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I have a charge nurse that is not out and out mean to me. Instead, her meanness is subtle. In my face, she smiles. But then she is constantly doing things that later I realize were done to be mean... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from sensibility
    ruby, i have read your posts in the past and trust me, you are the complete opposite of passive aggressive.
    ​thank you!
  2. by   nursel56
    Sensibility, if this is the same location and group of co-workers you've posted about in the past, a cursory reading of the advice you got shows some truly excellent advice. I have to wonder why it seems you haven't been able to implement any of it, and keep returning to start threads as if it was a completely new problem.

    I'm someone who would have a hard time with the "just do your job and ignore the petty and juvenile behavior" because I'm just the type who is sensitive to a hostile work culture, so I'm not unsympathetic. I'm just puzzled about why you seem so stuck there emotionally. If it were me, I'd probably throw in the towel at this point and seek another job. Your obsessing is just going to continue to erode away at your spirit and divert you from growing and moving forward on a positive track. I join the others who've wished you the best.
  3. by   Elladora
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    Some suggestions that have come up:
    1. Transfer to a different shift or unit. I don't like that because I love my unit and I haven't done anything to deserve being transferred.
    2. Write her up. Some people are highly offended at write ups and this could easily backfire.
    3. Call her into the office with some of the leadership that are higher than her.
    4. Or do as you suggest - nothing. Just do my job and hope this goes away at some point.
    1, 2 & 3 will most likely lead to MORE drama.
    4 - No drama
  4. by   Sensibility
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    ​thank you!
    de nada
  5. by   Sensibility
    I found a solution that I think is working. With this one group that is nice in my face and mean in other ways (which proves they really aren't my friends) I am being nice in terms of any pertinent things I need to communicate with work. I am staying busy with work and minding my own business in terms of any chats that might come up. I am avoiding those types of conversations. It worked. I had a great night with them. I wrote four thank you notes to people who have been kind to me. Made me feel good to think positively about the ones who have been genuinely kind to me. I mean, you're right that I can't change people. It may be difficult to advance professionally in this arena. We shall see.