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  1. CrystalSSA

    How would you handle this?

    The elevator to the procedure area is right beside the rooms. They allow us to either push the patient down in a wheelchair or their bed, the choice is ours or the patients, they will accept either. Sometimes I feel like its a control issue. I come in and say, "Hey, it's time to go", and they say, "I need to poop" or "I didn't finish eating yet", or "I want a new gown first and new bedding on this bed". Since we don't know exactly when they will be called, I cant make sure the patient has pain medications, so I usually have to give those too. I am not blaming the procedure area, they are doing us a favor by squeezing the patients in.
  2. CrystalSSA

    How would you handle this?

    I work on a floor that is a medical floor. Many of the patients on my floor need tests and procedures, but are not on the schedule for them. The result is that we do not know when a slot will be open. We know they are going, we just don't know when. The hospital policy is that once we are told they are to go, we have 15 minutes to get them to the holding area. The procedure areas are constantly telling us that we are not meeting that 15 minute rule, and we are not. I tell the patient they are having the procedure, they are aware, but when they phone and tell me to send the patient, the patient always ALWAYS has some excuse as to why they cant be pushed down now. The patient seems to think they have the right to delay. Since we don't know ahead, we cannot go into the room and make sure the patient has had everything they desire prior to going. Does anyone else have to deal with this, and how to do meet the deadline? Sometimes I think telling the patient there is a deadline makes the patient go slower. They do not care that it is costing the tax payer up to $500 an hour to hold that spot for them, they suddenly decide they want to do "Whatever" before they go.
  3. CrystalSSA

    How do you talk to patients with weight issues?

    We get anyone having cardiac issues. Both the obese and the anorexic patient were having long pauses in heart beats.
  4. CrystalSSA

    How do you talk to patients with weight issues?

    Thank you for your answers, and I will search the topic!
  5. I do not work on a psychiatric unit, but last week alone I had one patient that weighed over 650 lbs and one that weighed under 70 lbs. Both were in total and complete denial. When you have these patients do you talk to them about their weight? Does it make any difference? I tried being honest and actually said the same thing to both, "your weight is an issue and could kill you". Both gave me excuses. Both could have coded on me due to issues....and neither seemed to care. Am I wasting my breath talking to them about their weight? How do you approach them?
  6. CrystalSSA

    "I'm not floating."

    I have seen nurses huff off the floor when they come to the unit I work on and see the patient load. They dont seem to realize that on their stepdown unit, they are required to do a lot of things that I do not have to do for a patient.
  7. CrystalSSA

    Need help!

    wow thanks! Just what I needed, a place to start, so that I can form my own idea and opinion!
  8. CrystalSSA

    Need help!

    I need to write a letter to the legislature of my state about a nursing topic. I am stuck! I am not asking you to do my homework for me, just help me brainstorm some ideas. I have no idea where to start.
  9. CrystalSSA

    Pulled to other floors?

    I got pulled to another floor just off orientation to find that they think five patients is "just too much" (I have six). I spend my days chasing my tail and they sat around discussing how to best care for their patients. I was shocked at the difference.
  10. I am a new nurse. A brand new nurse. I get overwhelmed easily. Twice this week I have had patients call me rude. Both times I was so overwhelmed that I just didnt have time for them at that moment. One time I was considering a Rapid on a patient. As I was walking out to get my charge nurse, another patient's family member told me their family member needed her Iv to stop beeping. I walked in, introduced myself and set the IV to KVO and left to go to the Rapid. They phoned my boss. They said I was short, rude and that I have no business nursing. The other situation was similar. I had another patient that was a priority at that time, and since it was not them, I am rude (or that's what they see). How do you get out of a room without being "rude"? Any advice will be appreciated!