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Does anyone else here have a problem with bossy Unit Clerks? The unit clerks at my telemetry unit seem to add to the already unbearable stress levels. I don't know how to deal with them because... Read More

  1. by   NancyRN
    I'll say it again: just because your job is hard ( mine isn't?) there's no reason to be rude. The Unit Clerk I was describing was out of order. I can't understand the defensive attitudes of some Unit Clerks here. Rude and/or obnoxious behavior is never justifiable. Ever.
  2. by   prmenrs
    Being a Unit Secretary can make a one-armed paper hanger's job easy by comparison. Once the clerk has snapped and gets rude, it's even harder. Do anything you can to lighten the load, but don't let them eat YOU for breakfast!
  3. by   ktwlpn
    Originally posted by mamabear
    First, let me preface this by saying that the majority of ward clerks are indispensable, and I've worked with some great ones
    At my current job, however, the two clerks we have (one for days, one for evenings) are not only bossy, they are grade-A snitches for the boss and of marginal intelligence
    The day shift clerk spends most of her time either sucking up to the boss or carrying charts for the doctors (like they can't take a few charts from the station to the consultation room?)
    The evening clerk spends most of his time hacking into medical records or going out to pick up pizzas, Chinese, etc., once the boss is gone for the day By hacking into medical records I mean checking out psych evals on any current or former employees who have been patients on one of our behavioral health units: apparently he thinks this is riotously funny
    >>>>Hacking into the medical records of current employees? Grounds for immediate dismissal-I worked with a unit clerk whom was dismissed for breaking confidentiality-She mentioned to someone in a restaurant that someone else was a patient at the hospital at the time....The patient did not want her family and friends to know what was going on with her ---the clerk immediately got the boot.......It only takes a complaint to the proper authority and he should be out of there.....
  4. by   nursedawn67
    Ours isn't bossy so much as she can be lazy...such as forgetting to stock for us (which is her job) you try to do some thing such as hang a tube feed and there is no formula for that person...because she forgot. Nothing like starving someone!
  5. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by mamabear
    First, let me preface this by saying that the majority of ward clerks are indispensable, and I've worked with some great ones
    I feel the same way...there are some good ones out there that are indispensable!
  6. by   futureccrn
    Originally posted by mamabear
    The evening shift clerk spends most of his time hacking into medical records or going out to pick up pizzas, Chinese, etc., once the boss is gone for the day By hacking into medical records I mean checking out psych evals on any current or former employees who have been patients on one of our behavioral health units: apparently he thinks this is riotously funny
    Hmmm.........mamabear, what your evening shift unit clerk is doing(by reading medical records) is illegal! He is breaching patient confidentiality by looking at things that are none of his business!

    I have worked with excellent unit clerks for the most part. And I have worked with crappy ones! One UC had worked at the hospital longer than I had been alive! She knew everything, or so it seemed. On her days off, the unit was a mess as the other UC who was primarily an NA just couldn't keep up with all of the order entries.

    One UC where I work now, spends a lot of time on the phone with personal calls. This irks me. Hey you aren't getting paid to talk to your honey on the phone! There are things that can be done. Sure when I'm not busy, I sit and chat with the other RN's but how often does that happen? Not very!
  7. by   superstar
    its great to hear a charge nurse doing a clerks job on an evening. Nothing would have been done for me on my ward as a clerk for me. Now i am a student nurse and have seen other areas and i cant believe how much i did compared to other ward clerks. Some nurses are really clued up. Thats good but what are the ward clerks doing when nurses are booking ambulances and bed statements! If i thought i was leaving my duties and taking a nurse off the ward to do them i would have felt totally guilty.
  8. by   mamabear
    Thanks, everyone, for your input regarding our evening secretary and his gaining illegal and unethical access to employee records. This has been on my mind for the past few days. The thing is, this guy is so tight with the boss and can cause so much grief for the RNs (and psych techs) everybody more or less leaves him along. He didn't hesitate to snitch on an RN who accessed her personal email at work, because that was the only way she could stay in touch with her son, who is teaching in Japan This guy can be so passive-aggressive when he wants to: one of the night shift RNs got on his bad side and, all of a sudden, supplies weren't being ordered, messages were "misplaced", the fax machine acted up and he "forgot" to call somebody to fix it; you get the picture. Maybe I'm a coward, maybe I just want to keep the uproar down; I don't know. Since we're a very small satellite facility there's no way the boss could find out about this anonymously. If this guy was a crackerjack secretary or really helpful during crises (we're a locked psych unit) maybe people would cut him a little slack. The guy is a complete slob, his "work" is illegable, and he spends a lot of time either running personal errands or doing things, e.g., picking up take-out food while still on the clock, doing little favors for the few staff who are his favorites.
    I don't know if I need extra advise (what he is doing is illegal, unethical and childish) or just an objective forum to vent my frustrations. Anyway, thanks for the space.
  9. by   prmenrs
    His boss has a boss!!! Drop a dime on this JERK--he's not useful AND he's doing something "illegal, unethical and childish"! Check around. There must be somebody you can report this to--Risk management? You could even do it "hypothetically": Call risk management saying, What if someone knew this was happening? And reporting it to immediate supervisor was not an option?"

