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Hi Nurses:

Love does attract all kinds.

But, will a nurse get jealous of a patient? A complicated situation, however; this is how it went.  A patient was attracted to a doctor.  And the nurse doing the infusion knew about it.  The nurse made a minor comment.  How does that fly? The nurse took the liberty to act like a "flake." The nurse now is Senior Clinician.  Does this behavior fall on the doctor too, who placed the care of a patient on the nurse?  The nurse was intimidated by the patient and made comments.  This is drama.  But, the nurse must have known that she had to mark her territory and stop any competition. 

The doctor is OK with this behavior, obviously.  Not cool for a doctor or a nurse.  Doctor is married.  Where do they have sex?

Nurse One - Clinical N said:

This is drama. 

Seems like that about sums it up.

Life's too short to worry about this stuff. Stay out of it. If you're one of the two professional parties involved...make better choices.

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I'm not one of the parties.  But, wasn't hired for position.
Yes, drama.

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What did the nurse say ?  Why do you care? The nurse is also attracted to Dr?

Attraction does not have to imply desire for sex you know

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I'm kind of confused?? I don't think there is enough information there to make an appropriate statement..

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This comes across as one of those "Asking for a friend....." deals. I'm with JKL33 and Mark My Words. Stay out of it. Sweep your side of the street let them worry about their side. 


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Back away slowly, and get some blinders.

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I had to click based on the title, couldn't fathom a scenario. Still not sure I understand, but not something I would put any further thought into as my advice for the OP. 

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