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Last night we had four codes. All of them ended badly (Patients died). One of my functions is to bring the bodies to the morgue, and this was my first time handling a dead person. I had to tag them... Read More

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    When I used to prepare the dead for transport to the morgue I also treated them with the utmost respect. I used to pretend they would above me viewing the preparation.
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    Wow. I had no idea nurses were responsible for transporting the dead to the morgue. Not something I will be looking forward to.
    Not only transport... clean , bag, and tag.

    Then play diplomat with security to unlock the morgue and assist with transfer to morgue gurney.

    It's such a glamorous job.
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    I will never forget my first pedi death. I was working as a CNA in L&D during nursing school, and a pt delivered a baby with anencephaly. The mother did not want to see the baby, so the nurse assisting with the delivery swaddled the baby and then put him in the dirty utility room next to the sink...he was still alive. I knew that he would die within a few minutes, but I COULD NOT come to terms with just leaving this baby in a metal basin next to the sink. I asked the nurse if I could just hold the baby until he stopped breathing (she had to walk right past me when she left the dirty utility room) and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Whatever you want to do, Canes."

    I held that baby for the 15 minutes it took for him to take his last breath, and I cannot put into words how difficult that was. The only peace that was bestowed upon me that day is the fact that HE WAS HELD.
    Bless you, that story just made me tear up. Thank you for caring so much!
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    This reminded me of something that happened long ago while I was still a student nurse. My patient died and and for some reason there was no "special gurney" to take the patient to the morgue. The nurse told me that she had had a plan. We prepared the body and put him on a regular gurney and brought a sheet up to his neck but left his head uncovered. We then placed a washcloth over his forehead. I was instructed to just act normally and I assumed as if the pt was still alive. We then got on a regular elevator visitors and all and transported the patient to the morgue. That was one quiet elevator ride. To this day I thought that was a bad idea. Imagine running into a family member or friend on that ride!
    Lol that nurse must've been a fan of Weekend at Bernies!
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    I remember during one of my clinical rotations a patient died in ICU. Me and one of my fellow classmates were in charge of transferring him to the basement morgue. We literally had to put him in the fridge. They bagged him and put him in the special gurney. We headed out. We got on the elevator (there was only one and it was the public one) A guy was on there and said "ooh is that food under there?" I just said "no" and kept looking straight ahead. He asked again and tried to lift the sheet. I GRABBED his wrist and said "Sir, there is a body under there. Show some respect!" His face went WHITE. My classmate was holding back her laughter. They guy got off on the next floor.
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    Lol that nurse must've been a fan of Weekend at Bernies!
    At least they didn't staple the washcloth to his forehead!