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Hello this was brought up to me so now I'm sharing it with you all, I had a new R.N. nurse come to me in tears because another R.N. treated and talked to her very badly when she asked her basic... Read More

  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    It's NOT because 'that's the way women are' or 'that's the way men are', it's a matter of how the people are. Stereotyping one gender or the other, or ANY people for that matter, will do nothing but make whatever problem that may exist even worse.
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  2. by   1BlessedRN
    Quote from z's playa
    I tend to agree with HOTGIRL on this one. As everyone knows by now, I had a run in with a couple of nurses and they turned around and were sweeter than pie to my fiancee. Its sad to say but yes...women are catty and why that is?...Who knows. Competitive, jealousy perhaps. Even if we can't put a finger on whatever it is specifically, there is always that "sizing up" of another woman happening.
    Men do it too but not on such an obvious level and they don't pick up when it happens too much so hence, no reaction.
    I totally agree, but don't you think this is only playing into the nursing shortage? I know that pay, and other things are benefactors to the shortage, but NOBODY wants to spend 8-12hr in a stressful enviroment.
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    The phrase should have been "SOME women are catty", to say that "women are catty" implies that all are, which is far from the truth.
  4. by   BittyBabyGrower
    All I can say is Thank Goodness for the couple of guys we have on our unit...that bit of testosterone goes along way with all the estrogen. LOL
  5. by   1BlessedRN
    Quote from BittyBabyGrower
    All I can say is Thank Goodness for the couple of guys we have on our unit...that bit of testosterone goes along way with all the estrogen. LOL
    This is so true
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Thank goodness for the PEOPLE that work on my home unit, THEY are good NURSES.
  7. by   Soonstudent
    Hey, I'm not going either way on this one because with nursing, I don't know, but face it, men and women are different. Thats a fact. Men are naturally better than women at some jobs, and women are naturally better at some jobs than men. Now I'm not saying that women can't do "men jobs" or vice versa. Some things just come easier to a certain sex. We all have some qualities that make us unique. What do you think? Brandon
  8. by   1BlessedRN
    Quote from LPN2Be2004
    Thank goodness for the PEOPLE that work on my home unit, THEY are good NURSES.
    Well you are very fortunate because I can relate with this new nurse, as I stated before I don't know if it's due to being overworked or underpaid but it's only going to contribute to the nursing shortage and make the condition even worse, and if you and your fellow nurses are nice and helpful to everyone PLEASE stay that way for the sake of female nurses and our younger generation of nurses.

    a soft answer turns away wrath
  9. by   PJMommy
    The difference? My theory is those people (men or women) who like themselves, are confident and certain of their worth and ability - these are the ones who are easy to get along with.
  10. by   smk1
    I think that in general it is an individual thing, however i do think that there is more "potential" for emotional responses at work with a group of women simply because of our make-up. However most professionals will reign in most emotional responses and let off steam elsewhere rather than at work. The problem is that the stereotype is already there (and there is a grain of truth to it in my opinion) and it only takes 1 or 2 out of the bunch to behave in a way that perpetuates the stereotype. so the question we all should ask ourselves is am I participating in behaviors that are negative stereotypes? ( ie.. gossiping, nit-picking, "my way is best" etc..) Actually everyone should be refraining from participation in these things but because women have the label of being prone to these types of things we should be ecspecially vigilant. INMHO
  11. by   1BlessedRN
    I didn't know this thread would get all this response SO QUICKLY but anyway I appreciate all that have been said but in reading, it seems as if the majority of the posts are saying MOST women in general are the weaker vessel in these situations whereas men on the other hand don't fall so fast to put themselves in these sticky situations I have read the men posts and I also agree with them on some of the incidents in the workplace gossiping, backbiting, etc. but what do you tell the new nurses that are coming into this field, full of so many high expectations, we all know because we all can relate to this post...do we help them or do we run them off?:stone
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  12. by   susanna
    No, but hey. Instead of being afraid of perpetuating a problem that has turned in to a sterotype, sterotype turned in to a problem, then edged back in to a sterotype that continues to yada yada yada ...Lets put our foots down and focus on this problem as if its very real so that we can solve it. Because it is real to a big proportion of us.

    I really want to hear the guys here tell us honestly what they see and think we should change about ourselves to work better. I really think it would help. For me, all I ever see the men do around me when something's going sour amongst the women is roll their eyes amongst themselves or quietly crawl in to a corner. Lets hear some hard criticism from the guys...
    Or, from some of the women here who have great relationships with their women colleages...
  13. by   fergus51
    I think the easiest thing is to not get involved. The only way gossippy women have any control over you is if you let them. It's harder to do when you're new, but once you've been there a bit you can grow a backbone and not participate or whine about it. Just ignore it and the people doing it, and you'll see how easy it is to go to work and NOT get involved.