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  1. how are your reports do you think? I try to make mine pretty simple and to the point by going down body system by body system. As a night shifter, I will update them of any overnight events as well as any morning procedures scheduled. like others have said, there are two types of nurses: those that only want critical information ( my fav because the reports only last 30 seconds LOL) & those who want every tiny detail like what horoscope sign is the patient.............you also have to keep in mind that some nurses probably have had the patient before so they may know alot already so maybe thats why they seem disintersted (still no excuse). Either way, just tell your report and go. It's their fault
  2. carti

    Student Attempted IV 7 Times

    eh in the ICU, there is no such thing as having too much IVs especially when we have like 3-4 different IV antibiotics ordered with other stuff as well. A sedated patient maxed out on profofol probably won't even feel a pinch but 7 tries cmon thats still too much and overboard.
  3. carti

    Leaving Work / Nurse Duties Incomplete Passing To Night Shift

    aint no one giving PRN miralax cus aint no one wanna clean up doodoo LOL!
  4. carti

    COVID-19: No PPE!!

    I just wear an n95 respirator if I'm going inside their rooms to fix a beeping IV alarm or something minor like that. I don't see the point in wasting supplies if imma be in the room for <2 minutes & not touching the patient. I don't think anyone actually does handwashing at my hospital tbh unless we did something dirty like change soiled bedsheets. It's also very common to take off our masks in the nursing station if were drinking water or having a tiny snack. I guess we can break "some " rules as night shifters LOL
  5. carti

    Nursing as a twenty one year old hispanic male

    way more guy nurses in the ICU/ER than medsurge, L&D(duh), OR and cath lab, at least in my facility. I think my ICU is like 70% dudes
  6. carti

    Student Attempted IV 7 Times

    When I first started in the ICU, I was pretty bad at IVs so common advice I got from other nurses was to try on sedated, vented patients LOL. So I can see why the nurse asked you guys to try. But if your school stricly allows no IV insertion, just don't risk it. It's not worth having a meeting with the dean and being risked kicked out of your program for it. You will have plenty of practice when you get your first job don't worry. But why is this a rule for 1st semester nursing students only? Or for your entire program? Seems like a dumb rule but whatever
  7. It’s definitely about the money. She works for a crises agency so it’s probably why she’s making 10k biweekly...yes 10K. That is just a huge amount of money to pass up LOL. I don’t care if it’s hard or stressful tbh it’s worth the $$ LOL. I just wanted to know if it’s unsafe for someone with no nursing home /psych experience to work there in those respective fields. I don’t know if it helps but I’m a male in my 20s (for psych purposes IDK LOL).
  8. One of my old buddies from high school just got her LVN and told me she got hired by some travel agency to work at nursing homes & other psych places. The interesting part is that she is nearly making 3x as much as me as a new graduate LVN......and I am an RN/BSN with almost 2 years of experience. I currently have been working in the ICU for about 5-6 months now (1 year in pediatric home health) but my friend told me she would find me a job with her agency. I obviously would not want to be working in the ICU as a travel nurse since I feel like I need more experience but lower acuity places like nursing homes & psych wards seems like something I can handle. Basically, if a nurse works in the ICU, can they handle nursing homes/psych wards?
  9. I am having a hard time finding anything online about Fall cohorts. I've already tried looking at St Davids, Seton and BSW (BSW closest location was at Temple for me). The St. David's page says they have an October cohort but I haven't seen anything posted as of yet. Do you guys think Covid is affecting that or something?
  10. So I had my interview July 22nd and haven't heard anything on my email which surprised me. So I go into my phone history/voicemail and I just saw that I had a missed call from my recruiter on the 27th LOL......Protip: Do not set your phone settings to automatically ignore callers from different states (my recruiter has an out of Texas phone number for some reason). Honestly I don't even know if it's worth calling them back cus the voicemail didn't say anything about being accepted LOL. This will be a very awkward conversation Monday!
  11. carti

    Should I start nursing school this May?

    Not necessary man, shoulda just stuck with school. Mostly everyone in my school had no clinical experience prior to enrolling and they all turned out to be fine nurses. There may be more than 2nd, 3rd, etc. waves.
  12. LOL. Only in America will people politicize a virus. To Trumpers, you are considered a libtard because you support lockdown and data set by epidemiologists, doctors, researchers, etc.
  13. I see what your saying but inmates being freed right now aren't murders or child rapists. Those people are still locked up. People being freed right now are small drug dealers as well as other menial misdemeanors. Free people who are mentally ill just don't automatically become violent animals after they spend time in the pen.
  14. Let's not act like America doesn't has the biggest jail population on this planet for a huge margin and a huge chunk of it isn't because of non-violent drug offenses. There is no reason why someone who deals weed should be in a prison right now ( or at all but that is a discussion for a different time). Most prisoners in America aren't animals who are going to "malinger" their way into psych hospitals.
  15. carti

    Should I start nursing school this May?

    there ain't no telling what will happen next year. Experts say this may last until 2022. If I was in your shoes, I would go for it and stick with your ABSN route. If you aren't allowed at clinical sites, you may need to do online modules or simulation labs at your school instead. A whole year of lost nursing wages is a lot for sure. Goodluck and be ready to rock & roll soon, accelerated programs ain't no joke !
  16. Passed my NCLEX in 75 questions in about 1 hour & 30 minutes. Did ATI help me? Absolutely not. It is a waste of time and my instructors had us to assignments on it every semester as busy work. Although they have pretty "OK" practice exams, everything else like their review books, strategies, etc are pointless and unorganized. You are better off getting a Saunders NCLEX practice book and/or Uworld (didn't use it but I hear great things). My school had us do a 1 week review ATI NCLEX prep M-F about 7 hours each day before we graduated. I just browsed reddit the entire time.