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  1. Insperation

    Placed on Performance Improvement Plan and Angry

    I think every state except for Montana is a "at will" employer state. In order to win a lawsuit against an employer, you have to be able to prove that they fired you based on something like discrimination; ie because you are hispanic, female, pregnant, etc. It's not like an employer fires you based on performance and you win a lawsuit because you disagree with it. They don't need a solid reason per se, as long as that reason is not illegal or based in discrimination. Just follow the PIP and show your boss that you're trying your best to get better. You can still be angry but don't fight the system, you will lose.
  2. Insperation

    No alcohol. NONE

    You'll get used to it. You'll come up with an answer that you like. Also, you start to realize that people really don't care. They're more worried about themselves.
  3. Insperation

    Are new grad RNs able to get a job in home health ?

    Oh ok... I reread what OP said...Are they likely to? I guess not. But since I've been a nurse, I've seen every single specialty hire a new grad RN..except for maybe a procedure type like cath lab or nuc med..I haven't seen them hire new nurses. Whether a job is offered is on the employer. Whether the job is accepted is on the individual nurse. If people need employees, they will hire new grads.
  4. Yah talk to your counselor, see what transfers over and go from there.
  5. Insperation

    Are new grad RNs able to get a job in home health ?

    My friend was having a rough time getting a job in Hawaii. Her first job turned out to be home health. I think she's still doing it. As long as you are a RN, you can work anywhere that hires a RN..given you have the required certs as well (BLS, ACLS, Pals, etc) Whether they chose to hire you, is on them.
  6. Insperation

    Covered Up a Narcotic Med Error

    How was she worse because she received a 10 mg roxi? I don't think they have any grounds to sue you but I'm not a lawyer. What damages would they claim? Ohh my wife was knocked out and a little loopy for 4 hours? I wouldn't worry about getting sued.
  7. Insperation

    Lost newish grad

    Oh maybe in like treatment centers or something that is said. But actually the vernacular in meetings is pretty limited actually. You hear the same **** everywhere. And I've been in meetings all over the world. The concept is sound though. Yes, stop blaming others and take a moral inventory. It doesn't seem like OP is really deflecting on to anyone though. When I mean by limited facts is, there is a large gap of information regarding the premises of the managers sides. Yes, they were having issues with OP. But there's so much "doubt" here. And for some reason, you were giving the benefit of the doubt to her managers, not her. She's saying she's in actual pain over this. She's probably considering whether she wants to stay in the profession at all. And all you can say is.."Well you're a duck" or whatever. That's kind of what baffles me. She's the one on here looking for support, not them. I'm guessing you must identify more with a manager. Do you work in administration? Have you ever worked on a med surg floor where you have 5-6 patients and people barking at you all day? Doctors, families, patients, techs, nurses, etc. For a new grad, it's hard as **** man. I guess I just identify more with her actual struggle. I'm just into my second year of med surg nursing and some days just soo hard. It's getting easier though. Why can't you cuss on this website...who are we really trying to protect here? I mean c'mon, it's the internet.
  8. Insperation

    Lost newish grad

    OP- Yah it sounds like you have some issues. Obviously you're aware of that. It's not like your on here blaming everyone else, you're consciously aware of your downfalls. Just know that I feel for you. There's no worse feeling that being sat down, and having someone tell you that you're not good enough. Especially after all the sweat and tears that we put into nursing school. But know this, you're not the only one who failed. You're a new grad, essentially you're a student of the game still. You're a rookie. Your hospital failed, your preceptor failed, your mangers failed, your nursing school failed, your charge nurses failed. They're supposed to be teaching you, not releasing you to the wolves and then sitting back to evaluate your performance based on OTHER people's evaluations. So yes, you were very sparse on the details here. Oh well. Remember Steve jobs got fired from his own company. Maybe acute care is just not a good fit for you right now. Shake it off, move on, find something better. I recommend every manager or nurse or whomever read the book "how to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. You don't slam people when they're down, you encourage them and build them up. You put yourselves in their shoes and you show some empathy. So I say don't give up and keep on fightin the good fight.
  9. Insperation

    Lost newish grad

    I've been in recovery from drugs and alcohol for almost seven years and I've never heard that saying EVER, anywhere. I found it very ironic that OP is being criticized for her actual performance as a nurse and for not disclosing enough information regarding manager feedback. Soo if she isn't exposing details of her performance, how can you come to the conclusion that she's wrong or that she's not performing on an adequate level. Hmm. Interesting. Ohh but two different hospitals said the same thing? Ok. None of that is based on any actual facts. You don't know this person and you don't know their managers. One time I was reading this website here on allnurses. I came across this post about a nurse that HATED her job and was going to quit. She went into a little detail here and there about why she hated her job. It turns out, it was my coworker. I could deduce her actual location by her username and what she was saying. Soo you can't tell me there isn't a good reason to be vague sometimes on the internet.
  10. Insperation

    Lost newish grad

    I think the question I would ask you is: Do you believe that these concerns are legit? Just make sure you're advocating for yourself. In this profession, nurses truly can be cruel and NASTY. Your managers may hear one thing about you and then draw conclusions without even asking you about the situation or getting feedback from YOU, the actual person involved. This has happened to me. I've had "performance issues" just like you. And I know this isn't the typical response that people will like. People wanna be like "look at yourself" or "maybe you do suck" Nobody on the internet actually knows you so take everything with a grain of salt. I got sat down once by my director and told a bunch of things that were mostly ******** regarding my performance. I took it to HR and the CNO. I asked her to give me exact details of what happened and asked for a chance to review my charting. I wrote a detailed response and put it on the record. I defended myself and advocated for myself. I went from being put on a "Performance Improvement plan" to my director apologizing to me for baseless claims. From that point on, I stopped taking ****. I told myself..I'm the god damn nurse and I know how to take care of people. It worked. I don't really have problems with people because at the end of the day, RNs and MDs are the ones that are actually responsible if **** goes south and we need to act like it. So I guess my question again is....in your heart of hearts...Do you think your managers' complaints and critiques are legit or not?
  11. Insperation

    Don't bring your misery to work!

    my challenge is not taking work home, not the other way around. Work is for work. Why are you letting people bother you so much? Unless they are actually affecting the ability to do your job, just let them *****. They're not your friends or family so who cares. But vent away...it don't bother me :)
  12. Insperation

    Why are they called, "Chucks?"

    I try to use them often to help my CNAs so they don't gossip about me in the camera room :/
  13. Insperation

    Black Sheep...time to leave?

    That sucks that people aren't being nice. But I don't see how any of this actually affects the ability to do your job. Work is work, it's not a social event. Maybe if you just focused on doing your job and going home and ignore the B.S politics and cliques that spring up you might start to feel more comfortable and maybe just make more friends naturally and effortlessly. There's always going to be cliques and groups of people that you might not relate to.
  14. Insperation

    Hung my own blood! :-)

    Good thing they didn't have a reaction...then you'd freak out too like ahhhh what's wrong with my blood?!
  15. Insperation

    What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    I'm always the dumbest person in the room. CNAs, patients, doctors, they are all smarter and more professional than I am. I am always there to learn from others. I let other people talk and I always defer to their opinions. This attitude does wonders for me. What do I actually have to prove anyway?