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No Heather, dumb a** number two here.


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Oh good. A dumb a** never likes to stand alone!

:D Heather


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Heather, us dumb a**es have to stick together. You'll never be alone. There are a lot of us out there.


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It's spreading worldwide! #3!


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Re calling staffing direct. I can't speak for the nursing management system in the US Mario, but I would be very unhappy with a junior member of staff who cut me out of the loop without approaching me first. That said, it sounds an awful workplace, and I hope things go better for you, soon!

KaraLea, LVN

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:roll #4 here :roll


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I've often been accused of being a smart a** at work. Now I am officially a dumb a** too. Talk about multi-tasking!

Figaro's Mom

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Originally posted by RNinICU

Mario, I feel like you are my adopted son, so I am going to give you the same advice I would give one of my boys. Find a more supportive, friendlier place to work. There are some places that just do not seem to be very welcoming to new people. You are a kind, caring intelligent person. You appear to be very dedicated, and will someday make an excellent nurse. You can be an asset in the right environment, but the people in this place seem to be determined to beat you into the ground. Are there only a few male CNAs there. Maybe they just don't like male CNAs. Whatever the problem there, if you can find another place to work, I would not stay there. Just make sure you leave in a professional way. Give at least two weeks notice, and never say anything derogatory about your former employers or coworkers after you leave. That kind of thing can always come back to bite you on the a** later.:kiss

Well-said! Amen! Life is too short.


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Mario, Why do you work there? They don't seem to appreciate you!


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I am so honored by all your responses- brownms46 thank you - wow - I have not experienced so much power power from written text in my life. These words help me, and I can only think of others who read the words of these great people offering shared knowledge of life in a hospital. you make me want to start crying many tears. I made loving faces at the screen when I read these words and am so humble and low before you I swear.

I like where I work and brag to myself because it is the best, coolest, hospital to work at, I think. Plus, reality is, i can't just walk in some place and think anyone would hire me without references and the like. Who could?

Hi, I'm Mario, I start nursing schoool and will be RN in 2004. i am a CNA. Please hired me because I'm motivated and physcially skilled. they'd laugh me out the door.

It's good to nurture, but it's worth it to be beat up on too, as I see the protons of these events which seek to defile me personally. I respected my drill instructors, and they presented intentional condemned situations. Like do or die. There would better to have this happen now, then say, after a year of being an RN. All this recent negative experience IS experience non the less. I just didn't like coming home knowing someone would think so little of me, that bothers me, but now I have a thicker epidermis (keratinization).

Our unique abilities and common medium make us bond beyond ionic bonds. I can never thank you enough. porr hoolahan, wow-wee that is the harshest a beating i have ever heard, wow. It was all bad for you, which tells me I haven't seen the end of this.

i feel bad now that I sounded off hard, but when someone tries to make another feel bad because of their position they should be relieved.

All knowledge comes from when it comes to reality and power, amen.


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mario, rninicu is right on...l know from personal experience....places of employment seem to take on their own some places the a$$holes dominate and at others it is the kind caring professionals that rule...the last job l had l trley wanted to keep as l was breaking into a new aspect of and felt that if l gave up l wasn't competant and that l somehow deserved the way l was being glad i move ever. sometimes when things are just too hard they are just not meant to that l don't mean we should back down at challanges..but...when you are doing your best and even doing things right and still problems...big omen there deserve better...thousands of jobs in healthcare out there...go for it and be good to yourself...good luck l'm rooting for


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Mario I can understand you are coming from, as I'm former military also. But...the military taught you to be tuff to save your life. There is NO reason anyone who comes to care for others should have to deal with this kind of crap from those who work beside them. Your buddy in the fox hole, is there to have your back, and you to have his!

You would be pleasantly surprised at how many hospitals, who be glad to take you in, as a soon to be nurse!! I mean...there hospitals out there actively bringing in high school students, and training them....and this was BEFORE the current shortage!!

Believe me your options aren't limited at all! You a constantly sought out commodity....that many hospitals are desperately seeking. The hospital I'm going to in actively recruiting folks, who aren't even sure they want to be a nurse!!! They are also paying for anyone's educations UP FRONT...before grades..UUP TO $3,000 a year...with a requirrement to only work 16hrs a week!!! So don't think you don't have choices..Because YOU DO..((((((Mario))))))) You a lot going for you...don't think you don't!!:cool:

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