PMHNP at Anderson University

  1. Hello! Does anyone have any experience with Anderson University in South Carolina? They are fairly new to PMHNP (2015 or 2016) and I am unable to find anyone that has or is attending the program. I've been accepted into Maryville University (all online) but Anderson is a FT program vs PT and costs about $13k less. Any insight is appreciated!

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  3. by   astrangeRN
    I am starting program next week. Classes seem like they will be small based on e-mail mailing lists. Program length is 15 months (part time not available). I haven't talked to anyone else in program yet. Would like to meet some folks.
  4. by   Tony55
    When you find out the details about clinical requirements, can you share with us? I am thinking about starting the program next year, but I will have to work full-time. Good luck in the program, TIA
  5. by   astrangeRN
    Thanks. We start clinical second semester. 100 hours second semester and 200 hours each for third and fourth semesters. Can do clinical inpatient or outpatient. Can be supervised by psychiatrist, pmhnp, or PA who works under psychiatrist. Hope that helps. Don't know much else about it yet.
  6. by   bryanleo9
    Probably isnt doable if one works full-time?
  7. by   astrangeRN
    I think it would depend on what hours you work. I work full-time two 12 hour days shift and an eight hour second shift. I have four full days and the morning before second shift and it is working well. I changed over from doing three 12 hour night shifts before school started. That would not have been doable for me. I think it is possible other than maybe third semester. I plan on saving up pto and using it as needed to get through that. But I really don't have time for much of anything else other than work and school.