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  1. hawaiicarl

    What's up with this RN?

    That's right up there with "pt appears to be sleeping or resting quietly", I got that patient on a monitor, and judging from their sleep apnea they ARE sleeping. Well until they wake up choking on their tongue again. Cheers
  2. hawaiicarl


    So I have a question. Since yuppie scammers can team up forces with homeless addicts and make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of GoFundMe, why can't we do something legitimate? Like #GoFundMyAchingBack, or #GoFundDavieForArtCollege? Anyone else have any GoFundMe requests? Maybe Zucherberg will donate us 0.0001 % of his wealth so we can retire? Cheers
  3. hawaiicarl

    PA catheter and parameters

    I agree with murseman, and think his name is hilarious too. Swan's aren't the only place you will see PA numbers, echocardiograms, and cath lab procedures usually include the information as well. Pretty much the only patient I see with Swan's now is my post-op open hearts. Cheers
  4. hawaiicarl

    The End of An Era

    I am so jealous …. still over 10 years away from being blissfully retired, barring a lottery win of course, or a GoFundMe page for my aching back and knees. Cheers
  5. hawaiicarl

    Force to change unit in the middle of shift

    Sucks, yup. The only time I ever got out of it they tried to send me to a unit I had never even walked through the doors, and I said I had never been oriented. Then I asked isn't it policy that all employees are oriented to a unit before working on it? Then I asked which one of you made this decision so that when I document it for liability purposes I know who's name to put. How do you spell your first and last name? Oh, you changed your mind? Other than that, good luck, it's called warm body syndrome (an amusing phrase to google), Admin feels that a warm body can function effectively enough to keep patients safer than ... no body. Cheers
  6. hawaiicarl

    Profanity in the workplace

    These are all awesome examples ... funny, but not funny haha, funny yikes! Cheers
  7. hawaiicarl

    Any advice for a new grad trying to stay afloat?

    From reading your post I think you are doing fine. First, you found a job that sounds like it is trying to support it's new employees. Even though the timing of the meetings is suboptimal you have an identified mentor and your employer is at least trying. Second, work is definitely a crimp on your social life. I hate it when work interferes with my social calendar, but I hate being homeless more. Third, you are overachieving doing your RN > BSN in your first year of practice. I am actually impressed you are managing to pull it off up to this point. Don't worry, your friends will still be around when you finish your program and have more time. Relationships come and go, cest la vie. Tough it out for a few more months, and you'll be done the new grad program, and your BSN and then you will have some spare time. Attaboy! Good work! Stay strong (but not Lance Armstrong strong)! Cheers
  8. hawaiicarl

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    Love this post! How many times are we told it is mandatory to float to a floor in which we have zero experience?!?!?! No matter how many times I complain to admin a nurse is a nurse is a nurse to them, then god help the poor nurse who Fs up, under the bus you go! Cheers
  9. hawaiicarl

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    The contradiction of the statement ... Vande is run by expert knowledgable people, to I have personally investigated SEVERAL SENTINAL EVENTS is amazing to me. I need a very big googly eyed emoji for this Davey! Cheers
  10. hawaiicarl


    I can't like this one enough! Our hospital is the only hospital in the are who doesn't offer post-retirement medical, and a pension .... so sick of pizza parties when all we want is a pension, like all the other hospitals in the area.
  11. hawaiicarl

    Is Giving 2 Weeks Notice Ancient Practice?

    Our facility's employee handbook states that we are "at will" employees, no notice required to resign or be dismissed, no cause necessary. One of our long term directors was turfed the week before Xmas 3 months before she was going to retire ...
  12. hawaiicarl

    Just accepted the job.. then this...

    Tell your husband no nookie until after orientation is over. Cheers
  13. hawaiicarl

    Nurse Imposters

    I am not sure how to put the word idiot nicely when applied to your supervisor, and NP, I guess I will stick with mistaken, or wrong, or uninformed. I think you are right in being concerned, and wrong in accepting that order. Let's say your hubbies ex decides to screw you, all she has to say is you, a licensed professional, took a prescription order from someone you knew who wasn't licensed to your BON. All of a sudden the fact that your supervisor, and NP, both of whom rode the short bus to work, told you it was OK is meaningless and your license is on the line. Be careful, accept orders only from the person licensed to give such an order, I think prescriptive authority isn't even allowed to NPs in all states yet. Muno will probably fact check me here lol Cheers
  14. hawaiicarl

    Nurse Imposters

    So, you took a second hand order for a patient from someone you knew was a phlebotomist. Please tell me that you didn't put this in as an order from the physician. Even if the person was his nurse of 20 years (who retired) you can't take a verbal order from them either (barring an advanced nursing degree in a state where such people have prescription authority etc etc etc all the lawyer mumbo jumbo). Cheers
  15. hawaiicarl

    So over it!!

    If this were true I would always have cream for my coffee at night!