Leaving a toxic work environment. Help?!

  1. I have been working for this facility for a few months now and I already know that I have to get out of there as soon as possible.

    I have not had any behavioural problems, nor have I been written up since I have been there. The problem I am encountering is that all of the RNs tell me that if I try to leave and I put them down as a reference that they will try to sabotage your new job and give you a bad reference.

    Normally, I would assume that this was just talk, but all of the RNs I have talked to are afraid to try and leave, because they know that the DON will give them a bad reference no matter how good of an employee they are.

    How do I deal with this? Should I explain to my new job, when I am offered one, my concerns? How do I do this without making it seem like I am paranoid or lying?
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  3. by   PacesFerryBSN
    Hurry up and leave before you r there so long that you have to explain the gap in employment on your rsum. If you haven't been there long, u don't have to mention it.....
  4. by   MrChicagoRN
    "I'm Looking to explore new opportunities in a supportive environment."

    If the place is as you say, the words already out there. Is this your only nursing job, or are there other places you can use for a reference?
  5. by   KelRN215
    Don't use your DON as a reference. When I was leaving my toxic work environment last year, I did not put down my manager as a reference because I didn't trust her. I used charge nurses and nurses I'd worked with in other capacities.
  6. by   canoehead
    Ask for an evaluation, if a year has passed, you are due. Make a copy of it, and give your prospective employer a copy during the interview. If they call for references and get a completely different story you are a bit safer.
  7. by   xusnrn
    I'm curious how this worked out since I am in a similar situation. I would offer to be a reference for you in case you ever decide to leave a bad work environment in the future. I would just need a resume... keep me in mind. I think nurses need to support each other by networking more.
  8. by   Hamimart
    The saying is true:"Nurses eat their young". I'm not sure why this is true or why some nurses can be so spiteful towards their fellow nurses, but I've seen this behavior over and over again in over 20 years of nursing experience. Please leave that toxic environment and continue being the best nurse you can be. Good Luck.
  9. by   jadelpn
    If you have been there only a few months, you perhaps are not out of your probationary period yet. Therefore, could leave and not have a gap--scratch it an move on.

    If you have an evaluation after your probationary period, get it in writing, get a copy. Then you can use that to your advantage.

    I had over 7 years worth of evaluations mysteriously disappear when I was job seeking....so make sure you get copies each and every time.
  10. by   laKrugRN
    I'd get out of there and not use them as a reference. But get out ASAP so there isn't a gap and you may still be on probation and not obligated to list it as a job. I can't believe how abusive they are being! Awful!
  11. by   applesxoranges
    If you can, get the number for HR and use that. My job called hr and I was fine while the manger was being childish and forcing me to float because I was leaving