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  1. carti

    Classmates who cheat

    2 weeks after you graduate, no one will remember who was Valedictorian. As long as you are true to yourself, don't worry about others.
  2. carti

    IV push meds alcohol swabs

    My Nursing handbook says after you flush, give the med, then flush again. Make sure the flush doesn't touch anything like the patient's skin or the table, etc before you flush. If that happens, wipe with alcohol again.
  3. You sound like a great student. My best advice would be to attend any "Open House" events that hospitals have for new graduates with your resume in hand. These events are notorious for giving out interviews on the spot where I am from. Are you from a big city? You might want to decide applying/moving to a big city so your options are bigger. I'm from a big city so many hospitals had open ED spots available reserved for New Grad RN residencies. As for being upset about OB, it's ok. Me (and many of my guy friends) were upset to be placed in Medsurge for our Capstone because we all wanted ED. I know how you feel. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are a great student nurse wherever you are placed because your preceptor/manager will be a good Letter of Rec. During your lunch period at your capstone, maybe stop by the Managers office and mention if that hospital is having any openings in the ED. Again, make sure you are coming to clinical everyday with a good attitude because people will notice...and talk. Again, I cannot stress this enough...wherever you end up...just have a good attitude, you never know when you might need someone's help. Lastly, there is a guy who works in the ER that has a popular youtube channel, "Kaynen Brown". He has some good tips for Soon to be Grads trying to work in the ED. Goodluck!
  4. carti

    May 2020 Grad- Job Hunt

    We had those too. But you should probably see more nursing recruiters from hospitals coming in towards the middle of your last semester of nursing school, at least mind did.
  5. carti

    What Should I Expect?

    Pharm and Micro should be hard. Stats is very easy if your professor lets you use a t184 calculator. Literature is boring as heck; not exaggerating. American government depends on how easy your professor is or hard. idk what your critical thinking nursing class is about.
  6. carti

    Most of the class cheating??

    You are saying 1 person is gonna stop you from going to CRNA school when their is multiple schools you applied to with many, many spots available? That is a joke..... People at my nursing school all cheated in our B.S. ethics class that was 80% about Florence nightdale. Are they going to be bad nurses who you can't trust with their life? No. Mind your own business.
  7. Appeal it you have nothing to lose. If it was a clinical problem, it is easier to win because a lot of it is subjective. But you have failed 3 different courses. Even if you passed with the accommodation, you would have barely passed. Most schools that I know only give you 2 chances to fail and then you are kicked out. At my school, if you are kicked out, you can't re-apply ever. You said you kept failing tests but the Endocrine test was the worst failed test. SOunds like you need to re-evaluate your study habits and make a major change. I understand you have test anxiety but still, that isn't any excuse to be failing multiple times. Your school is trying to prepare you for NCLEX.
  8. carti

    First Semester Questions

    I was a class officer officer and it was fun at times. It was a great resume builder and we got to closely interact with professors at a interpersonal level. But towards the end of my program, I couldn’t wait to leave. Keep in mind, most people who want to become officers are “type A “ people who have the “ my way or the highway” attitude. I’m a very chill person however and I was pretty nonchalant the whole time. Meanwhile our officers would argue and throw shade and debate each other just to see what color our graduation stashes would be .....( seriously??? Who gives a crap what color it is?? No one ))) just know it’s a lot of politics as for scrubs, your school will set that up for you guys. Studyinf wise, get an nclex Saunders book to practice . You are going to score better on tests studying for 4 hours and doing practice questions on saunders than studying for 10 hours and not doing practice . I learned the hard way my first semester but I was able to fix it in time .
  9. I am reading this old thread about someone reported to the BON for not knowing what the Mom would mix into her formula. In my case, the formula comes in "plastic bottles" throwaway bottles like a Caprisun juice drink so I don't have issue there. But I have to mix those formulas with distilled water. I also have to flush with Distilled water. What happens if the family adds Tequila or some other drug into the water jugs before I clock into my shift and I administer them? Am I liable? It may sound extremely stupid but Home care has a lot of gray areas it seems. In my example, the family has a huge gallon jug of Distilled water in the kitchen and puts the water into military little jug bottles in pt's room. What happens if they add something to the water? Obviously, I am a nurse and I must know everything I put inside my patient....--- -
  10. carti

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    Being embarrassed because a capable health professional is a different gender is bogus. Try actually being a marginalized person of color or ethnicity/religion that gets treated differently...that is REAL embarrassment. More male nurses are needed but not because we need to "please" patients from being embarrassed. The best person should do the job and if a patient doesn't want male/female nurse, then they are pretty much refusing care. It's pathetic that is normal to tell a male nursing student " Hey bud, patient in 1332 doesn't want a male nurse, you need to sit this one out ok champ"
  11. carti

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    It shouldn't be that way, nor should it be normalized. Saying " I don't want a male nurse" is the same as saying you don't want a certain nurse based on their religion, sexuality, race, ethnicity, etc. It's extremely pathetic.
  12. carti

    Which prerequisite plan of study should I pick?

    do the quickest option. at the end of the day, nursing school will be just as busy. do you work or have kids? if not, you should be good. it will be hard, but hey, anything worth doing in life is. goodluck.
  13. carti


    you don't need any chem to succeed in nursing school. you will never have to use avagadros number, balance equations, do stoichiometry, hess's law, entropy questions, figure out the formal charge of carbon while you are in nursing school. it's just another weed out class
  14. carti

    Nursing School Admissions

    nursing school is no different that the university it is apart of. So if your GPA from your dual classes is a 3.9, then you have a 3.9, assuming they accept dual classes which they should. But you should definitely call your school of interest.
  15. It doesn't hurt to ask. If you do a good job at whatever clinical you end up at, and you also work at your unit (assuming a CNA) doing a good job, you have a good shot at your unit.
  16. carti

    Something Has to Change

    I'm a new grad working in PDN. Like I said, it honestly depends on the cases you get. My agency is really supportive towards new grads and I currently have a (relatively) easy case. I have my reasons as to why I don't want to work at a hospital, but if OP is looking for a nonstressful environment, then there is definitely PDN cases that feel like glorified babysitting. (just don't do trach/vent)

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