm in WA and we don't check in on major holidays and since the office is closed on Friday after thanksgiving we don't check in on Friday either.
  9. Jas10

    Food/Products to avoid

    I am in much the same boat as I just started my contract. I have replaced the following with alcohol free products: mouth wash, hand sanetizer, deodarent, laundry detergent...that's it on that but I'm sure the list will grow. I avoid soy sauce, vinegars that are wine based (actually avoid thwm all as I am paranoid), poppy seed anything, sauces with any alcohol name in it, some perfumes. I am still learning so look forward to finding out if there is anything else to avoid.
  10. Jas10

    UPDATE on "At a Crossroad"

    I know it is all a bit confusing. If you find my original post "at a crossroad" (it's more of a book lol sorry long post) it tells my back story. I originally was in trouble in CO and have discipline on my license there and was given monitoring there originally but during that time I moved back to WA for several reasons and was reported to the AG in CO for non-compliance. The AG actually has sympathy for my case so they have given me time to apply for WA licensure and enter into WA monitoring. I was on the fence at that point to just relinquish it all and walk away from nursing or to climb the tall mountain in front of me. I decided to move forward with nursing and tackle the mountain. I had to do another evalutuon here in WA and the counselor found I did not have a substance abuse disorder so the case manager deemed I didn't need to monitor but hadn't seen the orders from CO who did deem me the need to monitor. Once she did she called me and told me I would have to after all which is fine with me if it means I get my RN license back. I just got my contract last night and got 2 years with no rehab of any sort, no AA classes, and so on and I feel so blessed for gbt. Just drug/alcohol testing 1-2x a month and need to work as a nurse for minimum of 12 months. After reading other people's stories and experiences I feel very blessed that I got what I did. I will have to relinquish my license in CO and the discipline be public there but my WA license will be somewhat clean. I can't escape or cover up anything but I can learn and move on and be thankful I have another chance to be a nurse and a career! I hope that answers your question.
  11. Jas10

    UPDATE on "At a Crossroad"

    Well they screwed up!! Lol I knew it was too good to be true!! I got a call last week telling me my case manager didn't see the orders from Colorado so will have to enter into monitoring after all. I wasn't surprised and didn't go do anything stupid that would get me in any trouble while on a "hiatus" haha. I am waiting for the official contract today that is weeks overdue. Love LOVE all the craziness and mismanagement of these monitoring programs!!
  12. Jas10

    WA State Monitoring

    Hey WAnurse80, Thank you for reaching out! I will send you a PM. So far my experiences have been good with them.
  13. Jas10

    Stick a fork in it!

  14. Jas10

    UPDATE on "At a Crossroad"

    Hey everyone!! SO....my evaluation was sent to the WA BON and the discipline commission board met on Wednesday and my case was presented and they found that I DO NOT have a substance disorder (2 evaluations stating the same thing--one from CO and one from WA) therefore I was told I am not a candidate for monitoring and I won't be needing to do so. I then asked what is the next step and was told I would most likely be granted a license in WA with conditions (not sure exactly that means) but there will no monitoring!! I am in a state of shock over all of this and I do understand that I will have the complaint from CO still attached to me but I am ready to deal with that. I just wanted to let everyone know that sometimes things work out in the oddest of ways. I will keep you all posted on what is yet to come as far as licensure goes but cheers to not having to monitor!!!
  15. Jas10

    Energy Drinks??

    Thanks guys!! At the Dollar store you can buy the smaller cans of the SF white can monster for a buck and perfect size for a little pick me up here and there so thought I'd ask.
  16. Jas10

    Energy Drinks??

    Thank you, Cat! I agree that it is sad that I have to ask that as well. I just like one here and there but I have invested in a soda stream (well had one for years just using it more) and my drink of choice is just good old fashioned seltzer water and hope they don't come out with a no "CO2" rule lol

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