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Hello! After graduating nursing school in Fall 2012 I applied to literally 100+ positions (hospitals, doc offices, surgical centers etc) and finally landed my first nursing job in a Pediatric Doc office Spring 2013. The office is small- only 2 Docs (no NP or PA). The pace is steady. I feel like i have learned some really good skills including vaccines, strep & flu test, pku, urinalysis, phone triage, hearing/vision screen, vitals, and breathing tx.

However...The pay is extremely low and my hours can vary from 20-30ish hrs a wk. My schedule can range from working 3-5 (on occasion 6) days a wk. I have very very limited benefits. The work environment is often very negative--several people in the office are very difficult to work with and talk bad about other staff/patients and i often feel like i am secluding myself b/c i do not want to be involved in the negativity.

My plan was to stick it out for a year-gain some knowledge and some experience. I am now ready to start looking for a new position but I am feeling very lost and unsure of where I want to go. I defiantly know i don't want hospital/acute care/LTC/Hospice. I honestly do not see my self ever wanting to work in those fields of nursing. I really like the slower pace and low stress environment. It is really important to me to have a job that does not require you to work holidays, nights/evenings, and weekends--i want the 9-5 type job. I know there are MANY areas of nursing out there that would allow me to pursue that but i am just not sure where to look. I have been looking into school health but really do not know much about it at all. I also have been looking into health dept nursing but again I have no idea what type of Nursing Jobs the health dept offers. Health screening/biometric screening jobs seem interesting too- i have a background in fitness and nutrition and would love to use those skills too, but again do not know much about this area or how consistent the work would be.

I know this post is getting way to long! Sorry! If anyone could share their opinions, suggestions, knowledge i would greatly appreciate it!


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If you have a BSN non-acute Nursing Jobs that are not any of the jobs you mention above will be easier to get. If you have a ASN you might need to be willing to live in timbucktoo.


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I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Health and an Associates degree in Nursing.

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How about school nurse, either permanent or substitute? Pediatrics experience is welcome, no weekends, amazing benefits (at a public school).


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I'd be looking more into the Public Health side of things if I was you.

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Maybe a different doctors' office might work? The pay is going to be low, and MAs have taken over most of the office jobs nurses used to do. Low stress and a slower pace has a few tradeoffs and sometimes it is worthwhile.

Actually, 9-5 non-clinical, no nights, weekend or holiday jobs are very much the exception in nursing. A lot of nurses are looking for those jobs and it takes time to land one.

A relative of mine has managed an outpatient psych facility for the past 30 years. There are 6 nurses working there. The most recent hire was 12 years ago.

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As far as Nursing Jobs go, An ADN + any other degree = ADN. Any job meets all of OP's requirements will probably pay much lower than the more demanding jobs on OP's "do not want" list. It's a trade-off. I would imagine that a larger, multi-specialty clinic would have more structure & benefits, particularly if it is associated with a healthcare system. But since the 'customer friendly' trend has already migrated to those environments, those clinics are providing extended & weekend hours now also... so they may not be able to provide that M-F, 9-5 schedule.


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I totally understand that the pay will be less in the areas of nursing im looking to pursue. To me it is more important to be happy and enjoy what I do then to have a huge pay check. I just am not sure where to look or what to do, I just feel lost....

"i defiantly know i don't want hospital/acute care/LTC/Hospice"

Was defiantly a Freudian slip ? ;)

Have you studied the job boards? They can give you some insight as to what is available. Public Health does seem to be the way to go.

I was offered a position at the county level, the pay was abysmal.

Follow the openings on the government websites to get a feel for what they are looking for.

Good luck, have a feeling you're in for something great.

Outpatient endoscopy!! Love, love love it!! Weekdays only, no holidays and my hours are 7ish to 4ish. I have an ASN and had just over one year of experience when I landed this amazing job. I do make a few $ less per hr than the hospital RNs, but I'm still happy with my $30 per hour.

Also, I do understand that ASN + any other degree= ASN, however I have really been able to capitalize on the fact that I have a BS in Psychology. Just have to know how to package it all! My best advice is to apply to smaller places and write a killer cover letter detailing how you can help the employer. I always let the interviewer know that I understand that I am representing them and want to uphold their reputation.

Good luck!!

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