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  1. delawaremalenurse

    CDC Data Shows Strong Relationship Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

    The last paragraph is just argumentative and doesn't merit an attempt at response.
  2. delawaremalenurse

    CDC Data Shows Strong Relationship Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

    Per the disclosures: Dr. Hooker has received funding from the Focus for Health Foundation and serves on Focus for Health's board of directors. Dr. Hooker is also on the board of directors for the Children's Health Defense (formerly the World Mercury Project). So the guy that presented fraudulent data using poor scientific methods in a study that was debunked decides to "re-analyze" his original data with data that was magically omitted and suddenly finds a statistically significant relationship that he thinks should be looked into further. This guy is unethical, biased, and has multiple conflicts of interest directly related to his research...hard to believe no one takes his "re-analysis" seriously....
  3. delawaremalenurse

    FNP certification exam

    I did Barkley's in-person 3 day review....worth the money, time and effort to attend a live review session!!
  4. Is there a status update?
  5. delawaremalenurse

    How can I appeal the decision ofthe NY state board of Nursing?

    No decision has been made...so there is nothing to appeal at this time. If the decision is not in your favor then you can contact a lawyer and review the facts of the case and see if filing an appeal is an option for you.
  6. delawaremalenurse

    My Pain clinic was raided by DEA

    If your prescribing habits were "clean as a whistle" why did you feel compelled to surrender your DEA license?
  7. delawaremalenurse

    Cared for MRSA patient without PPE

  8. delawaremalenurse

    Voluntarily Surrendering My License

    Why would you surrender your license? Tell them you miscounted the number of CEU's and take a quick 1 or 2 credit free course online. They shouldn't have any problem with it...maybe a small monetary penalty or something. DEFINITELY NOT worth surrendering your license for something this trivial.
  9. delawaremalenurse

    Can I take ANCC boards with an action against my RN license?

    Trauma is saying that you really have to look at 2 things: 1. Can you take the ANCC exam....looks like a "yes" according to the ANCC info provided 2. Can you obtain an advanced practice license in the state you are in....to answer that you need to contact your state board of nursing to see if you action will keep them from issuing an advanced practice license
  10. delawaremalenurse

    Is this legal?

  11. delawaremalenurse

    From medical staff to nursing

    Interesting...so everyone is assigned a physician. Is the physician required to see the pt first and then the NP "takes over" until discharge? Looks like all the charts are to reviewed and signed off on by a physician for d/c. Just makes me think that there is a revenue component to this change...namely being able to co-bill with the physician for increased reimbursement rates. My 2 cents...
  12. delawaremalenurse

    Sexism against men in nursing

    I would expect everyone involved in the code to do their assigned part. Regardless of sex (that includes chest compressions)
  13. delawaremalenurse

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    This post has moved me in way I cannot express...w/out getting arrested:yes: Therefore...I HEREBY VOW NEVER SHOP AT WALMART AGAIN...unless it's for something I need or want....but if I find it cheaper somewhere else you better believe I'll boycott!!
  14. delawaremalenurse

    Leaving the er after six months

    I read this as you having a contractual obligation for one year. If so, I would be checking (discreetly) on what the repercussions would be for breaking the terms of the contract (i.e. do you owe money, "non-hire" status, termination, etc) before making any decisions.
  15. delawaremalenurse

    PlanB after getting kicked out of nursing program

    So...let me see if I got this right: 1. You're not in a nursing program...you're a pre-nursing student 2. You're in your 1st year (i.e. Freshman) 3. Your current OVERALL GPA is 2.5 4. Your second semester GPA was 3.1 You don't say what your first semester GPA is but based on your provided information it was a 1.9. If that is the case I don't understand how you "did not have to retake" any courses....you most definitely need to repeat courses.