Nurse in Northern Ireland with clinical hours deficiencies for NCLEX


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loriangel14, RN

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Really? Im not sure if it is in Michigan as its one of the easier states to get in too! When you call cgfns , majority of the time you are speaking to a call centre representative , whom are often abrupt and not an officer , i would email cgfns and ask to get clear clarification from an officer if mighigan has concurrency issues

I only meant that having done your theory and clinical hours in the same semester is the concurrency issue. I didn't say it was an issue in Michigan.

You have all been so helpful thank you! I'll email CGFNS today and ask them about Michigan having concurrency issues, I'm hoping I cam make these hours up as continuing education hours through the hospital I'm working it at the minute! Thanks

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Technically all states require concurrent theory & clinical. Not all boards of nursing are strictly enforcing this requirement like Nevada and California are right now. If you take theory now and clinical five years from now your education is not likely to be approved by CGFNS or a BoN. Separate semesters (such as fall theory & spring clinical) may be accepted by the other 30 or so states. Again it's ultimately up to the state BoN as to whether or not your education & training meet the minimum standard for nursing education.

There is a difference between concurrency and streamline training, i personally think concurrency is great :) it was the old way which they trained nurses here in the UK, however it is not always feasible to allocate a cohort of sometimes hundreds of nursing students to the same area of placement, they would do 4 weeks surgical theory for example and then all get put on a surgical placement , cos that is what concurrency is being taught theory then placement within the same semester as far as am aware?

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You cannot complete the hours as continuing ed at your current hospital that you work at. The hours and practice don't count either if they were paid professional hours. You must do the hours and clinical as part of a unit at a university with a registered nurse program. I would call and ask your uni if you can do single units as a non-degree seeking student.