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Hey Everybody,

For my Intro to Nursing class I have an assignment where I have to choose a nurse that I would have liked to interview. I cant pick Florence Nightingale or Clara Barton but anyone else. Do you guys have any suggestions?? I'd want someone who was interesting and maybe even worked with children since that is my interest. So if any of you could give me a clue on who I should do this biography on that would be great!



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I'd do a search on historic nursing leaders, and read a few bios before i made up my mind...

good luck!!


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I've got three for you:

Dorthea Dix -- Civil War Nurse

Mary Breckinridge -- Founder of Frounteer Nursing Services & in the National Women's Hall of Fame

Edith Cavell -- Took care of Allied Soldiers behind German lines and was eventually executed for doing so

hope this helps a little:roll Froggy


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Great....I'll have to look into those.....thanks a bunch!



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what about the first american trained nurse, linda richards or the first black trained nurse, mary mahoney. let us know what person you decide on.


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Ah yes, I was thinking of Dix, Froggy posted it, thanks !!

Good Luck Kerry, let us know what you decide:)


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Lillian Wald

She was a nurse, wasn't she? She was very active with getting birth control to women--esp poor woman-- before birth control was legal and ended up getting in trouble for it, etc.


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There have been a lot of good suggestions, but, they are the ones always chosen by students.

I will give a suggestion that few people know about, Walt Whitman, not only an American literary giant, but he was also a civil war nurse.



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Here are some links to some websites that have lists of nursing theorists. you might want to check it out and pick one that is most like what you think


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I'm gonna go with Lillian Wald.....I've read a few articles on her and think her story is interesting. Thanks for all of your help!!!! I'll be sure to tell you what I got for my grade when I get the paper back.



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Dorthea Orem is my Fundamentals professor's favorite!

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