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    I've received quite a few PMs recently regarding how I became a surgical NP. Which specialty is the best route and in general what my typical day looks like so I thought I'd post something.

    I started as an Med/surg nurse and then a travel nurse in cardiac step-downs but OR nursing always intrigued me. So I became an OR nurse and was there for about 10 years. My hospital had an excellent reimbursement program and a friend of mine had started NP school and I decided I didn't want to be a lifer lol so I decided to start chipping away at an NP program too.
    I always envisioned myself doing something procedural based with it. I didn't really see myself as a primary care NP so that was always my goal-although none of my training in NP school was in inpatient surgery. I decided to go with an FNP program figuring that that would be the broadest education. At that time the Acute NP programs were just becoming more popular-still I feel like FNP works well.
    It took me quite a bit of work to get my first surgical NP job. I hounded my first boss with emails when I saw position posted and when I finally got an interview I really played up my OR nursing experience.
    My training was all hands-on. They were generous enough to pay for my RNFA program-RN first assist program which is required in my state for all NPs to practice in the operating room. It Required about 200 hours of precepting from a surgeon and it took me roughly 5 months together these hours. By no means did I feel skilled at the end of those hours but I felt competent enough for small cases/closures.
    I've been at it for about two years now and have since changed hospitals. I do not take call, work weekends or holidays. I typically round by myself and chat with the doctors either on the phone or via text. I assist in the OR almost every day and I love it. I feel like I'm getting a lot better. I occasionally see patients in the ER, consult and consent for procedures. I dictate on consults after speaking with the surgeon and discharge plans. I oversee patients in the day surgery unit and write prescriptions and orders for them as well.
    I'm thrilled with my move. I feel like I've been able to spend a lot more quality time with my family and I even still moonlight at my old hospital for 'play money'!

    I definitely recommend the specialty although it is difficult to get your first job and your foot in the door as we all know we are not typically trained this way so it helps to know people or to have the luxury of waiting for the perfect job.
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  3. by   aquarius04
    Thank you for the insight! Your career is definitely what you make of it.
  4. by   Dodongo
    You're doing so much of what I envision for myself in my future role as a NP. I will complete the RNFA program during my ACNP program (I start the RNFA program this fall). I want a job where I work significantly in the OR and round pre and post operatively on patients. I'm ok with taking call and working my share of weekends - at least at the beginning of my career.

    Do you mind sharing what part of the country you practice in?
  5. by   missdeevah
    If you don't mind me is the pay?
  6. by   Insperation
    Well I'll be damned..didn't even know that position existed.
  7. by   Alicia777
    Sure, I work in the Northeast and I make roughly 120K with 2 years experience.
  8. by   CarmenNicole91
    I didn't even know this specialty existed for NPs but I'm happy that I came across this post. How long did it take for you to complete your FNP with the RNFA program all together.
  9. by   Alicia777
    Well I did my FNP part-time, that took 3 years and my RNFA was after I became a NP and that took me about 5 months. The amount of time it takes to get the RNFA is all dependent on how much time you can get in the OR to complete the required hours..
  10. by   CarmenNicole91
    Thank you for the information. So did you get hired on at the hospital where you completed your RNFA. How long did it take for you to find a job as a surgical NP? Sorry all the questions lol I'm done I promise.
  11. by   Alicia777
    That's right I completed my RNFA at my first job. They allowed me to work and train simultaneously. It took me about 6 months to find a position but I was happy enough in my RN job to wait for it..
  12. by   NattyLPNLMT
    Thank you for sharing! This is a specialty I have my sights set on! I am so ready to further my education
  13. by   morecoffeeplease
    Hi there,

    This is all incredibly helpful! I didn't even know this position existed. I have a couple questions about which programs you looked at and the path you took of it'd be alright to pm you?
  14. by   Chissa0202
    Hello Alicia 777
    I am going to finish my FNP program in 2019. I am taking a class per one semester. I am a med-surge /step-down nurse but interested in OR nursing. Sadly I am having a hard time to get in the Preop101 program. I have an interview with outpatient OR facility in this week. I believe it is a surgery center, and they will train on preop, scrubbing, and PACU. I want to take a path you did and like to work at outpatient OR as a FNP in the future. Do you think this new opportunity would help me to achieve my goal later? I have to succeed the interview first, but this job will be pay-cut and a longer commute. I want to make sure it is for me first.

    Thank you.