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Anyone applying for the ABSN program at Winston-Salem State University this year? Just wondering if there were others out there who would be in the same boat. Has anyone heard of funding this... Read More

  1. by   ddwillard
    Quote from 3k0rb
    What is the inclement weather policy for absn students? Do we still have to go to class if the university is closed?
    We only had 1 class day with inclement weather and we were the only ones on campus so the university did not "officially close" so we had to come. Basically, the university has to close. There was one Sunday where I know they delayed clinicals due to inclement weather.

    Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time as the only ones on campus so they don't worry about us. Like today, definitely the only ones there today....
  2. by   nasam
    I was wondering if anyone had their parking passes for sale from the N12 cohort, and possibly a red bag as well?

    I missed all the opportunities to get either one of these I wasn't feeling well and was just able to get texts/emails sent out for everything.
  3. by   Morris12983
    Hi all............I am also looking for a parking pass from a N12 so if there is one out there still available please let me know. Thanks, Sondra Morris
  4. by   miclan88
    What exactly is the class schedule like? What is the earliest you had to be there and the latest you got out? I'm going to be commuting from Asheboro and wondering if this would be possible. thanks!
  5. by   ddwillard
    It is definitely possible! Classes were normally Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm ish in beginning, then just Tu/Wed further on when you start doing clinicals. Clinicals could be any day of the week at any time. There were some that were Thur/Fri 6am-6pm and others were Sat/Sun 6am-6pm... I had one that was Thurs/Fri 3pm-2am. It really just depends.
  6. by   miclan88
    Ok thank you for the info. Also, I'm just wondering what happens if you are absent? I'm sure so much is covered each day and I'm just worried if you get sick or something. I know the CNA I courses have an extremely strick no absence policy, and I sure ABSN is similar.
  7. by   Spercy55
    Can anyone PLEASE give me an idea of what the schedule is like for Queens and/or WSSU ABSN program? I want to apply but I am not sure if I will be able to with working if it is a FT program. TIA I appreciate it!!!
  8. by   nurse090
    Hi I was accepted into the absn program for spring 2015. could you please explain what you mean by financial aid not being awarded in the spring of your last semester.

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