    Good Luck!! If you can find another position as a back-up, that might be good, just in case. Then you could call the boss's boss later and advize. OK, it's a LITTLE passive-aggressive, but....
  10. by   mattsmom81
    I would report him anonymously...just slip a note under someone's the Director of Medical Records or the Ethics Chairman....they can check his computer log and trap him themselves.

    I'm surprised to hear someone bragging about doing something like corporate hospital settled a lawsuit with a celebrity a few years back when the celebrity found that thousands of corporate employees had viewed his personal computerized record....we take snooping very seriously at my facility.
  11. by   Mary, RN
    Yes, I think unit clerks are like that everywhere, we have one in particular that will not finish an entire admit if it interferes with her cig break or it is soon time for her to leave. Another one refused and yelled at me in the hallway that she would change the room number for a patient because it would take too much time, well we use computers. Needless to say I felt forced to write her up. Oh well!! we get along fine after 2 months of the cold shoulder, we get along fine. I am a new gal to ICU all around and she felt she could push me around and learned the hard way!!
  12. by   MazingMarcia
    I agree that we all can have hard days and hectic nights happen as well. I don't know why people on days always blame nights for not helping them out since we all know the pts. on nights just sleep-NOT! I try to have my unit in order for days to come in to a decent start but there are nights I come into the biggest messes I can imagine and am told you can fix it we didn't have time. Well nights have a lot of responsibilities they do that days can't imagine unless they have done it before! We not only have pts. who are awake and kickin on our unit we have the run of unexpected disasters and no extra backup on nights., plus we have to do chart checks fix errors made while days was hectic and clean-up duties for the shifts on days and eves. left in break rooms and pt. rooms that were ignored b/c they "days" were too busy! And nights will have plenty of time b/c the pts. are sleeping HAHAHA! My hosp. has a unit clerk that comes in and inspects for something that wasn't done by us- Cleanup halls, wheelchairs left all up and down halls from days leaving them before they left and any and every dish left on food charts that were left on top not inside from meals the day before. I had just spent 3-4hrs. trying to prevent a postpartum hem. from happening with a boggy uterus from hell!!!! no secretary that night b/c census was too low and a n.a. who was hired from the kitchen who never has been certified and doesn't speak ENGLISH worth a dam!!!!

    I am tired of a non-nurse who has no idea what went on in my shift or what could have happened to my pt. if she knew any medical consequences if I was to be cleaning or doing her job and left my pt. to bleed to death. No she goes to my unit manager and reports 2 wheelchairs and a bowl sitting on top of food cart sitting in the hall to my nm without asking me how the night was and we needed to be informed of this in a unit meeting, OH BOY did I give my um an ear full!!!!... I let her know under no uncertain terms thunit clerks were not in charge and that she was not to be going behind my back throwing her weight around when I was a direct supervisor to the clerks not the other way around. I am tired of nm giving clerks the tx. like they are to be rn or lvn's bosses. I did not go thru all my training to be a servant to a clerk or an aide. And isn't it nurses aide and not the other way around.
  13. by   MazingMarcia
    I also think that the clerks I have on nights when I get them are great but I have run into several who have the I run it attitude !!!! I apprec. the help and I help everyone I work with but the problem I have is that counselling offensive non-prof. behavior is never done at my hosp. and the staff that do a hard job is never recognized for their hard work only when a little slip is done your faults are always the first to be announced almost like a loud speaker or bullitin board set out front of the staff lounge or br wall!!! I just ask for respect and dignity of each person as a teamplayer. also rec. for positive work ethics. I feel like we are all deserving of respect and it takes a village to make a country. and we all deserve to have an approp. chain of command. also the breech is very bad!!!!! This person needs to be fired!!!!!