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Hi All!!!

I just have a quick question....I sent my resume out last Sunday night. Ive had no calls or I expecting a respose too soon???? Should I contact somone over the phone to reinforce my interest?? EEshhh!



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Call them...then call them again...then call them again...if you want the job. I applied for a position and was asked "how soon can you start". I waited for weeks to hear from them and didn't. Then I found out a friend of mine got the position. He had called them over and over until he got the job.


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I have the same problem, only I have now applied for almost 10 jobs (I am currently undecided on where I'm going to live) and haven't heard back from any. When I tried calling my first choice hospital, they told me that I have to wait to hear from them.

Should I call other employers and see if they feel the same way? I can't stand just sitting around waiting to find out where I may be living in a few months. My relocation might be as far as NH to CA if I get the job I want, and planning for that needs to start soon. I'm starting to go nuts, even though it's only been a few weeks since my applications went in. Any advice at all would be so stress level is getting very high!


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I find this so irritating. I sent out my resume and just got a phone call to set up an interview Friday - two weeks since I'd faxed the resume. Was amazed to hear from them. I'd thought the position was already filled from their silence.

Another place did e-mail me a week later to let me know they were checking to see if they have any appropriate openings.

A third place is still silent - ten days after I applied.

At least a quick phone call or e-mail from them to let you know they received your resume - something!

I've been told many places get upset/irritated if you phone them, but that may just be a personal thing.

In any case, you are not alone. And I wish you luck whatever you decide!


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You need to apply for positions. Don't expect HR to call you or read your resume prior to applying for a position. It takes a large, very large number of nurses to run a hospital.


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You need to apply for positions. Don't expect HR to call you or read your resume prior to applying for a position. It takes a large, very large number of nurses to run a hospital.

A lot of the hospitals wait until about a month or so prior to graduation to start going through the stacks of resumes. Not everyone who thinks they will pass at the beginning of the semester is still available to hire at the end, if you catch my drift. I sent resumes 3 months prior to graduation. I received 3 calls in the same week (a month before grad - 2 months after I turned them in). If you really want to be noticed, APPLY for a position. Applications get noticed a lot quicker than a resume. An application for a certain position shows exactly what you are interested in. It separates you from the stack of resumes.

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Call, Call, Call! HR is not the place to start. After you have spoken to the manager, and she tells you to apply-that's when you deal with HR.

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Has anyone tried monster??

I put my resume up on Saturday and by monday my first choice hospital had called me! Yes, a ton of recruiters called me too but so did a bunch of great hospitals!


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I'm right there with you. I had a job as GPN at a hospital but it turned out to be AWEFUL!!! So I quit and have sent out at least 14 resumes and filled out numerous apps and NO calls yet!?!?!?! It's a little confusing to me, they claim to be so short staffed ....:crying2:

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