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I am a new NP negotiating a contract.....the provider is offering me a salary, but states according to the Fair Labor Standards Act that he doesn't need to pay for time not worked (ie: holidays when... Read More

  1. by   ghillbert
    Do not even consider accepting a job working for this person! If he's googling the FLSA now and working out ways to screw you over, do you really think he's going to do the right thing by you once you're hired? Run.
  2. by   cayenne06
    Legal or not, it doesn't sound very appealing. Its all to their benefit, they didn't even give you any token scraps. 8 days off in a whole year?! Only 3 sick days?! No holiday pay?! Will you be docked if you have to leave early or come in late?! Do they cover your licenses and certifications? How are you going to manage your continuing education?

    Is there any part of this offer that will benefit you more than them? Is there *any* hint of a give and take in this contract?? If this is their approach to negotiating a job offer, it is probably reflective of the way they run their office.

    I bet they dont even provide coffee in the break room lol. You probably have to pay for parking too.

    I have a respectable amount of vacation/personal days and I am paid if the clinic is closed when I would normally be scheduled to work. I have more sick time than I hope I ever have to use. Our paid time off for continuing ed/conferences is from a seperate bucket altogether- it does not affect our PTO. I also have funds available for continuing ed, completely up to my discretion on how to use it.
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  3. by   missdeevah
    Well, how did this turn out?
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I currently work for a hospital system that has no holiday pay either - I'm heading into work soon myself.

    If you wish to take the holiday off, you must use your PTO.

    Needless to say, this job is gonna be short-lived
  5. by   caliotter3
    My extended care home health employer pays holiday pay for Christmas and New Year's only, because they do not get reimbursement from the Medicaid payor for such. If a holiday falls on our scheduled workday, we are expected to work and meet the needs of the patient, but we can take the day off and supposedly it won't be held against us. That's their version of holiday "pay".