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Visa Screen Certificate is required by all foreign nurses wishing to obtain a green card to work in the US, as well as any type of temporary work permit, such as the Nafta TN Visa for those from... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Quote from prashantvaghela2008
    hi i m indiain nurse
    and i want to become RN IN US
    Read the stickies at the top of this forum to get started. There is much that you need to know and it is all written there.

    Then come back and ask questions once you have the information.
  2. by   mazeRN
    Thanks for all the responses. I received my VSC via DHL ysterday. What a relief. I hope and pray we'll also find relief from this burden of retrogression very soon. Keeping fingers crossed!
  3. by   LeeTendayi
    Anyone sent request for Validation of Registration/License to New York BOn for VisaScreen recently? How much was the fee/charge. Just downloaded form right now from CGFNS site. Thanks in advance. Coz could not see any mention of how much on NYSED site.
    Help please.
  4. by   nich
    Quote from suzanne4
    The results need to be sent by the BON to them, they are not automatically sent. Did you happen to submit the form to the state that you took the exam for to have them complete it and submit it?

    You have to do it, it is not automatically sent, and you usually have to pay a fee for it. Tne only thing that gets sent is the English results when you list ICHP on the application, but nothing with the BON as they need your written permission to release the results.

    If it took you a month to get results, that means CA, and the cost for them to fill out the form is $60 US.
    Hi suzanne,

    As i have been reading this forum from chis last feb. 15, 2007, i immediately quote this and ask you the same question regarding WAITING FOR PASSING TEST RESULT 'thing' under PASS CP or NCLEX coz we have the same situation. I already passed NCLEX and IELTS exams. Last Feb. 2007, I sent the REQUEST FOR LICENSE VERIFICATION form of CGFNS/ICHP VSC with $20 on it directly to IDFPR. I believe that they will be the one to submit it directly to CGFNS/ICHP. Now, my CGFNS VSC account does have already the license validation form from ILLinois with the license # on it as it is displayed in the screen, but how come there is still this WAITING FOR PASSING TEST RESULT status under PASS CP or NCLEX when it fact my license verification from IL is already with them?

    My second question would be ideally, how long it will take me to receive the visa screen certification? I am hoping for your positive response regarding these inquiries. Thank you very much!
  5. by   precious33
    Hi Nich, just to inform you that i am experiencing the same problem,actually about a month ago my status said ready for review and then when I was expecting the certificate I later saw waiting for required documents .I contacted them via e-mail and they said they send a ground mail which I never receive,however ,i was told that my license need to be current at the time of certification since then I saw NYSED,and SVG GNC submitted the info to them but the status said waiting on NCLEX results.How can one get a NYSED RN license without passing NCLEX ?
    What else they could possible want?
    Anyway I promise to contact them again by May 5th ,if no further development.I thought maybe i will ignore it and give them some more time to review.
    I said ignore because the status have never completed/updated prior the issuing of previous reports etc.for example my photos are received but not reviewed yet CVS issued.
    So maybe we can give them some more time .
  6. by   precious33
    Hi LeeTendayi ,the NSED request for validation/license fee is $20.It is not listed anywhere on the site .But you can call or e-mail them for info at any time.
  7. by   LeeTendayi
    Thanks a lot Precous33 for replying. I will get on with posting tomorrow Monady. All the best evryone.
  8. by   suzanne4
    Visa Screen is handled thru ICHP, which is actually a separate company from CGFNS. They are two separate entities under the same parent company and can use the same documents that are sent in. But they are processed entirely separately.
  9. by   razvan78
    Hi suzanne4,
    I am from Romania.My englisch is not so good , but I hope you can understand.
    My wife pass the IELTS in september 2005 and the NCLEX in january 2007.She has already the interview with the us hospital.
    I like to know when she will receive the visa screen and when she will go in usa.
    Thank you.
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from razvan78
    Hi suzanne4,
    I am from Romania.My englisch is not so good , but I hope you can understand.
    My wife pass the IELTS in september 2005 and the NCLEX in january 2007.She has already the interview with the us hospital.
    I like to know when she will receive the visa screen and when she will go in usa.
    Thank you.
    Has she applied for the visa screen? If not she needs to apply for it now and also arrange for her IELTS and NCLEX scores to be forward to ICHP there usually is a small fee for this, you cannot send the results must be done by them.

    At the moment there is a retrogression on and no visas currently so will be a while before she moves to the US as the hospital will need to file I140 and then the process with NVC will start probably once retrogression has lifted which at the moment no one knows how long it will last but hopefully something will be sorted soon
  11. by   suzanne4
    The Visa Screen Certificate is not the visa, and is done by ICHP/CGFNS once she has applied for it and has completed the NCLEX-RN exam as well as the series of English exams. This is completely separate from the immigration process, but is needed to present to US Embassy when she has her interview for the visa for the US. It is just a screening process, nothing more.

    She still will need to go thru the immigration process, and not sure where she is with that, and if the employer has even submitted anything on her behalf.
  12. by   precious33
    Hi I contacted the ICHP customer service via E-Mail regarding the waiting for NCLEX Result issue and was told that once the validation for license form is sudmitted the results is inclusive.
    Hoping to receive my VisaScreen soon.
  13. by   yeepers
    Hey all,

    I didn't read through this whole thread so perhaps this question is redundant but I'm wondering...

    If a person is currently an F1 and is using OPT to work. Do they still need to get the CGFNS VisaScreen?