When is it ok to make waves at work?

  1. My work wants us to start a new procedure. This new documentation would take 6 to 8 minutes additional for me each time I give certain meds. Worst case scenario, some of my patients get 15 of these per shift and they want it done twice per delivery.

    I have no problem with documentating anything,but the program I use should be made to work with what they want, not stuffing an additional program at me that wont even work on my med cart.

    As it stands, there are days I do not get lunch until 2pm because I am too busy. This new process would drown me!

    I want to go to the CNO and explain to her that programmers work for US, not us for them and that this additional step will make us look great with jahco, but our customer satisfaction rate will go down because my head will be in a computer.

    You guys know that patients dont understand why we sit around on the computer "all the time" already, right.

    Would you go? Am I shooting myself in the foot by going and being assertive?

    I refused to sign the paper stating tht I would comply 100%. I said it would not be possible for me to comply, and I would not sign. I was not the only nurse.
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  3. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    I tend to only pick fights I think I can win. I do not think you will win this fight. These new computer programs are going to infiltrate every part of our practice, and the lawyers rule on this one.
  4. by   somedaypeds
    In answer to your question, When is it Ok to Make Waves at work? This is not the time. Sign the paper and agree to do what they ask. That is your job. Also, let your manager know why you cannot complete your job as assigned when it happens. If you have colleagues who are able to manage the load, consult with them on how they can do it. If you have colleagues who are not able to manage the load, then your manager has a problem and nothing needs to be said.
  5. by   qt2168
    What is the new procedure? Instead of telling her you cant do it can you come up with another way that lightens the load off of you but still gets the results?
  6. by   nurse2033
    I would go ask your boss if s/he can show you how it will be possible for you to complete this new requirement. Prepare some sort of presentation that it actually takes the time you say it does, and the number of times. If it truly takes 6 minutes and is routinely done 15 times per shift, that is a serious problem. Have a few coworkers complete it and time them, present the average. Do a little audit, (if you are allowed by HIPAA) to come up with a realistic average of number of times. This will show your boss how it will impact your unit. Since the decision is made above your boss it probably won't change anything but it will allow your boss to understand the implications. To answer your question, you have a genuine productivitly issue that you wish to address. I think you have a responsibility to bring these issues to management. It is their responsibility to respond. Complaining about it is the worst thing you can do and will in no way change anything, except your standing in your unit. Finding the right approach is the key. If your boss is nonresponsive to attempts to improve the unit, you can do what I did, and find a new place to work. (Or get qualified to replace them). Good luck.
  7. by   brownbook
    You may very well be perfectly correct in your assumption of how the new procedure will affect your job. It is okay to make waves. But it might be best to try the new procedure for a few weeks. Give it an honest try, pretend it is a wonderful new procedure that you just love.

    After a few weeks you can honestly evaluate it and give some facts to the CNO. Give the CNO documented times, paperwork, proof, whatever you might have. Show where, when, how, why, it doesn't work.

    Bring some JAHCO rules and regulations to your meeting with the CNO. Be ready to calmly discuss a better way to meet JAHCO requirements. Research what other organizations are doing to meet this requirement.
  8. by   anotherone
    I tend to never ever make waves or ripples unless I am one of the favorites and then only if I were to have a lot of backing