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But I read one more post where people say they aren't into nursing for the money, I am going to scream. Seriously? Is anyone THAT naive? :confused: NOBODY does work for free, out of the love of... Read More

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    How can I get a job as an insurance claims reviewer? Do you enjoy it? Pros & Cons? @KaroSnowQueen
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    Quote from Katie5
    Flogging a dead horse...

    I wonder is it this way with other professions or just nursing?

    Is it because it is a female dominated profession where one has to put another down to make themselves feel good?

    Who cares what another's motives are so long as excellent care is provided in a compassionate way?

    In a way,we all are actors/actresses- some are just better at it,than others
    About to stir some feathers, but this thread has so many avenues of attack: the word-smiths who are trying to dissect expressions into a literal meaning: ie "not in it for the money" is defined as work you would do for free. Huh? Unless the person said they would do it for free then it is highly unlikely that is what they meant. (People who say that are full of sh*)

    To me not in it for the money means that you chose the career bc you want to earn a living doing something you find meaningful, or gratifying, etc.

    Then we have the avenue of attack on the people who are lucky enough to have the quality of being naturally compassionate - sorry guys but compassionate people are not actors - those who think this are the ones who have to pretend - or fake it as you will.

    Being a highly sensitive person has many draw backs, but the one thing i would never trade is the ability to feel and be genuine - the draw back is the over emotional side.

    I am not saying that every single pt care encounter is like that - but the ability to be emotionally present and connect with (some of) these people is why i do this...

    I am not trying to be an elitist, its just how my brain works. If you are this type, then you probably cannot watch old yeller from an intellectual perspective thinking about the Patho of rabies - you will be there bawling your eyes out at the thought of the the kid shooting his dog, and overcome by sadness for the innocent dog...sorry for the for the flood gates counter arguements headed my way...
  3. by   TSgtRodrigues
    Would I nurse for free? Ummm....hell to the NO! However, with that being said I did not choose to become a nurse because of the money! I genuinely wanted to be a nurse, I never looked at the salary before hand....but am I a nurse just to give back? No, absolutely not. Money just really was not a factor when I decided to become a nurse.
  4. by   ponymom
    Like all my other jobs, I'm was it for the money (and may go back PRN in some form, also for the money). I liked caring for people, was very good at it, (and still am and always will be), but I better be well-paid for it, because for what else one has to be put up (that gets in the way of actual patient care) there has to be pretty good compensation, or it's peace-out for me.

    Money is first and foremost, because it makes my life at home, which I love and cherish greatly, possible. So, yes, in the big end, it is Alll about the benjamins, and there isn't anything wrong with that.