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  1. Is there a status update?
  2. delawaremalenurse

    Sexism against men in nursing

    I would expect everyone involved in the code to do their assigned part. Regardless of sex (that includes chest compressions)
  3. delawaremalenurse

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    This post has moved me in way I cannot express...w/out getting arrested:yes: Therefore...I HEREBY VOW NEVER SHOP AT WALMART AGAIN...unless it's for something I need or want....but if I find it cheaper somewhere else you better believe I'll boycott!!
  4. delawaremalenurse

    Leaving the er after six months

    I read this as you having a contractual obligation for one year. If so, I would be checking (discreetly) on what the repercussions would be for breaking the terms of the contract (i.e. do you owe money, "non-hire" status, termination, etc) before making any decisions.
  5. delawaremalenurse

    PlanB after getting kicked out of nursing program

    So...let me see if I got this right: 1. You're not in a nursing program...you're a pre-nursing student 2. You're in your 1st year (i.e. Freshman) 3. Your current OVERALL GPA is 2.5 4. Your second semester GPA was 3.1 You don't say what your first semester GPA is but based on your provided information it was a 1.9. If that is the case I don't understand how you "did not have to retake" any courses....you most definitely need to repeat courses.
  6. delawaremalenurse

    Seeking Advice: Direct Entry Blues

    That's an obscene amount of money! How do you plan on being able to repay that amount and still afford rent/mortgage, gas, utilities, food, insurance, etc?
  7. delawaremalenurse

    Dr. denigrates NPs, cites low IQ etc

    I don't believe for a minute that he didn't do it. I also saw in another article that he adjuncts somewhere and he was "spoke to" by administration regarding his actions. I think he didn't count on the backlash and fallout due to his statements and now, rather than attempt to defend is opinion/statement, he has chosen to lay the blame at the feet of a phantom hacker.
  8. delawaremalenurse

    NP student seeking guidance?

    Sounds like a homework assignment to me
  9. delawaremalenurse

    New job seems sketchy

    hedge your bet and go on the interview
  10. delawaremalenurse

    NP with anosmia

    Hmmm...something smells fishy about this post....or does it..... Lol..jk
  11. delawaremalenurse

    Appropriate amount of notice

    If you're in a right to work State then you can leave at any time, for any reason just like your employer could terminate you at any time, for any reason. However, doing so looks very, very bad and you can forget using them as a reference or working for the organization in the future. Better to give the standard two weeks, if you don't have a minimum requirement, as a professional courtesy so as not to burn any bridges.
  12. delawaremalenurse

    Non-Nursing Masters to FNP

    Keep in mind that if you choose to do an RN-MSN route and do not complete the program you will most likely not be issued a BSN. Please verify with any program you choose that issuance of a BSN is an option if you do not complete the course sequencing...it is often not the case and I've had many nurses "caught" by that nuance. Of course you can always do an RN-MSN NP program with the same caveat. Unfortunately, the courses you have take previously have minimal transfer application and will most likely not help you "speed" up the process. They will, however, supplement your knowledge base which is a nice factor to consider. Good luck to you....
  13. delawaremalenurse

    Big Trouble

    so....I'm confused. How is a med being scanned to be given to a pt if it's supposedly not yet been pulled from the Pyxis? And no one else is having this issue? If I had a suspicious mind I might be inclined to think you scanned the med at some point, administered it to the pt, kept the bottle/packaging etc., are now re-scanning the empty bottle/packaging/etc, then going to the Pyxis to pull another dose to use in a manner other than intended Being under suspicion and possible investigation for diversion is a major event...I hope you are seeking appropriate counsel.
  14. delawaremalenurse

    I need a preceptor mine cancelled at last moment

    Oh man! I didn't realize this site had special insight! I want a better job! Please only let me know about those that would be of interest to me, meet my salary expectations, and help achieve my personal and professional goals! Thanks!
  15. delawaremalenurse

    Would you retake a C+ in AP2?

    If you want to be competitive in your application...retake the course
  16. delawaremalenurse

    Nursing school with a disability

    You need to sit down with your advisor and discuss your options including whether or not nursing is a viable one for you

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