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  1. Is there a status update?
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    Nursing Educators/ Faculty

    "Nurse educators with master’s degrees average $49,000, whereas those with doctoral degrees earn average annual wages of $61,000." Any wonder that there's a nursing faculty shortage?
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    accelerated bsn or entry level msn

    something else to consider....accelerated programs are usually 12 to 15 months AFTER you've been accepted. Meaning that you have to have all your pre-req's completed prior to matriculation into the program. A degree in dance is nice but will not meet the pre-req requirements for an accelerated program (i.e. the accelerated program will be longer than just 12 or 15 months depending on how many pre-reqs are needed...since it's a dance major there will be quite a few).
  4. I was in the same boat as you... I had a B.S. degree in Enviromental Health and a M.S. in Healthcare Admin before I went to an accelerated nursing program and got my BSN. I did return to school and get a dual MSN in Education and Leadership because the question/situation I kept running into prior to the MSN was " you've got an MS degree...great! What's your MSN in??" I chose to get degrees in Leadership and Education to complement my MS degree in order to attain my career goal(s)...the other poster's are right that it would be redundant to get your MSN in the same field as your current Master's degree. My "advice"...it would be worthwhile to get your MSN IF it complemented your existing degree and integrated well with your existing career plan.
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    New standard of care? (Warning: adult content)

    "The union, NU'91, is calling the campaign "I Draw The Line Here," with an advert that features a young woman covering her face with crossed hands." Doesn't anyone care how discriminatory this ad is towards men??? Where's that country's version of the ACLU?? LOL
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    Nurse educators in very high demand

    One of the most poorly researched and misleading articles I've read in a long time. The journalist responsible for this article should have his/her publishing and research privileges suspend !
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    Elderly patient left on bedpan for days

    As a Registered Nurse and parent of a child with global cerebral palsy (requiring total care), this story only affirms and perpetuates my greatest concern and fear...will this happen to my child when my wife and I can no longer care for him ourselves...