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  1. BSN Assignment - Seeking Interviewees

    Hello, I have an assignment for my BSN class and I'm hoping to find five volunteers here on all nurses! I'm seeking one RN from each of the following areas: BSN, Nurse Educator, Advanced Nurse Practitioner (CRNA, CNM, NP), Management, and Research. T...
  2. Switching my major from nursing to FACS

    Personally, I would start working towards my RN now. I can't speak for all hospitals out there but know those in my area require RN Case Managers to have at least a BSN in addition to 2-3 years of experience. I understand that you don't want to waste...
  3. WGU RN-BSN 11/1/11 start

    Heard from my mentor, very exciting. It's all starting to seem real now, can't wait for Tuesday to get here. :)
  4. WGU RN-BSN 11/1/11 start

    Don't blame you for wanting to be sure nothing stands in your way when ready!! Sorry you won't be joining us, best of luck to you!
  5. WGU RN-BSN 11/1/11 start

    Okay, I couldn't wait until Monday lol. The student service rep said that I may not hear from my mentor by the first day, just sometime during the first week, because mentors have a large number of students in their groups with different start dates ...
  6. WGU RN-BSN 11/1/11 start

    Yep been checking that email in addition to my personal one. I plan to call Monday to see what I can find out if no contact before then. I want to get started on the first!
  7. WGU RN-BSN 11/1/11 start

    No email from my mentor
  8. WGU RN-BSN 11/1/11 start

    I'll be starting 11/1 pending transcript review. Little nervous because it's my understanding that all transcripts have to be in by the 25th of the month prior to start date and I'm still waiting to find out if the last two arrived. Pretty sure I'll ...
  9. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    The "trick" worked for me too...got the pop-up on Sunday about 2 hours after taking the test and found out today I passed.
  10. I Passed NCLEX!!

    I haven't posted here much since starting nursing school, but the long journey for me is finally over!! I found out today that I passed NCLEX....75 questions. I want to say thank you to everyone here because you don't know how much reading posts on t...
  11. My sister is on life support

    I can't imagine the pain you must be going through. My heart goes out to you and your family.
  12. Anyone in NC??

    According to the North Carolina Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook (p3), you must take the test "within 2 years from completion of the training program." That said, you should be okay. You can find a copy of the handbook and other testing information here...
  13. SALLIE MAE or ASTRIVE Student Loan ?

    I have loans through both lenders, no problems with either company. I would say that the biggest difference was that Astrive had a lower origination fee. Sallie Mae has recently changed their loan procedure; they don't lend out as much money as they ...
  14. Alternative Loans - here's what I've found

  15. Alternative Loans - here's what I've found

    The exact same thing happened to me...I finally closed my application with them in May 2007 after sending the 4th fax with the same information that they kept insisting I never sent. In August 2007, I got a letter from them saying that my application...