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I personally think we should vote on best slogans and have a tshirt made! Maybe the money could go to some worthy cause like the American Heart Association or something after expenses.

I think our nursing profession is a very worthy cause. We need to stop feeling guilty if we promote a positive, intelligent, image worthy of respect, or if we actually make a decent wage, or if we go home on time, get our breaks, and work in a well-staffed unit. The AMA has greatly improved the image of doctors, yet nurses don't have a good equivalent, at least media-wise.

Maybe it's time for a change.


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I heard the calling before you needed me

The Sixth Sense!!!!

Or may be the voice inside your head!!!!

I am just joking...don't take it personal.

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Nurses: Adept at wiping your butt and saving it too...

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The problem with that is that the LPN course is a certificate course, so you would be saying that we (LPN"S) are not "real" Nurses. which I would have to disagree with. I like the NCLEX idea better.

Me, too. The original suggestion (about nurses having college degrees) also excludes the many wonderful diploma graduates. Most of us know better.

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My favorite one is this in big bold print:


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