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  1. carti

    Got kicked out of nursing school

    Goodluck OP. I failed a class in nursing school because a had a horrible preceptor who thought I wasn't ready to advance and graduate to be a nurse. I re-took the clinical with a new preceptor at a different hospital in a new city and she said I was one of the best students she had and tried hard to recruit me to work there with her. And I passed the NCLEX in 75 Q's later in a few weeks. Point is, I was at a low point and I just kept my head up.
  2. carti

    Can’t pass the NCLEX

    Failing both times at 75 questions, is a strong sign of lack of content knowledge, not test taking skills or tricks. Who are we kidding? OP needs to re-"learn" alot of first/second semester topics before she can pick up UWORLD questions.
  3. carti

    Non-Hospital jobs for new grads?

    Hello, I'm trying to find a non-hospital job for new grads. I've read that some places such as Home Health don't hire new grads because new grads can't be " on their own". I don't know if that is a formal technical rule or just word of mouth. Is Psych a good place for a new grad?
  4. He stood for equal rights. And people laughed at him. Thought his ideas were stupid. Thought he was outrageous. And killed him. You are twisting my words around. Where did I say I was going to touch someone against their will. Please, I will delete my account on this website if you can find anywhere on this thread me saying I'm going to forcefully put a foley on a female's vagina. If you could comprehend the original post, if patient's don't want a certain race/gender nurse, the hospital should transfer them out. PLEASE READ. Thanks!
  5. Yes, it is a form of sexism against females. Lets not act like religion is the most "progressive" thing when it comes to different races, genders and ethnicity. If Religion X said " We don't receive care from *insert race here*", would that be racist? Of course. That is a complete BS excuse that maybe could have worked in 1940, but unacceptable in 2019. Females are just as capable as men and vice versa to compete a task.
  6. You responded to my thread. You should be prepared to recieve any response from me; otherwise you should put a condition under your post. Don't like it? Ignore this thread and leave, lol. Stop comprehension skills ITT
  7. What does it matter if I am doing Med school prereqs or finding a least demanding job? What does that affect you in any way? Am I hurting anyone? No. Am I not being safe? No. Am I giving medications unsafely? No. Then what is it to you? If I can pass my NCLEX and graduate from a great BSN program with honors then how about you silence yourself? Please stop lecturing me about life from an internet post; You don't know me based off a few sentences online. You don't know me at all, I promise. This thread was about making it unacceptable for discrimination in the workplace, and all I got were responses saying Sexism/Racism are ok if your a nurse. Such backwards thinking here....You might hate that idea....but hey, they used to hate on MLK, and every other progressive idea too....Have a good night.
  8. Oh, because I said Hospital legislation needs to be fixed regarding patient refusing Nurses based on the color of their skin and their gender? This is becoming a joke to you guys now probably. My apologies if speaking up against racism/sexism offends you.
  9. Nah, I ain't having that lol. This is 2019, not 1920. You guys might support this, but this is gonna change.
  10. It's a form of discrimination so obviously I'm going to speak up about this problem. You telling me " Just deal with it" is what they used to tell minorities back in the day when they would argue for their rights. It's people like you who have backwards thinking and are anti-progressive. Whatever tho! And for sure, I will change my major! After working hard for 4 year for my BSN! I will totally change it when I am 1 semester away from graduating because someone on the internet told me! Lol.............
  11. I'm sorry for your experience, but then again you can say the SAME thing for any ethnicity/gender/race. If my sister was raped by a black man, would it be ok if everywhere she went to declined to have a black server? Would it be ok if she requested her daughter be removed from her 3rd grade class because her teacher was a black man? Would it be ok if she refused to board a plane because the pilot was black? Not all people are the same. I still don't see how this affects ANYTHING whatsoever. I want to see how this entire forum would react if there was a good portion of patients who declined White women from being their nurses. Obviously, that would gather way more attention. But since guy only make up a very small portion of nurses, this isn't a "big" issue in the nursing world. Oh well, maybe in 15-20 years, patients will get told to leave if they refused a nurse based on the nurses's identify.
  12. 23. Usually the older crowd have backwards way of thinking, as it's been throughout the entire U.S. History so I can see where people who say " Deal with it" come from.
  13. "It's ok to be racist/sexist to someone from the opposite race/sex somehow caused you any problems" This is your logic. I can't argue with this.
  14. The problem is, my preceptor told me as a future Male nurse, you are going to get used to patients refusing care by men. This is such a 1930's way of thinking; they said the same thing to black people playing baseball for crying out loud. I can't believe people still have this way of thinking and think it's ok.
  15. This makes NO sense. SO if a patient was robbed by 3 Latino's at a parking lot outside of Walmart 3 years ago, they have the right to decline any care by a Latinx nurse? This makes no sense, and you logic is flawed. You can give the same example for any race or ethnicity. NOT all Men/Race/Ethnicity/ Whatever are the same. Grow up.
  16. I don't know if that is the right word I'm looking for. Why is it considered "ok" and acceptable for patients to decline male nurses caring for them or even just for procedures such as putting in a Foley? Background: I'm a senior nursing student (male) and I've had about 3-4 patients my entire nursing school career who refused to have a male nurse come in. For example, today at clinicals, I had a female patient with an order for a Foley before discharge, and she told my preceptor for me to leave the room. Another example, during my 2nd semester, I experienced 2 different occasions where the patient refused to have any care by a male whatsoever. I feel like that is literally like a White couple coming into a restaurant and refusing service from a Black/Latino server and requesting a white server. Why can't the hospital just say, " If you don't want a male nurses, then leave?" I think it's crazy that in the year 2019, no one bats an eye if a patient refuses care by a male nurse, and the automatic response is " Don't worry! As a male nurse you have to get used to it! "