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NP job negotiating help!


I got a phone call yesterday, which was a job offer. When she tells me the hourly pay of $31.00/hour, I was so shocked! I am really wanting out of my current job and I think this job will be a good fit for me. But, that would be a huge pay cut for me! I asked if it was negotiable and she said that "they" usually don't like to negotiate. I told her I didn't think I could take it because I make much more than that. I ended up telling her that I would think about if for a couple of day. I am wondering what I should do? She didn't seem to care that I currently make more. I have not been an NP for that long, but I would still expect more than that!! Should I try to see if she'll negotiate when I call her back? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!


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How much do you currently make now?


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Wow, 63K a year? Ouch. I guess it depends if this is your dream job? Are they willing to provide a residency? Did you speak about a productivity bonus and pay increase once you take a full patient load? How do the other benefits compare to yours like health/dental, 401etc..


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I don't think you should take it. That is extremely low pay for a NP. I think that when we accept such low salaries we do a disservice to ourselves AND our profession by sending the message that despite our education, training, and skill set, we are willing to work for essentially an RN's salary. Just my two cents.

Thank you everyone for your comments! I currently make $36/hour, so it is not an extremely drastic drop in pay. I live in Missouri and the cost of living is low here, so I expect to be on the lower end of pay. I certainly don't feel that $31.00 an hour is fair though. I really dislike my current job though and there hasn't been many other jobs in the area that I thought I would be a good fit for. I am still considering this job, just maybe as a stepping stone for a better opportunity down the line. When I call her back tomorrow, I will once again ask if they can come close to what I am making now. I agree Sydney but I think the RN pay around here is much lower than the national average as well and I feel pretty desperate to get out of my current position. Alicia, I think all the other benefits are comparable and there will be no pay increase once I am on my own. I currently work in a pain management clinic and this position is for an inpatient diabetic position. Thanks!

I always said I would never take a pay cut unless I really, really loved the job and it improved my other benefits. Did you interview for this job and do you know the setting well enough to make a decision on whether it is a better fit for you? Is this a recruiter you are dealing with or the site itself? Salaries are ALWAYS negotiable at the NP level. I most definitely would ask them to match your current pay.


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That is brutally low.

And ALWAYS negotiate.

Thanks Tammy and Boston FNP. I did ask one more time if they could come closer to matching my current salary. She again said they do not negotiate. I know 2 nps that work for this organization and they were started at $33.00/hour, bc they had been nurses longer than me. It's quite ridiculous! I did NOT take the job! There are 2 main healthcare organizations in this town and it's an over saturated market, so I think they both feel they can pay whatever they want! I have to drive 45 minutes outside the city to get $36/hour. I'll definitely be moving when a better opportunity with more pay comes along!! I appreciate everyone's tips and advice!!