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Hello this was brought up to me so now I'm sharing it with you all, I had a new R.N. nurse come to me in tears because another R.N. treated and talked to her very badly when she asked her basic... Read More

  1. by   bluesky
    Quote from teeituptom
    Personally I like women, and I certainly wouldnt want them to get in touch with their masculine side. That wouldnt appeal to me at all, I love them the way they are.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Tee :kiss
  2. by   Ned the Red
    Interesting show on NPR last week. They talked about testosterone. This probably isn't news to y'all but I (just getting started) was amazed. Among other things they said that because men generally have more of the hormone we tend to focus better on one thing and ignore everything else going on around us. It also makes us less sensitive (no news with that) than women. Does that mean that women are naturally better suited for nursing? After all, you assess, assess, assess - and look at the big picture of what's going on with the pt and are more sensitive to everything. Of course, that also makes you more sensitive to your co-workers! As someone else said, most of us guys don't even notice half the time when we've been insulted. And, if we do we either assume they're joking around or just blow it off. That can also be a problem when someone (like my wife) WANTS us to notice something. Don't need to explain that one!

    Anyway, I guess to some extent we're all prisoners of our hormones and we just need to be aware of the fact and deal with it. I'm with Tom - I don't want women to be like men - I like (most of) them just the way they are. And, I hope if I can eventually make it through nursing school I'll have the privilage of working on a floor where the talents of both sexes can be used well - as a team.

  3. by   bbear
    Quote from bluesky
    Examples of male- dominated professions where individuals routinely "cross the line and fight to the death"; Business, Government Bureaucracy, Politics, War. I mean look at how low some of these negative adds for political candidates have gone...
    I would agree there ARE professions where men can be quite agressive toward one another--although I'm not sure politics and/or government is a reasonable example. It seems a bit of a stretch to me to try to suggest political adversaries maintain the same type of interpersonal relationships that co-workers do. That's kind of like suggesting that professional boxers are physically abusive to one another in the workplace.
  4. by   Kyriaka
    Prior to switching to the medical profession, I was an electrical engineer. Electrical engineering in particular is male dominated. I went to work everyday in an office full of men. Well, let me tell you, they "chit-chated" just as much as anyone else... about their cars, their children, their wives, sports, what they caught fishing last week. THAT is socializing.
    True. That is socializing. BUT the differance is that if a man chose NOT to socialize with them...the men would not say he is rude, or they cant trust him, he is not part of the group, he is not a team player, yada yada yada

    If a man did not want to socialize. the other men would accept that without a problem.
  5. by   Energizer Bunny
    forgive me, testing...........
  6. by   nightingalagacie
    :chuckle I have really enjoyed this thread, there have been some really interesting replies here. I have been a nurse for 40 years and I was very happy to see men come into the profession. The basic thing about guys is they like to FIX things, and women like to talk things over and thereby FIX things going through the back door not the front. I know that is simplistic, but think about it....I have always enjoyed working with my male colleagues. Women are in greater numbers reactors on the job and they react to things for hours, whereas men get what needs to be said done and over with and let's go on to the next thing that needs to be FIXED, whereas women want to interpret everything to death! I work with some really downer ladies and when they are on, it affects everyone and everything, they are the ones who set the tone and everyone else has to soft pedal around them and adapt, it gets old, but we all adjust because we are all needed. After imagining how hard a shift would be short-handed, you are willing to put up with more from the various personalities, because we sure are all different, male or female. God bless all nurses, and keep the boys coming into nursing 'cause we need 'em.
  7. by   robinrdrn
    Quote from bluesky
    Examples of male- dominated professions where individuals routinely "cross the line and fight to the death"; Business, Government Bureaucracy, Politics, War. I mean look at how low some of these negative adds for political candidates have gone...

    What an excellent quote: " I am dumbfounded by the extent women seem to go just to get the upper hand." Thanks for the repeat on that quote Blueskky...the quote from Bbear that is. It's just my point. We women stab each other instead of working for the good of us all.....or the "team of women in the workplace." Then we complain when the lack of a team is available to get things done. So, we work twice as hard and complain some more. Go figure!

  8. by   fergus51
    I would think that teachers prove the point that more men does not equal more respect, money or better conditions. Teachers here are now about half and half, but they still complain about the same things nurses do. If it's really all about gender you would think that teachers would have it good.
  9. by   TBLPN
    a deep subject, no clear answers. i hate to generalize, but women, for the most part are that way. you cannot, or at least i have found this to be true, walk up to another female nurse and say "hey, just wanted to bring this to your attention, .....you over looked this, or whatever, without that female nurse going off on you right there or going behind your back ranting about how that nurse said this or that, how dare she? it is just a no win situation when a bunch of women work together. i fortunately, have very thick skin and the way i look at this type of thing is that i'm there to do a job, they are paying me to do a job, not to make friends. don't get me wrong, there a several nurses that i really like and are friends with, but i also make it a point never to mix those friendships outside of work, it never works out. we have one male nurse in our facility. he's a really nice guy, a good nurse. i even went to nursing school with him. very intelligent. he never encounters the problems that the rest of the women nurses do. he doesn't have problems with the cna's blowing him off, or the other nurses talking about him or him talking about other nurses. it just doesn't happen. they (men) think with the wrong side of their brain or something!!! who knows. but if i had my preference, i would much rather work with all male nurses than with all female nurses. same goes for male cna's and female cna's. you just get a completely different type of atmosphere.