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I am a new grad. This is my last week on orientation.. Well today was horrible! Nothing went right! I was crazy busy.. I couldn't find any of my charts because they tend to "float around." Meaning... Read More

  1. by   TigerGalLE
    I see doctors as regular people. I grew up with my next door neighbors, who's father is chief of staff over at a huge teaching hospital in my area. He is one of the nicest men I know! But honestly I would of been just as mad and embarrassed if the unit secretary yelled at me this way. I don't have a problem paging doctors either. I just don't think anyone should yell at anyone in the work place. It is just as unprofessional if another nurse yelled at me in this mannor.

    And you are right they are NO BETTER than us. That is why it angers me so that they think they can treat nurses this way. Patients are put into the hospital to be taken care of by nurses. Doctors would sink oh so quickly if they didn't have nurses to take care of their patients.
  2. by   clee1
    Quote from TigerGalLE
    Patients are put into the hospital to be taken care of by nurses. Doctors would sink oh so quickly if they didn't have nurses to take care of their patients.
    This is the point to the fact that we DON'T have to put up with this kind of garbage.

    Doctor's could not do their job today without nurses. Neither could hospitals survive w/o us, as a matter of fact.

    As long as nurses are afraid to stand up for themselves and their deserving coworkers, TP'sTB are free to treat us as they please. If we (collectively; as a profession) can just learn to give ourselves the respect we deserve , we won't tolerate abusive treatment and it would stop.
  3. by   lpnstudentin2010
    I go to a plastic surgeon for my surgeries. I had a tumor removal surgery with him I saw him for a follow up and there was a build up of fluid so he assperated it and put a pressure bandage on. When I went back the pressure bandage had broken some of the skin down. His office nurse was in the room with us and he told her off saying that she had put the bandage on to tight. I still remember being like OMG because I know for a fact he put it on. I heard from someone who had gone to my highschool and came back for career day and had worked OR at my hospital. I went to talk to her after her presentation and mentioned he was my surgeon and she acted descusted at his name. She said that he was very rude to the nurses when in the OR too.
  4. by   Lacie
    Comes with the territory I have learned in my over 25 years as an RN. My first week of orientation post graduation I was required to do only meds on the unit (CCU 19 bed). Doing just as I was supposed to be doing a doc comes in as I'm giving IV Lasix to an elderly woman on a vent via trach post open heart who also developed DIC. I did everything I should have such as checking labs first (Na,K, etc) prior to giving. I answered him appropriately related to her current labs and referred him to the pt's primary nurse who would be the most knowledgable of the womans current status and he literally went off on me like a mad man. Screaming "What are you doing giving Lasix to my patient if you dont know a damn thing about her". I kept my cool and continued what I was supposed to be doing never answering him but seeing the look in this alert woman's face (terror is the only description I could see) I only said to her "I'm giving you this medication just as your Dr. So and So here has ordered to do for your urine output and fluid on your lungs." She shoke her head understanding and I then thanked her walking out of the room. I waited outside until he was finished then let him know when he left the room if he had any questions regarding the orientation practices on this unit please take it up with the Manager with his opinion but never never yell at me like that "IN FRONT" of a pt again. If he has a problem with my care of pt's at any time feel free to have me meet with you in my manager's presence and I'll be happy to discuss it. LOL he never bothered me again about anything and in fact referred to me very respectfuly from that day on. Many times if they see you are not intimidated or they dont get a reaction back (deer in the headlights look lol) they will learn how to approach you. I've stuck by this attitude and it's helped me over the years. Always be tactful and dont let them see you sweat lol.
  5. by   elizabeth321
    I have had doctors that have been rude to me...once....I don't tolerate it...never have.....you should definately report this incident.....we have zero tolerance for such behavior in our facility and our doctors know it.....good luck and sorry he was a creep.

