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Why am I being so harsh? I care about my patients. And when a thread like this is started (more than once), people respond (innocently) by giving information on tactics that nurses have used to divert narcotics.

Do you follow what I am saying?

Sorry if you think I am being harsh. I just do not like to see narcotic diversion techniques being spelled out on the BB. However, this BB does encourage discussion, and it is everyone's right to respond if they like, just like it is Jfpruitt's right to pose this type of question in various forms as many times as he likes.

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Point well take Raphael. Kind of sounds like this person is becoming a nurse to just to divert narcotics. LOL

But when an addict is hooked she/he will find a way, weather we post the how to's or not. Their ways are many and very clever.

It is a big problem. But here in Florida. It's felony with serious consequences.

A friend of mine's hospital recently had to code a CRNA during surgery. Went into respiratory arrest during surgery from a narcotic od diversion.


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Originally posted by Rapheal

Do you follow what I am saying?

I do.

As I was reading, I was thinking, "oh yeah, let's give everyone just enough info....." :rolleyes:

Kinda like how I used to read books about eating disorders just to get good ideas.

It happens. It's sad. The end.


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I have seen this at least 5 or 6 times in my 16 years of nursing so it is still going on and the Pyxis is not going to stop it completely although it is a big help. At my hospital the pyxis is coded with fingerprints so it is impossible for anyone to steal your code. I will not get into specifics about how the nurses I knew stole the drugs after Raphaels warning but it is something to worry about and once you experience it you start looking for things in everyone. I once said something to a nurse manager when I noticed a certain pattern with a nurse and she insisted I was imagining things. It was at least 1 year later before the nurse was finally caught. I also have a problem with rehabbing the nurse and giving multiple chances. After all this is stealing. If an employee stole supplies they would be charged and fired.

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All I have to add is Please count the narcs q shift. I work in LTC and a few nurses don't feel the need to count! Well I do! Also look at the drugs in the packages!


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3rdShiftGuy I am appalled you would suggest I was becoming a nurse to divert drugs. Joking or not. The reason I've posted before is one of my assignments was to gather information about a paper on diversion. I would hope people on this board had enough sense NOT to post ways to divert. It sickens me to think that you and others think this was my intent. Maybe I'll discontinue Discussion on this board and just read from now on. Ughh....


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If it was "research" for a paper, then that should have been clear to those responding. It just looks odd: questions about addiction in student nurses, staff nurses, CRNA's, questions about getting online narc scripts, questions about Ultram addiction...just to name a few of the posts.

You can ask any question you want, but don't blame others if asking questions over and over on an issue like this raises a red flag.


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Wow. I guess it does look like I've posted alot about this subject. Maybe I'm sensitive to criticism and I should have been more detailed in my intent.


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Originally posted by tonchitoRN

seen it happen a few times. admin. covered it up.

Yep, same thing happened at our facility. The nurse was removed from her management post and was given a position with no weekends, no holidays, no call. Made for a lot of hard feelings at our facility. This has been about 18 months ago and still hard feelings are harbored against the administration and the nurse in question. Other people have been disciplined (or terminated) for a lot less.


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Good point Fab4. I like to know when Im doing other's homework or research at the get-go.

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:eek: For those of you that do not see this as a huge problem, all you have to do is go to your State's licensing Board and check out how many nurses in your state, have licenses under suspension. While I haven't been able to access concrete statistical information, it is easy to believe that the majority of these suspensions are for this reason. Over my thirty one year career I have witnessed many Nurses being sent home for this reason.:o but true. I have been amazed at the number of administrative nurses that have had problems in this area:confused: I always ask myself "What were they thinking?" Have come to the conclusion that the I's have it = 1) Invisible, and 2) Invincible. Or how about the U's 1) Untouchable? 2) Undetectable? I have a real problem with these BOOBS= Dunces, because of the negative light they shed on our profession. Besides having every excuse from Burnout to high streess as an excuse, they are selfish and uncaring about their Sisters and Brothers in the profession:( SMO


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.... The reason I've posted before is one of my assignments was to gather information about a paper on diversion. "- jfpruitt (this thread)


"Wanted to get some input from those that have experienced an impaired RN before. Is there any other signs I could look for in an RN that would indicate a substance abuse problem other than the obvious of slurred speech, lying, etc? I have a fellow student RN that I'm concerned about. When we first started our ADN program 2 years ago, one of the first reasons she indicated of being a RN was to "get some narc's"......." jfpruitt (previous thread)


Perhaps you can see why some are suspicious. I agree-do not detail ways to divert narcotics on a public BB.

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