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Hi Monique. I am enrolled in the August LPN class at MCI in VA Beach. It starts on Aug 1st. The cost for the school is $19 thousand. You take an entrance exam and if you pass, your in. I bombed... Read More

  1. by   chadash
    I checked the pass rate for NCLEX and ECPI raleigh had 100%!
  2. by   chadash
    Quote from butterfly80
    Anyone know if there are grants avaliable at ECPI? I'm thinking about getting my LPN because waiting list in Raleigh are so long? Is there a wait to get in?
    If you qualify, I think you can get grants. It would be wise for you to contact them and check out the financial assistance. It is expensive, but if you have grants, it might make it doable. When I looked into it, there was not a waiting list. The community colleges are a couple years, and you need to meet prerequisites, but they are a lot cheaper. Check their website and see if there is a LPN info meeting anytime soon.
    Good luck!
  3. by   chadash
    Quote from butterfly80
    I think I am going to check into ECPI next week. Chadash where are you going to school at?
    I had intended to go to ECPI, but family stuff happened, and I could not afford to go. I had already neglected the community college waiting list, so I had to really rethink what I was to do. I am in my 50s so there was alot to consider, what it would cost alot of people in our multigenerational family. So, I am still a CNA, and so, to make a long answer short No where!

    If you can get grants, it would probably so much more affordable..Good luck sweetie, and God Bless!
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    Quote from butterfly80
    I think I am going to check into ECPI next week. Chadash where are you going to school at?
    I recently talked to one of the cashiers at our local Target store and she mentioned offhand that she is at ECPI in Raleigh and loves it! She said it was expensive but worth it. I contacted them today just to get info and was told they are currently testing for the class starting in June.
  5. by   butterfly80
    Excellent, I'm definetely going to check them out, I can see the building right from my apartment back porch, what a commute. Do you know what kind of pre-test they do?
  6. by   chadash
    It used to be the NET, but I think they may have changed it.
  7. by   butterfly80
    Is the NET basic math and reading. I have take the Hobet test at Wake Tech and it was pretty simple. Anyone know how long the program is there?
  8. by   butterfly80
    Also, I wonder if they accept classes already taken, like, Bio's, etc?
  9. by   chadash
    Now, I hope I remember, but the NET is really a test of basic math and reading skills, a tiny bit of algebra and what not.....but I think they have changed to another test.
    Prerequisites are not an issue at all at ECPI. If you successfully graduated from HS or equivilent, you are ok.....but what you have should be a great advantage! I think they look at test scores to make sure you do not lack basic skills, show an aptitude, that kind of thing. I am sure if you successfully could go through prerequisites, you are good to go. The big issue is the cost. But then, I wonder what the total comes to at community colleges, when the prereqs and books and all add in. It would be interesting to compare!
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    Quote from tommybrowner
    I'm applying for ECPI in Charlotte in June, I didn't know it cost so much. I feel that I have to go because I don't have any prerequisites, however how did you get $15,000 in Federal grants. I only made $3,500 last year and the year before $7,000 and the year before that $3,000. I hope since I made so little I'll qualify. I trying to get in the one in Charlotte. Yes there is no waiting list. I didn't know they had a RN Program too. I thought it was just LPN.
    I sent a pm, yes I think at this point that ecpi is a lpn program.....and you might need to check with the financial advisor to pin down the cost,,,,I am still not sure if I understood it myself!:spin:
  11. by   CalinaRhea
    I am an LPN student at ECPI-Raleigh. Personally, I LOVE the program. It is expensive, but with grants and scholarships, my loan only ended up being about 10k, which isn't bad, especially since I didn't have to take any pre-req's or have to be on a waiting list. I took the placement test, passed and was accepted. I began classes 4 weeks later. Classes start every Feb. June and October. There are usually about 20-25 spots per class, so its pretty competitive. I will be graduating with honors in October 2006. This was a good option for me and my family, b/c I could get right in get my license and start working after one year. The instructors are great but the key is keeping up with your work. Our courses are only 5 weeks long, but we attend one class Mon-Fri for 3 days a week, the other two days are clinicals. We have great clinical sites at hospitals, clinics, and LTC. I've known students from each of the last three classes to graduate and they've all passed their NCLEX and gotten good jobs right after graduation, some even were hired at career fairs on campus before graduation. One agency offered a student 22/hr! Thats my 2 cents. Hope it helps!
  12. by   tab65
    Wow, only 10k, thats good for you. I visit ECPI in Charlotte from New York because I'm relocating, however I was going to owe at least 18k. I only made $3,500 last year so I thought I should have alot of the tutition cover. I thought after 1yr thats two much money to owe. So I decided to enter a program here in NYC. But I'm glad things are working out for you.
  13. by   wasted-enough-time
    I'm new here...

    So glad I found this forum and this post,..because I am about to apply to EPCI for the October PN class.... (Raleigh NC) .....WOW I had NO idea at wa that $$$$$....Another thing too is that I live in Wilson, I have that long daily commute to consider as well ...

    If accepted, I hope to meet others from my area....Best wishes to all!!

    ps: are there ANY other schools around without the Long waiting lists??....Thanks again!!