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  1. DesertSky

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I'm curious to see how the demand for AG-ACNP's compares to FNP's? As previously mentioned, about 75% of new NP grads are completing their FNP. As a critical care nurse with years of clinical experience attending a reputable in-person brick and mortar program that finds my preceptors for me at level 1 trauma facilities, should I be concerned about being able to find a job after graduation? It seems like there are way fewer nurses going the AG-ACNP route, so I'm hoping that makes a difference....
  2. I have a question I'm hoping someone can assist me with. I am currently looking for a PT job, but only see FT jobs posted. Would it be okay to apply to a FT position and then speak to the HR recruiter/nurse manager more about the position once we speak? There are a number of FT positions open in the department I am looking to work and I would assume a PT employee is better than no employee...? I'd appreciate any insight or experiences you can offer. Thank you!
  3. DesertSky

    Second Thoughts on leaving Bedside for NP role

    I just saw your reply about not being able to relocate out of Florida due to elderly obligations. Would it be possible for them to move with you? I know that's not a always feasible, but worth a try? You can always reevaluate if your current situation changes. Good luck
  4. DesertSky

    Second Thoughts on leaving Bedside for NP role

    BabyBoss19- Congratulations first of all on finishing your PNP! Whatever you decide, your years of wonderful experience will serve your patients well in either role! I have one year left in my NP program. I understand some of the thoughts and feelings you are having although I don't have as many years of bedside as you do. I work in critical care and one of my coworkers is a very experienced nurse/turned NP now back at the bedside after working as a NP for about 5 years for various reasons that are similar to yours. One thing to think about and consider is how long you will physically be able to work as a bedside nurse. Nursing is a physically demanding job. One injury can be life changing. Working as a NP will allow you to work for many more years in my opinion than if you stay at the bedside. Just so something to consider. I also feel you will be able to find an employer willing to pay you more based on your experience and will provide the ability to move up as you prove yourself in your new NP role. You will have to be flexible and may have to move to find this opportunity, but it's out there! Good luck 🤗
  5. I was wondering if some ACNP's who work in the hospital setting could share what positions they hold. Most of the ACNP positions I have seen or ACNP's I work with are working in ICU. I have a background as a critical care RN, but I was wondering if there were also other inpatient areas where ACNP's are used. Thank you in advance! Michelle Camden
  6. Hi all! I was wondering what the pay is in Indianapolis for an experienced critical care nurse with 4 years of experience? My experience is in ICU and ER and I have my BSN, CCRN, TNCC, ACLS, and PALS. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Desert Sky
  7. I have a question regarding transfers for GS employees in the government system. What are the rules regarding transfer? In the private sector, companies usually allow transfers to different units within 6-12 months depending on the organization. What is the rule for transfers within the government system? It is an easy process or one with lots of red tape? Thanks! DesertSky
  8. Hi all! I'm sure it probably varies by organization, but I was wondering if some of the OR nurses could share the average amount of call time they take? I was also wondering if a 4-6 month orientation is adequate to prepare a nurse for the OR? I have experience in critical care, but the OR would be new for me. I have spent a good amount of time in the OR, specifically the CVOR, managing ballon pumps on cardiac patients during surgery and I have enjoyed spending time in the OR and gaining a better understanding of the role of an OR nurse. Thanks! DesertSky
  9. I would love to hear from any members you have attended or are attending Maryville University's NP program. 1) Were you please with the quality of the education? 2) Were professors helpful and accessible? 3) Ease of finding a job after graduation? 4) General feelings on the reputation of the school with colleagues and employers? Thanks so much!
  10. DesertSky

    Healthcare Informatics vs. NP school

    Hey all, I'm about to start FNP school in September, but I have a few concerns including: - fear that the NP market will be oversaturated - a desire to move more towards an informatics/business side of healthcare - feeling burned out on the patient care side of nursing - will being a NP fix this or should I focus on informatics? I was wondering if getting a Masters in Healthcare Informatics with a concentration in project management would be an answer? Has anyone gone this route and had an experience or wisdom they could share? From research I know there is a growing demand for executives in health informatics, however my concern would be how easy it will be to make the jump from nursing to health informatics after earning a masters in the field? Thanks in advance :)
  11. DesertSky

    Night shift and health issues

    I could have written this post word for word about a year ago. I was in an ICU I loved and had great coworkers, but night shift was causing severe health issues for me after 2 years. It was a tough decision, but I left my job and found an ICU dayshift position. I cannot describe how much better I felt within a few weeks! It was amazing and life changing! I still miss my old colleagues and organization, but you can't put a price on your health. Good luck :)
  12. DesertSky

    Best reference book for ICU nurse cross training to ED?

    Awesome Pixie! Thank you so much for the resources. I really appreciate it.
  13. Hi all, I'm an experienced ICU nurse with my CCRN, TNCC, PALS, and ACLS and I will be cross training to the ED in the next few weeks. I was hoping to get your advice on the best reference or textbook for essential ED information, especially items like ESI, triage, and things I may not have experience in coming from critical care. Also, any other pearls of wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help and advice! DesertSky
  14. DesertSky

    Critical Care Float Pool

    I'm glad to hear you enjoy working as a float nurse! I assumed float RN's would hopefully be treated better than agency nurses as you can expect to see hospital float RN's routinely especially if the unit is routinely short staffed, but I appreciate you sharing your experience with assignments.
  15. DesertSky

    Critical Care Float Pool

    Thanks for sharing. I can totally see how float pool nurses don't routinely get the sickest and highest acuity patients. It is part of my concern about taking the position. I enjoy the challenge of a high acuity patient and would find myself frustrated and bored if the only patients I got were the "stable" ICU patients who routinely get downgraded or moved out to the floor the next day. I will clarify in the interview about how often I can expect to get new assignments over the course of a 12 hour shift. Thanks for the great advice!