Nurse Harassment!!!


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I work as male cna/tech and I have been harassed/bullied by a nurse at my work. It all started when I asked her when a resident was going to get her acu check and insulin before she went to sleep, this was at 23:00 and they are to be done @ 20:00. I was told to go mind my own business, I wrote up a grievance on the residents behalf and other residents cause they have not received their evening med pass as well their acu checks and insulin. Mind you this is at 23:00 and they are to be done after the evening meal or there after. One resident came out and demanded his pills so he can go to sleep at 23:30. There was no emergency or anything unusual going on to delay any of this. This nurse is very unorganized. It doesn't matter but this nurse is an RN.. But the next week after I reported this to my DON and SS it's been hell. I don't know if she knows that I wrote the grievance for the residents or not but she has been up my ass ever since, over nothing. She has yelled at me in front of residents, staff, and residents family members. She is even mean to residents, scolding a resident for eating a Cheeseburger that her family brought her and not going to eating in the dinning room. (No dietary restrictions) I passed this nurse coming out of this residents room and I looked and seen the resident crying. I asked her what happened she told me with tears running down her cheek. She has lied to other nurses about me, threatening to write me up etc. I have gone to my DON, ADON etc several times. Nothing absolutely nothing. I have witnesses staff and residents to her abuse towards me. What do I do? I think they aren't doing anything cause they are short of RN's. If I came out of a residents room and the resident was crying and a nurse had seen that I would be fired for verbal resident abuse. Period!! I have worked there for several years this nurse has been there less than 6 mo. I want to quit but I can't I want to report to Corporate but I am afraid I am going to loose my job, being treated differently, won't get my vacation time etc. Other Nurses also have major problems with this nurse as well. But not like what they seen me go through. I Have never worked with anyone like this before I have been in nursing for 20+ years. What do I do? Thanks

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I'm sorry you are having a hard time. :hug:Why does there always have to be one in the bunch!!!!!!:devil:

My plan would be to Encourage the residents to complain to their are the one in the room with the patients.

Drop subtle hints like......"Oh "Joe" I hope your "Mom,Grandma..." is feeling better today.....:o" Family states..."What do you mean?":confused:"Oh "Ida" didn't tell you? She felt sooooo bad about making the nurse mad for eating that cheesburger that you brought her in her room and making "Sally" mad.......I found her crying last night and was upset she got yelled at.......I told her I was sure "Sally" didn't mean anything by it...:smokin: but Ida still felt bad.........Never mind she must be ok since she didn't mention it.......How are you today?":lol2:

My feeling about people like this is....

Give them enough rope.......they'll hang themselves........ in time.:smokin:

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I apologize deeply to you that you are going through this and that this is how nursing is being portrayed to you. One thing I can suggest is that every facility has a corporate compliance or HR department where you can file a complaint or grievence anonously so that she cannot find out who complained OR you can type up all the incidents and give it to HR so you and them have a written record of the incidents.

You should be getting support from your boss, HR, etc.; however, if you are not you can contact the labor board in your state and file an official grievence. This complaint will show up on the facilities record with the state of having something filed on them.

People will eventually hang themselves, I totally believe in karma.....................hang in there!!:)


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I am trying lol but it's taking too long lmao.

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I applaud your ongoing advocacy for your patients, despite jeopardizing your own job. Please make sure you document all of your observations and actions just in case you need to pull all of this information together in the future. Make sure you are very factual - recording date/time and the actions you actually observed.

Is there any sort of corporate "compliance" process you can use? These generally have an anonymous process for reporting problems. If not, I would suggest you contact CMS (Medicare) and make a complaint - they take patient abuse very seriously. You can also register a complaint about the RN with your state board of nursing.

Be prepared for consequences -although CMS and the BON will protect anonymity, your involvement will not be a secret because of your prior efforts.

Hang in there! Your residents are lucky to have you on their side.


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I am also a traveling tech and I do love my work I took this job cause the economy went in the tank and with new budgets they cut agency greatly. We are here for the residents patients and we work for them. I have never in my 20 plus years ran into a nurse this bad, yes I have had some with bad attitudes but nothing like I am experiencing now. I have followed the chain of command and it has led to allot of nothing, I am going through a divorce and have my two son's to think of I have a toddler 19 months and 3 week old. I am afraid if I say something to corporate I will lose my job. She has left me alone for now, cause I couldn't take it anymore I stood up to her every other occurrence I just took her tongue lashing and walked away. But enough was enough I made sure no residents or staff were around except one nurse whom did the same thing I did to get her to leave her alone and no cussing no yelling just told that I am fed up with her BS and leave me alone. Now picture this I am 6'3 225 she is 5 if that I was pointing my finger down at her to get my point across. I always listened to her cause she was my charge but enough was enough, but in time I am sure it will start back up.

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ANY kind of abuse must be reported to the state!! Have you spoken to the administrator?? You can call the obudsman , give her/him the residents name so they can investigate but you do NOT have to leave your name.

Keep a record of what you wittnessed, who you told, their response. Her yelling at a resident and making them cry is ABUSE . You have to let the administrator know!!!

I have been in your shoes and this is NOT an easy battle but it is your battle as an advociate for the residents and u r the wittness. With holding medications is abuse via neglect!!

GOOD LUCK!! AND I'm so sorry you have to do this!!:crying2:


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I did file a grievance on her behalf I asked her about it, the resident and she did talk to DON several times but no apology or anything. Also Administrator is brand new and I don't want it to get brushed under the rug again. With the acu checks and late pill passing it has happened more than once and I have asked they not schedule me with her but it falls on def ears. I want to go back to travel nursing cause I love to drive lol did it for 15 yrs but to much on my plate at this time. I can't let these residents down and put up with her abuse. Some nurses need to work where they have no patient contact and this nurse is still young in her 40's.

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You work in direct patient care. You are mandated by law to report the abuse you have seen to the "adult protective agency". I'm glad you stood up to her and she has backed down. Most bullies do. But please look up who you are supposed to report elder abuse to and do it


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I did follow procedures and I don't know where it went from there, it's not the first time that I have reported abuse by this nurse. That's why I haven't quit and am pursuing this further not only for me but for the residents and future residents. Passing pills late, acu checks insulin's, not doing treatments etc. I am not the only one doing this. It is being pushed aside I think cause of staffing shortage. I don't want her to KILL someone before something is done.


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Keep written records and make all complaints in writing. They will get the message when they see you are keeping a paper trail. Prepare to lose your job. I would look for another job so you can leave before they get rid of you. It seems that you will go before the lazy nurse. Sorry this is happening. Too bad you have not become a nurse yourself.


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that's not what I wanted to hear what about whistle blowing should I file with labor board?