Jobs for ACNP's in the hospital outside of the ICU

  1. I was wondering if some ACNP's who work in the hospital setting could share what positions they hold. Most of the ACNP positions I have seen or ACNP's I work with are working in ICU.

    I have a background as a critical care RN, but I was wondering if there were also other inpatient areas where ACNP's are used.

    Thank you in advance!

    Michelle Camden
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  3. by   Neuro Guy NP
    Plenty. Hospitalist, and subspecialties like cardiology, neurology, surgery, and many others. Just do some basic research like look at hospital job postings etc. Simple enough.
  4. by   Dodongo
    See post below
  5. by   Dodongo
    Literally any inpatient specialty. I have ACNP friends on the hospitalist, vascular surgery, interventional radiology and palliative care services to name a few.
  6. by   mdavis2018
    I have a friend that ended up in surgery. She even did a short stent in neurology
  7. by   JBMmom
    My goal is to work with the hospital's palliative care team, or inpatient hospice at a facility near me.
  8. by   Riburn3
    I'm an ACNP that works as a hospitalist. Prior to this I worked for a cardiology group seeing their inpatients.

    Actual hospitals like to hire NPs to work in the ICU, but really you can work in any inpatient discipline as an ACNP.