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  1. Should you be able to review test questions?

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My school has implemented a new policy in which we will no longer be able to review tests. Basically, you get your grade and that is that. We do not get to see what questions we missed. We can write any questions or concerns we have on a scratch paper and turn it in and then they email questions to us with somewhat rationales. Such has "if a patient complains of calf pain you would check for redness and edema..." but there is no way to know exactly what YOU specifically missed pertaining to the test.

Does anyone elses school have this policy?

What are your thoughts?

I am the VP of my class and the President of my class approached me about going to our director about it, but they seem less than willing to discuss the matter with us.

I just want tk know what other other schools do and what other students think about this new change.


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I had one teacher that allowed you to review your test in their office on an individual basis. You had to make an appointment and they discussed each question that you missed that you needed rationale for (skip the stupid "why did I pick that answer"). You were not allowed to write anything down and test must remain in their office.

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This new policy is driven by cheating- of this I am certain. You might approach the faculty with the scenario Guy in Babeland describes and see if they will go for it.

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We asked about being able to review in their office and they automatically shut it down. They will not discuss anything test related, period.

Meanmaryjean - you're correct. They said that there was an issue where someone was hacking the rationales and thus this new policy was implemented. But now, the whole cohort is being punished for something someone else did.

My issue with with not being able to see what I missed is that this past test, I missed 5 questions. I felt extremely confident in my answers. I have not a clue what I missed (other than one dosage calculation that I made a stupid error in and realized as soon as I submitted to the next question.) So, how do I improve my knowledge if I don't know where my errors were?

Perhaps you can ask the director if they would be willing to go over the test immediately with the whole class right after the test? It would just be a quick, "Read the question, this is the answer." They can set it up where the desks are cleared, so you can't write anything and no cell phones out.

I had an instructor do this in a microbiology class. He wasn't as strict as what you're saying, but he went so fast there was no way you would be able to write a question down anyway.

I agree that this is a poor way to enhance learning. If you don't know which answers you got right, and which answers you got wrong (and why), you leave the test clueless. This is ridiculous.

Go above your teachers. You're there to learn, not take a licensing exam. DEMAND at least an in person review where you can go over your test and see what you go wrong, and be able to ask questions. This ego trip that teachers have today needs to end, and the only way it's going to end is if we start demanding that our money goes to actually getting educated... And yeah, that includes the concept of self-learning, that teacher better be open to questions and be willing to answer them before testing on them.

Don't forget, you're paying to be educated. This is costing you a ton of money. If it's a BSN program, that's easily the cost of a new car. You wouldn't pay for a car if it doesn't drive, would you? So why pay for an education where the teachers don't teach? If the director of the program won't let you review your test, then go above, all the way up to the people directly overseeing the entire school, then to your state board of nursing, accredidation organizations, or educational departments that oversee colleges in your state. This isn't acceptable, at all. Refuse to be OK with that.

It's your teachers job to be an educator. That includes letting you actually see what you did and didn't understand on a test so that you can correct it for future.

dude if your a class rep then definately approach the teacher and demand it to be overturnned especially if it was on the Syllabus. Syllabuses can't be changed just because.

worst case sscenario, ask to see your test in office hours

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