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  1. by   hawaiicarl
    I always just look at our mentally challenged physicians, who only went through med school because their parents were rich doctors, and think .... pot calling the kettle black.

  2. by   BostonFNP
    Man it stinks to have your account hacked on two separate days.
  3. by   Cool Nurse, BSN, RN
    Quote from traumaRUs
    You guys this isn't even a real issue - the doctor states he didn't write it and apologized.

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    He lied.
  4. by   Jules A
    Quote from Orion81
    NPs ans physicians learn the same material but with a different model to medicine.
    Looking at our syllabus' would be enough to get the idea of our rigor (or not) but regardless this just isn't true and adds unnecessary fodder for physicians who are antagonistic toward our profession.
  5. by   delawaremalenurse
    I don't believe for a minute that he didn't do it. I also saw in another article that he adjuncts somewhere and he was "spoke to" by administration regarding his actions. I think he didn't count on the backlash and fallout due to his statements and now, rather than attempt to defend is opinion/statement, he has chosen to lay the blame at the feet of a phantom hacker.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Regardless this type of physician is in the minority IMHO. I've been an APRN for 11+ years and have worked in five hospitals for a large practice. If any of the docs feel this way, they keep their opinions to themselves.
  7. by   bnw6385
    I am going to take a different route and probably upset a lot of people on here, but CAN WE PLEASE STOP GETTING SO UPSET OVER ONE JERK'S STATEMENTS?! It makes us look weak and thin-skinned. If you know what you are capable of and do it well, let your work speak for itself. Let this guy make an a** of himself. Get on with your day! Most docs I have worked with have known they were "ship captain," and I worked to the top of my license in collaboration with them. Of course, I work in Critical Care, so it has to be this way. Like it or not, docs learn more than we do and understand patho, in general, to a deeper level than we do. NPs working in specialties should always be in collaboration. NPs working in primary care should have full time experience of at least 3 years but then should be able to go independent. Fight for reasonable goals and get down to reality, that we work damn well under our scope of practice, but thay scope does have its limits. Stop fighting every time someone insults you or your profession. Nursing kills its own image and any chance of being viewed well when nurses are constantly whining about needing respect. Learn to.let stuff like this go and just grow up. Show everuone he is the one with an issue. Getting worked up and into arguments with people like this make us look as bad or worse.
  8. by   Richard Wolfe
    Per the Doctor- "It's all just a bunch of FAKE NEWS."
  9. by   GoodNP
    Quote from IsabelK
    ~Looks down at self: nope, not short (okay, I am short), not capsule shaped, and not (thank god or I'd be having my LFTs checked) yellow.~

    Part of the reason we-as nurses-still face these attitudes is the lack of consistency across the country for LPN, RN, and APRN education. We visibly argue amongst ourselves. We are not cohesive in our message. Unfortunately, if we don't clean up our own mess first, we're still going to be facing these attitudes.
    Yes! It is so embarrassing when an NP student comes in to my clinic and it is painfully evident he or she is unprepared, unresearched, attending whatever program had the most lax admission requirements. Makes it difficult to defend our profession...
  10. by   BostonFNP
    Why are you taking students from "whatever lax program"? Stop taking those students and make it more difficult for the crap programs to operate.
  11. by   GoodNP
    Quote from Orion81

    NPs ans physicians learn the same material but with a different model to medicine.
    I'm really not trying to start any trouble, but this is simply not true. To make such statements makes NPs appear either deluded or disingenuous.
  12. by   GoodNP
    I don't, but can't control other providers...