  6. by   RNOTODAY
    I *have* noticed, too, that when a doctor gets snippy, I snip right back with the same fierceness, and usually from then on its peaches and cream .
  7. by   vsigns
    Don't feel bad and don't get mad, get even. Your not psychic, if you were you would make more money than a nurse and a DR. The next time Mr. nice guy comes around, tell him he owes you an appology for his rude behavior. You were professional, he was not. Shame on him! Most of the time if you are brave enough to let them know what you think, they feel bad and then treat you much better the next time.
  8. by   WitnessRN
    Sorry that happened to you. The doctor is the one with the issue. Please remember that it is not you. He had no right to act that way. Thank God that the doctors are no longer in charge of nurses. I would seriously ignore his comments but it is important that you demand respect from these doctors that are verbally abusive.

    Once you politely stand up to them and let them know that you don't give a flip who they are they can't treat you like that... it will stop. If not let your nurse manager know about an abusive doctor... there are policies in place.

    It could have been that he was having a bad day like we all can... so see what happens.
  9. by   nursechris1
    Our hospital just passed a policy, which was actually approved by the medical staff, regarding inappropriate behavior. It defines inappropriate behavior, and the physicians will have a "three strikes your out" type of discipline. When it comes time for the physicians to be re-credentialed, they will lose their privileges if they have too many occurrences. We'll see how well it works, and if administration actually follows through, when one of the top surgeons (ie bread and butter of the hospital) does not qualify to be credentialed due to behavior problems. I think the physicians will not actually believe they will be disciplined, until it happens to 1 or 2 of their peers.
    The other plan, is to have the victim (ie the nurse that was treated poorly), to approach the physician with the unit manager on one side of him/her, and the CNO on the other side, and allow the victim to confront the physician about the behavior.
    We are a small hospital, and I have heard the usual stories of physicians throwing surgical instruments, and others yelling at the nurse when they are paged on the weekend (even though they are on call). For the most part, we are lucky, and there are just a handful of abusers.
  10. by   RN BSN 2009
    Give him a friendly reminder that YOU have an RN degree and YOU are a professional and expect to be treated as one, and also a friendly reminder that OSHA states that on the job harrassment is NOT tolerated, and you will call. That may shut him up!
  11. by   Happeetxn
    Get this months AJN there is an interesting article about how to deal with hot tempered docs. The line I liked best and I am paraphrasing here was: "You are a professional as am I and I expect you to behave like one." A buddy of mine is fond of walking away from doctors who yell at him. In the middle of their rant he just walks off leaving them there. I haven't had a full blown yelling yet, just a few who have had snotty comments. I am sure my time will come.
  12. by   Multicollinearity
    When I was 18 years old, I worked in an ER. We had this terrible doc who screamed often. One day he started in on me. So he was shouting at me. I looked at him and said, "I'm not participating in your attempt to abuse ME." Then I walked away. Straight into the women's restroom.

    Out of the mouth of babes. I have no idea where that came from.
  13. by   kalbo3
    "F" him. I had a run-in with an intern working in the ED at a very large and respected teaching facility. I was assisting this intern with a periotineal lavage on a very sick pt that was dying of AIDS. The pt was in obvious pain and was complaining that he could not tolerate the proceedure. The intern began to scream at this man like he was some kind of third-rate human that didn't deserve anything but what he got. I politely asked the Doc to ease up a little and then he began to berate me. Screeeeeeech (the sound of slamming on the brakes). I politely asked the intern to come with me to the supply room so I could have a word with him in private. When we arrived in the supply room I blew into him like he was the anti-christ. I told him "who in the h#ll do you think you are to talk to another human being that way, especially a pt." I stated if he chose to continue that behavior with me I would happily meet him in the parking lot after our shift and I would gladdly teach him some manners. Of course that statement completly changed his attitude and we continued to carry out the procedure. Every 5 minutes he was asking the pt if he was OK and to just stop him if he was uncomfortable at all. After the procedure was completed I was cleaning and dressing the incision and the pt asked me what I had said to the Doc to make him change his attitude so drastically. I simply stated that his behavior was a silly way to ask for an Ass Kicking. We both laughed. Do these doc's take a course on "How to be an A**hole" while in med school. Makes me laugh.
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